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Essay Instructions: The title of a group paper is Certification of Trainers in Newfoundland, Canada. I need an introduction done with a discussion on Future Labour Demands . This entire paper involves post secondary training. The remainder of paper will focus on:
History of Post secondary Education
Standards ( National, provincial and Industry)
Institutions ( university , college, private, apprenticeship trades)
Certification Process and accreditation/ legislation

Could I get an introduction with discussion on future labour demands?

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Title: Assessment Procedures and Tools for Information System Certification

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Essay Instructions: I want you to research/write about Assessment Procedures and Tools for Information System Certification. I'm not sure but you may even find a template on the web which could be used as an outline, or you may even find an example of one on the web.

Basically write an assessment procedure for the certification of a hypothetical information system. In addition, you need to recommend a few specific certification tools that can be used for the assessment.

Make sure that you discuss the benefits and limitations of each tool.

Be sure to refer to and reference the book, Computer Security art and science by Matt Bishop. There is lots of information about this topic in chapters 20 & 21. I will also send you a power point slide that may help.

If the writer has any questions about the topic or content of the paper please email me.
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Title: Certification and Licensure Exams

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Essay Instructions: Paper is for my graduate level Manufacturing Fundamentals Class

Topic-Certification and Licensure Exams


1. Name the exams to become a licensed medical doctor(MD), lawyer, engineer(PE), and accountant.

2. How much do each of the exams from #1 cost (2004 prices)?

3. Find three trade organization certification exams similar to but not including SME(Society of Manufacturing Engineers).

4. What is the difference between certification exams and professional licensing exams?

5. Discuss industry's perception of certifications, i.e. what weight does industry give the various certifications.

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Essay Instructions: The "REPORT" should be divided into two parts as follows:

In Part One: Provide an introduction to the role of accreditation/certification in hospitality. What types of accreditation/certification schemes are available in this sector? Are they performance or process based? Consider the reasons for applying these schemes - what are the costs and benefits of such a scheme to business?

In Part Two: In a country of interest to you, pick an example of a hospitality or tourism accreditation/certification scheme and reflect on the application of this scheme; its past and present situation, whether it is likely to expand and what have been its major strengths and weaknesses?

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