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Essay Instructions: career development plan summary

write proposal explaining the recommemdations and justification for upper level management for the following; the job discriptions and qualifications for five new positions including one first level management position. atraining program to introduce and enhance the skills and qualifications of new and current employees.method to evaluating employee and team performance including a progessive discipline process. challenges of the team performance evaluation, incwntives and benfits packages, startegic for managing employees career development, such as promotions, educational opportunities, accommdations for diversity, and so on, and a fair and appropriate compensation plan

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Essay Instructions: Career Development Plan- Job Analysis and Selection

Write a 1055 to 1400 word report that includes the following:
Explain your Job analysis info
Describe workforce planning System
Identify selection method, include advantage and disadvantages

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Essay Instructions: explain the major theories of career development.

Explain the core concepts of the Minnesota theory of work adjustment
2) Explain what are the predictive model and the process model
3) Provide specific examples of application of the theory of work adjustment in work settings
4) Explain what is Holland theory of vocational choice and what is RIASEC
5) Explain the four constructs of congruence, differentiation, consistency, and identity
6) Explain the life-span, life-space theory and the self-concept theory
7) Explain the core principals of Super?s theory
8) Explain the differences between the Minnesota theory of work adjustment, Holland?s theory, and Super?s theory.

Career development and counseling: Putting theory and research to work
Authors: Steven D. Brown & Robert W. Lent
Publisher: Wiley
Edition: 2nd
ISBN-13: 978-1-118-06335-4

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Title: third application paper

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1548 Sources: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Third Application Paper: 5 year Development Plan. Using at least two scholarly journal articles, to prepare a 5 ??" 7 page paper in which you create your own five-year career development plan. Your plan should include the following:
a. Career goals and objectives
b. Possible promotional opportunities for career growth
c. Methods for career management
d. An inventory of current skills, abilities, training, and education
e. Job satisfaction attributes
f. Identification of three action steps to reaching stated career goals and objectives
g. Identification of potential barriers to reaching stated career goals
h. Analyze the affect of career training programs
Be sure to properly cite your sources.

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