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Title: Child Abuse in Literature

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Essay Instructions: Select and read a non-fiction book that tells a story of some type of child maltreatment. There are many such books on the market today (i.e. memoirs, autobiography, biography, etc.). See the following website for some acceptable books:

Using your selected book as a “case study”, this project will give you the opportunity to demonstrate assessment, case planning and evaluative skills, in much the same way as social worker training programs utilize. Analyze your “case” according to the following guidelines:

1. Assessment: From the class textbook, choose the chapter from chapters 4-9 that describes the type of abuse depicted in your book. What typology of abuse have you identified? What other major points in this chapter can you identify in your book? Correlate the “evidence” in your book to major points in the textbook chapter. For example, if your story was about father-daughter incest, you would be choosing chapters 6 and 7 to work from. Some of the major points in those chapters that you find in your book include: symptoms the victim exhibited, type of offender, engagement strategies used by the abuser, profile of the non-offending mother. Demonstrate how these points came out in the story.

2. Intervention/Treatment: What happened? Using chapters 10-14, is there evidence in your story relating to any major points on interventions and treatment? Demonstrate how these points came out in the story.

3. How might this story have unfolded differently? Using chapters 15 and 18 along with previous chapters, what intervention, treatment or prevention strategies can you suggest that might have changed any of the events of the story? Evaluate what was done and present your recommendations.
This project is meant to give a person a better understanding of how to recognize and identify the various forms of child maltreatment, gain further insight into how to combat the problem and begin formulating ideas for improving the helping system.

The paper should be double-spaced, in 12-point font. It should be approximately 2100-2200 words in length (not including cover and reference pages). References you use must be cited according to the American Psychological Associations (APA) Publication Manual, 6th edition and should be from verifiable scholarly journals (not from collegiate papers, theses, textbooks) with the only exceptions being the book you have chosen and the Class textbook.

Citation for the Class Textbook is as follows:

Crosson-Tower, C. (2009). Understanding child abuse and neglect. (Eighth ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson College Div.
Excerpt From Essay:

Beckett, C. (2007). Child Protection. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

Berrick, J.D. (2008). Take Me Home: Protecting America's Vulnerable Children and Families. New York: Oxford University Press.

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Title: Child Abuse

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Essay Instructions: I want to discuss the child abuse demonstrated in the native residential schools comparing racial inequality from then and now. I also want to connect this to the social conflict approach. The topic has to be clearly narrowed. I want to have a conclusion of how society has improved over time. This is for a first year sociology class.
Excerpt From Essay:

McGuire, T.G., & Miranda, J. (2008). New Evidence Regarding Racial & Ethnic

Disparities In Mental Health: Policy Implications. Health Affairs, 27(2), 393-403.

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Title: Child Abuse

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Essay Instructions: Its a cause and effect essay about Child Abuse and i and sending you a file with the instructions.
Thank you.
Excerpt From Essay:

McCauley, Michelle. Child Abuse: A Global View. Greenwood Press, 2001.

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