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Title: Career Goals Setting clear career

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Essay Instructions: • Three-page paper about career goals, addressing:
• Class-career and professional development

o What your long-term goals are, and what short-term goals you set to help you reach the long-term goals

Long term goals- creating success in my job, climbing the corporate ladder, getting married within the next 5 years, buying or building a home, purchasing a new car.

Short term goals- graduating, getting a new position at work with my degree, higher pay
o Why you selected these goals
o How you will improve your skills and experiences to reach these goals
o How this class helped you prepare for these goals

Being understanding and sensitive to different points of view and cultural backgrounds is extremely important when interacting with others in any setting
The importance of proper etiquette
Helped point out my skills of interest (likes and dislikes), career goals, understand my unique talents, applying knowledge to my career plan which is in the home health industry, beyond supply and demand-looking at the job market in reality of the economy, Managing conflict constructively

The paper should be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman Font, with 1” margins

This paper needs to be in your own words, express and elaborate on what is given in the directions.

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Title: how to achieve your career goal

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Essay Instructions: After all the years of experience and work in a profession and business, it is logical for a person to think of having a business of their own. Once the person has a business of his or her own, he or she can use all the expertise and knowledge he or she has about the business for his or her own benefit. Therefore, having one’s own business can be one of an individual’s career goals.
Assume that an individual is majoring in accounting, and her career goal is getting her CPA license and having her own business in the next five years. What does she going to do to achieve the goals? What, if anything, is keeping her from achieving the goals? (maybe we can talk about taking care of family?)
Use first person pronoun

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Title: career goals

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Essay Instructions: The topic iS TO WRITTE ABOUT MY CAREER GOALS
I will get a bachelor in finance & global nergy next spring . I will love to work for investing banking ,or oil company .Have a great job , also strive to gain knowlege and skills . I wlll try to stress on how this is really important to me , and how I will do anything to make this dream true.

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Title: Application Essay

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Essay Instructions: I am applying to Graduate school to earn my masters in accounting and this is one of the essay topics on the application: "Describe your career goals and the role you see for this degree in reaching those goals." Here is what I would like included in the essay: Marquette offers a fine graduate program to receive my masters degree in accouting and and this would be a wonderful opportunity to meet my goal of mastering the discipline of accounting and using that mastery in pursuance of a career in public accounting as a CPA. The past few years I have worked for a firm wherein I had the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of accounting and financial activities. This experience focused my interest and fixed my resolve on making a career in accounting. I am passionate in my desire to learn as much as I can about accounting. Earning my masters degree from Marquette would enable to me to enjoy more attractive starting positions as well as faster career advancement. It would also help in meeting the increased demand for master's qualified accountants as demonstrated in recent AICPA studies. Try to include this in the essay.

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