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Title: 520

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Essay Instructions: Answer the two questions below:

1. Essay should be 2 pages in length and follow APA format with references
Please analyze the article below in terms of this week's unit. Make sure you draw connections to the text and support your argument using examples. Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length and include a list of sources following the APA format. The article can be found in the "Resources" section in the "articles" folder. Please critically review the following article, paying close attention to its relationship to this week's objectives and the other readings.
Reinhard, G. Y. (2008, July). An "I" on Congress: The Process and Products of Congressional Investigations. PS, Political Science & Politics, 41(3), 666-669

2. Question should be answered in 250 words and APA format with 2 references
Analyze Cartoon by John Trevor, printed in the Albuquerque Journal, September 16, 2009. Feel free to include this, or any other cartoons in your analysis! Check out or for more.

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Essay Instructions: Require:
Media and its effect on children: serious issue or media hype? Use resources to develop your examination. Try to focus on one medium, such as television, film, cartoons, or Internet and computer games.

The negative influence of cartoons and comics on children

require sources:

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Title: Danish Cartoon Controversy

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Essay Instructions: Danish Cartoon Controversy

1) Identify two key principles that are involved in the controversy. That is, what crucial value or values might the Danish (and others) feel they are observing, and protecting, in publishing the cartoons? How would you communicate that value as a principle? Conversely, what key value or values are the Islamic community using to understand the significance of publishing the cartoons? How would you communicate that value as a principle?
To answer these questions through the tradition of ethics, you need to move beyond "religion is the principle or value"; "religion" is too broad, really, to be either a value or a principle. The value might be "respect," and the principle might be, "in publishing the cartoons, the 'west' is suggesting to Muslims that their key representative of morality itself is no more important or significant than a passing joke. The issue is whether relativism or objectivism is the best way to organize society to achieve ‘the greater good,’ or to guide individuals to act in moral ways." Then, explore your clash of principles through the Danish cartoon incident.

Some guiding questions:

1. Why might a group of people find these cartoons offensive?
2. What common principle(s) or values in American society may explain how Americans understand the impact of the cartoons? How might Islamic values create a different understanding?
3. Identify your own personal values. How might “institutionally complete”* subcultures complicate an idea of “good” behavior? How might one group find out about the values and principles of another?
4. What are the key values you want to live by in a multicultural environment/society?
5. What changes would you make in your behavior to enact your own version of a “good” multicultural society?
*“Institutionally complete”: members of a subgroup who do not interact with anyone outside their subculture to, for example, shop for food, attend school, receive medical care, or find companionship because the subculture “satisfies” these needs.

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Title: Editorial political cartoons deemed offensive

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Essay Instructions: This paper is for Communication Law and Ethics, dealing with the First Amendment. This will focus more precisely on Freedom of the Press. I want to investigate political cartoons that have been deemed offensive because of race, gender, or religion, even though they are protected speech. Examples that I would like to use are the Obama/chimp cartoon (, the Sotomayer cartoon (, and the Muhammed cartoon controversy in America ( A key cases to reference is Hustler Magazine v. Falwell (1988). Others could be New York Times v. Sullivan (1963), Rex v. Zenger (1735), and People v. Croswell (1804). The point is whether or not the cartoons would have made any difference if it were President George W. Bush, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or Jesus Christ. Any other cases and/or cartoons are welcomed.

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