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Title: MGM Casino

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Essay Instructions: Paper Scope:
1. Casino
a. Name of the casino, location, and size (number of employees, number of hotel rooms, size of
casino floor, number of slot machines, number of table games, etc.).
b. Discuss how your casino has expanded compared to the competing casinos.
c. List and describe the various amenities offered at your casino.
d. Who owns and operates your casino?
e. What “theme” does your casino have, if any.
2. History
a. When was your casino resort established and what were the expansion phases?
b. List three significant events that have occurred in your casino’s history and explain why these three
events were the most significant. Do not include the opening ceremony of your property.
c. Make a comparative analysis of your casinos growth development and size (% or graph) today and
compared to five years ago, ten years ago, etc.
d. Who are the three main competitors and how does each one compete for market-share?
3. Management
a. Who owns the casino and how did they start? What is their background?
b. What were or are their main vision for the casino and the surrounding community?
c. Using specific examples in the casinos history, explain if the owners are doing a good or a bad job
in accomplishing their vision.
d. What casino positions will remain in the future and which positions do you think will become
obsolete? Discuss and give reasons for your assumptions.
4. Operations
a. Design an organizational chart of your casino, listing the department and the basic position
structure (e.g. line employees, supervisors, managers, directors, etc.).
b. List which departments are the oldest and which have been added on later.
c. Discuss how the operational structure impacts the various gaming/enterprise issues of your casino
and its overall success.
d. Discuss at least two new trends that show the changing casino environment.
5. Marketing and Casino Marketing
a. Discuss what internal and external marketing your casino does (brochures, website, billboards,
TV/radio ads, print ads, etc.)
b. What is your casino’s “target” customer (male or female, age range, ethnicity, etc).
c. What type of loyalty program does your casino have? What are the benefits to the program (e.g.
why would a customer want to use the player’s club card?).
6. Summary
a. Discuss to what extent your casino should be considered as part of the hospitality industry. Chose
your viewpoint with focus on one of the following aspects:
i. Economical reasons
ii. Political reasons
iii. Sociological reasons
iv. Ethical reasons

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