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Title: Celebrities as symbolic comodities in the film industry

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Essay Instructions: Celebrities are symbolic commodities whose “trade is one of the fundamental transactions within the…media industries today” (Turner 2004: 26). Explain and analyse the function of celebrity as a symbolic commodity in the film industry.

It is advisable to focus on one or two specific case studies that is seen as indicative of wider industry trends, rather than providing a large number of examples that are only briefly discussed.

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Corliss, R. (Sept 4, 2000). So Much for Star Power: The summer's hits were short on big names. Is this the post-Arnold era?. Time, 156, 10. p.51.

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Robinson, D. (Jan-Feb 2007). Celebrity power: information overload makes our attention the next hot commodity, writes David Robinson. An endless variety of niche sources could leave us absorbed -- and isolated -- if not for the big-name celebrities who bring us back together. The American (Washington, DC), 1, 2. p.94 (3)

Seckler, V. (Nov 16, 2005). THERE'S NO BANKING ON STAR POWER. WWD, p.8.

Turner, G. (2004). Understanding Celebrity. London: Sage Publication.

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Title: Impact Celebrity Endorsement Brand Image Positioning As summarizing subject project paper intents analyze celebrity endorsement strategy brands beginning choosing celebrity figures final results strategy

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Essay Instructions: Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Brand Image and Positioning

As for summarizing the subject of the project, the paper intents to analyze the use of celebrity endorsement strategy of the brands beginning from choosing the right celebrity figures until the final results of the strategy.
Depending on the researched done regarding the subject, I am planning to structure the project basing on the points below. Relating to the subject new headlines and topics may be added depending on your preparation.

- Definition of the endorsement strategy
- Reviewing in terms of Company, Celebrity, Brand and Consumer
- Endorser Attributes
- Celebrity Selection
- Process of Celebrity Endorsement
- Impact of Celebrity Endorsement Strategy basing on real life examples
- Risk of Celebrity Endorsement strategy by reasoning and reviewing the brands
- Returns of Celebrity Endorsement strategy by reasoning and reviewing the brands

As for the examples various figures may be given in different industries and sectors like sports, entertainment, foods/beverages.


Font = Times New Roman - 12
Headers, Footers, Tables Description fonts - 10

Line Spacing = 1,5
Headers, Footers, Tables Description Line Spacing = 1

Page Margins = Left 3 cm , Right/Top/Bottom 2,5 cm

Should have an abstract with max words of 200.

Project Plan=
* Abstract
* Table of Contents
*List of Tables
*List of figures
*List of Abbreviations
*Main Project

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Title: Cultural studies research paper on celebrity culture

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Essay Instructions: My topic is "celebrity culture". 1.)perform a "cultural studies" style analysis on the aspect of the topic. This means challenging the "ideology" surrounding it,and exploring where its meaning comes from,what assumptions are made about it,and what hidden "latent" messages it may include. You must challenge its cultural message.2.)How does it fit into American culture as a whole? 3.)What assumptions does it make about its audience/participants? What cultural knowledge does it assume they will share or possess? 4.)What are the images associated with this culture? 5.)What is its message or appeal?

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Works Cited

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Title: cause and effect celebrity culture

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: I ask for a cause and effect research papper on celebrities.
Wha are the causses and effects of following the lives of celebrities....how close the media follow the lives of celebrities,and what are the causses and effects ...isnt it true what media critics say that celebrity coverage is squeezing out legitimate news and that as a result, the Unated States is becoming a nation that knows more about the "Battle of the Network Stars" than the battle for Baghdad.With less attention being paid to informing citizens about government and world around them, the critics warn, a cornerstone of a democratic society-an informed populace-is being put in jeopardy.
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Excerpt From Essay:

Graber, Doris A. Mass Media and American Politics. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press, 2002.

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Jones, Chris. "Star Power," Chicago Tribute. Oct. 19, 2003. P.1.

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