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Title: An Intervention to Decrease Catheter Related Bloodstream Infection in the ICU

Total Pages: 3 Words: 890 Bibliography: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The writer have to follow the template; This Journal is a program evaluation, Implementation of a practice change:
This is the template to be use: A team of clinicians at ........................................................reported their efforts to improve/decrease..................................................on their unit, hospital by...................
The conclusion that their new program was successful was based on data...................................................................
The outcome they reported inclined....................................
Based on the presented....................................................................

Be specific what the evidence base was in the hospital in Michigan . What is the quality of the data that lead them to these 66%( An evidence base intervention resulted in a large sustained reduction ( up to 66%) in the rate of catheter-related bloodstream infection that was maintain throughout the 18 month.)
How was their variable measured .How did they collect their data? What their sample size? Talk about the five references that supported their interventions
What's their interventions? What their statistics? Talk about the catheter days
Talk about the recommendations from CDC.
Talk about the Method of the research, Result, Talk about the statistics analysis. .
What evidence lead to their conclusion ,What are their main points?
What is the outcome of the study?
talk about the evidence strategies they use to support their claim.
What will you take out of this research? Talk about the credibility of CDC. Talk about the five references they use to support their intervention ( They are at the back where the reference list are. they are 13, 14 ,15 16, and 17.
Writer to use very, very, simple English, no big vocabularies

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Dear Missionduo,

see detailed essay instructions below. I also attached the PART I essay that you had written last week. This next one is the PART II. please follow the instructions below and address the questions. I also attached a similar case so you could use as your reference on how to write this essay. The problem that was identified last week is CAUTI, it is a systemic issue in health care that needed immediate attention.
Complete Section A: Problem Identification. (CAUTI-catheter-acquired urinary tract infections)
Identify a work-setting problem.
? Describe a problem or issue that needs a solution.
? Provide support that the problem or issue is an important one to solve.
? State a project objective that is specific, realistic, and measureable.
? Describe briefly the proposed solution and the way in which it will solve the problem or issue.

Complete Section B: Solution Description.
Develop a description of the proposed solution
? Describe the proposed solution.
? Describe the way(s) in which the proposed solution is consistent with current research knowledge.
? Discuss the feasibility of implementing the proposed solution in the work setting.
? Discuss the way(s) in which the proposed solution is consistent with organization or community culture and resources.

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Title: How to reduce Catheter Induced Urinary Tract Infection in Jim Thorpe Rehab

Total Pages: 15 Words: 5118 References: 25 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This is a master level Nursing capstone paper.
The Topic is How to reduce Catheter Induced Urinary Tract Infection in Jim Thorpe Rehab.

Jim Thorpe Rehab is the facility I currently work. It is affiliated to Integris Southwest Medical Center. The Southwest Medical Center has incorporated measurement to monitor and order Foley to be DCed after 3rd day of Surgery. However, specific statistics are classified for hospital liability issues. What can be released is that in the main hospital, after relative policies were implemented, there is a significant shorter days for patient to keep Foley catheter in. However, such policies has not been implemented in Jim Thorpe Rehab yet.

The reason hospital has to develop and implement policies about CAUTI is not because the hospital has a high infection rate related to Foley, however, such policy needs to be put into work so that for the benefit of patients. Another reason is since Medicare and Medicaid will stop paying for Hospital Acquired Infection since 2012, such documented standard of care needs to be implemented to increase hospital reimbursement and quality of care.

Please follow the project grading criteria attached to the order, identify the need, review the literature and bring a evidence based solution.

I will write the appendix which will be excluded from the 15 page limitation.
Thank you very much.

Below is a general project guideline.

Project: A capstone project presentation and scholarly paper comprises 50% of this course. This project represents a synthesis of knowledge gained in the course of study in the Nursing Education Pathway. The project topic is selected by the student with the approval of the faculty. Objectives for the selected project are negotiated with the faculty and are based on the student’s interests, expertise and career goals. That is, the project will be directed toward acquiring and demonstrating competencies in either professional staff development or academic nursing education.

Because this is a capstone project, the expectation is that a great deal of work will be put into the project. Twelve (12) clock hours per week or a total of at least 180 clock hours for the semester have been allowed in the course for this capstone project. (so you can see it is a very comprehensive project.) This is your opportunity to use the knowledge you've gained in Education Pathway to complete a creative education project from start to finish! An extensive literature review should be conducted contain at least 25 references, most of which should be evidence-based studies. The project should include not simply be a "library research paper". It should include a "doing portion" or the development of a product such as an orientation manual. Each week the student will submit a Project Journal entry describing work completed on the project during the previous week and outlining plans for the next week. A comprehensive needs assessment should be one of the first steps in the project. The purpose of this assessment is to document the value of the project and to identify components needed in the final product. At the conclusion of the project the product will need to be evaluated. This evaluation component should include a comprehensive plan for on going, formal evaluation as well as an evaluation of the product in its current stage of development.

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Title: Concept of professional nursing

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1583 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: •Using the CINAHL data base. Seek research studies addressing catheter related-bloodstream infections among patients in intensive care unit and compare them.
•For each mention:
?-?Whether the study is quantitative or qualitative,
?-?The question(s) asked, aim(s) or purpose(s),
?-?The population studied
?-?The findings.
•Comment on which would most likely influence your own nursing actions and explain why you chose as you did.
(Reminder: nursing has to do with managing a patient's suboptimal responses to health problems.)

Assignments are to be prepared in APA format, including cover page, abstract page, body (5 page for the paper) and reference page. Headings and references are required; Times New Roman # 12 is the accepted font; good grammar and spelling are expected. Sample papers are provided under "Getting Started." Your file's name should have no spaces in it. Run multiple words or word/number combinations together like this: signsandsymptoms.docx or draft2.docx

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