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Title: Career Development Program

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Essay Instructions: Career Development Program for a high school (senior students-ages 16 -17)

1) 100 words to introduce lower to middle class senior high school setting.

2) 400 words required to explain the theoretical model in which program is based upon along with rationale. I personally like John L. Holland's personality-type theory.

3)800 words required to explain how career education, guidance & counselling (including leisure) fit in. Outline their contribution to the program.

4)400 words detailing how the program will be evaluated.

#Please include ideas from the Australian Blueprint for Career Development
Excerpt From Essay:

Career Key. (2012). Holland's theory of career choice and you. Retrieved from choice.html

MCEECDYA. (2010). Australian blueprint for career development. Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs. Retrieved from

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Essay Instructions: CAREER DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH PAPER: - Resources - Hollands six Personality Types and Their Relationship to Vocational Preferences and Costa's Three Dimensional Model of Personality.

Describe the early influences on your vocational aspirations and the development of your work ethic. Review Holland six Personality Types and assess where your personality falls along these dimensions.

Describe your current dream as it relates to a future career and describe any mentoring influences that you have had related to work and a career. List aspects of the spillover effect and the work-related stress issues in your career that will be important to consider.

Write 1,750 word paper with five references
Excerpt From Essay:

Costa, P., & McCrae, R. (1992). Revised NEO personality inventory (NEO-PI-R) and NEO-five Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI) manual. Odessa, FL: Psychological Assessment Resources.

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Holland, J. (1973). Making vocational choices: a theory of careers. Prentice Hall.

Remus, I, Wilson, K., & Wagner, D. (2009). The spillover of daily job satisfaction Onto employees family lives: the facilitating role of work-family integration. The Academy of Management Journal, 52(1), 87-102.

Rounds, J., Armstrong, P., Hsin-Ya, L., Lewis, P., & Rivkin, D. (2008). Second generation occupational interest profiles for the O'net system: summary. The National Center for O'Net Development.

Thomas, W., & Higgins, M. (2006). Workplace stress. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health, 21(2), 89-97.

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Title: career development plan

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Essay Instructions: career development plan summary

write proposal explaining the recommendations and justification for upper level management for the following; the job descriptions and qualifications for five new positions including one first level management position. a training program to introduce and enhance the skills and qualifications of new and current employees.method to evaluating employee and team performance including a progressive discipline process. challenges of the team performance evaluation, incentives and benefits packages, strategy for managing employees career development, such as promotions, educational opportunities, accommodations for diversity, and so on, and a fair and appropriate compensation plan
Excerpt From Essay:

Daniel, Teresa (2009). Managing Employee Performance. SHRM Online. Retrieved from

Lollis, Helene (2009). Be a Stepping Stone. SHRM Online. Retrieved from

Prochaska, Shelly T (July 2002). Designing Organizational Programs for Employees Career Development [White paper]. Retrieved from

Salvo, Thomas (2004). Practical Tips for Successful Progressive Discipline. SHRM Online. Retrieved from

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Title: Career Development Plan

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Essay Instructions: Career Development Plan- Job Analysis and Selection

Write a 1055 to 1400 word report that includes the following:
Explain your Job analysis info
Describe workforce planning System
Identify selection method, include advantage and disadvantages
Excerpt From Essay:

Bechet, Thomas P. (2008) "Strategic staffing: a comprehensive system for effective workforce planning" AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn.

Condrey, Stephen E. (2010) "Handbook of Human Resource Management in Government" John Wiley and Sons.

Gendron, Michael P. (2004) "Integrating Newly Merged Organizations." Praeger: Westport, CT.

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Mangum, Garth L; Kim, Sae-Young; Tallman, Stephen B. (1996) "Transnational Marriages in the Steel Industry: Experience and Lessons for Global Business" Quorum: Westport, CT.

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