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Instructions for Change Management College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: Change Management Short Essay Questions

Part 1

1. Find 10 web-sites about 'change management'. Write the definitions and explain briefly about their subjects. (5-6 LINES FOR EACH WEB-SITES).

Chose 1 from this 10 web-sites which you found and write more detailed about it. (HALF PAGE)

Part 2

?Change in organisations? ? name 2 or more core questions, that you find most intriguing / interesting / important within this topic, choose one and write down your own thoughts about it.
(Please find the attached picture as Provide Additional Material for more detailed information and example about that) (1,5 - 2 PAGES)

TOTAL 4 Pages

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Essay Instructions: Accademic essay of 3000 words with referencing - Change Management
The Environment for change in my organisation.
Organisational structure and culture.
Identify and reflect critically on my organisations structure.
Identify and reflect critically on my organisations culture.
Identify and critically reflect on my organisations strategy process(es).
Ideas and concepts.
Discussing aspects of organisational structure, culture in relation to their function in promoting or inhibiting change.
Consider my own opinon and experience in relation to how structure and culture may influence the selection of change strategies. Considering how the understanding of cultural analysis may influence sustainable organisational change in their organisation.

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Essay Instructions: Dear Sir,
I will like your services to provide me a sample essay on the below topic of interest

My topic of interest is Change Management in Public organizations.

Research Question:

?How will public organizations behave, before, during and after the change?

?What will be the effect of these changes on the employees performing these change strategies (Resistance to change) and how they can influence other organizational members?

? A full examination of new Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions (ERP). What effects will this bring upon the organization? The benefits and opportunities that it creates for the employees as well as managers.

The main focus here is how technology ( Enterprise Resource Planning solution ) can help organizations to become effective , using technological concepts for streamlining all major processes so that the resources of must public organizations are properly utilized, How, the organization as well as employees will be able to benefit from these changes that will improve organizational efficiency .

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Essay Instructions: reflect critically on your personal perspective or philosophy of managing change and how this has
changed (if at all) over the semester

Drawing upon your learning experiences this semester (group case study, relevant change
management theory, and reflections upon relevant personal experiences of organisational change),
reflect critically on your personal perspective or philosophy of managing change and how this has
changed (if at all) over the semester. In addressing this task, your paper should engage with at
least the following issues:
? The perspective (assumptions) of managing change held by major change agents studied in your
group case study;
? An explanation of how these assumptions impacted upon the processes and outcomes of this
organisational change initiative;
? How your personal perspective (assumptions) of managing change has changed over the
semester (if at all); and
? The implications of your present perspective on your approach to future organisational change
Note: the group case study does not need to be the central focus of this individual paper.

Reports can be written in essay or report form. The form in which the paper is written is
considered less important than its substantive content, having regard to the criteria for assessing
this assignment.
10. All claims made should be supported by appropriate evidence or assumptions made.
11. Be sure in each submission to acknowledge fully any references or quotes used. This improves
the credibility of the argument made, gives credit to the authors referred to (and avoids plagiarism,
which is the academic equivalent of pilfering), provides evidence of the search for information, and
provides readers with the opportunity to refer to the article. Any direct quotes used must be duly
indicated (e.g. the use of quotation marks or indented text in italics) and be followed by an in-text
Harvard style reference indicating the author/s, year of publication and page number of the source.
Further information on the Harvard reference style

i have provide you lecture notesof all subject so u can get cleare ideas about the subject .
it is change mangement subject for master degree
i provide you with my gorop asingment in this subject it is about apple pls red it and uses some of it as expeeness this essay does not need to focus on the group work .
i provide you with two sample essay but these two samples only gt 50 % of the mark so i need more than this % .
this subject consider 6 images (director, coach, nevegator,....) it is very important so uses some of these imges in the writing .
this essay is reflective essay about my personal experenss and leadning from this subject and how my veiow is changing within this 10 weeks of semester of change management subject. use uk english .

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