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Title: Your Skills Values and Interests

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Essay Instructions: Lesson 3: Assessing Your Skills, Values, and Interests
Assignment 1: The FOCUS Assessment

Write a 1 page response paper that addresses the following questions:
• What top career choices were identified for you?
Employment interviewer, admissions counselor, business manager, marketing, and communication studies
• Did the assessment reveal new information about you?
• How will you use this information in your career search and planning process?

Assignment 2: The StrengthsQuest Assessment
Write 1 page over the following question:
What are your five top themes?
Achiever, Maximize, Positive, strategic, developer
• How does this information help you understand your unique talents?
• How will you apply this knowledge to your career plan?

Assignment 3: Planning Your Career Path
After completing the StrengthsQuest and FOCUS assessment assignments, write a 1-2 page paper that addresses the following questions:
• What career path do you plan to pursue, and what skills are required?
Anything in the marketing and healthcare field
• Based on the assessments, which of the required skills do you already possess? Which skills do you need to develop? Explain, at minimum, two skills that you need to develop and two skills you already possess.
• For each skill that needs to be developed, create and write out a plan for improving that skill. Be sure to identify which forms of learning your will use to improve the skills
Answer the questions above in a professional manner and with commonsense. If you have any questions you can email. Also all this should be in your own words. No sources.
Thanks so much!

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Title: Career Choice

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Essay Instructions: A a young adult in today's economy, one's college or career choice has a large impact on their future endeavors. What economic factor influence the college making decision? What is the economic impact of these decisions and who is affected by them?

Your paper should include, but not limited to the follow items:
1. The economic impact and who is affected
2. The economic factors that influence the decision
3. Cost and benefits of attending higher education.
4. Impact of student load interest rates changing.

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Essay Instructions: Writer?s Username: Writergrrl101

Introduction & Objectives:

* from Paradigm Online Writing Assistant - The exact nature of an exploratory essay can't be known in advance. It emerges gradually from decisions and discoveries made along the way. Individual writers go in different directions, depending on their interests and their specific writing contexts.

The end result should be something very much like a research paper, but with the primary emphasis on your learning process rather than your sources of information. The idea is to use your writing process to learn and discover.

Words of Wisdom from Joseph Campbell: If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Wherever you are -- if you are following your bliss, you are enjoying that refreshment, that life within you, all the time.

My general formula for my students is "Follow your bliss."
Find where it is, and don't be afraid to follow it.
Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

The Road to Discovery - Your Career

Many students have chosen majors, yet are unaware of what the career they have chosen will entail. Do you know what you will be doing every day? Do you know where you will find the best opportunities for your career in America? What about career options in other countries around the globe? How much money will you make? Could you have a better life someplace else? What schools offer the best programs in your major? What do others in your chosen career say about this job? The list of questions goes on and on...................

If you are still unsure about what you want to do, use the paper to compare two or three of the careers you have been thinking about.

If you are already in the career you love and plan to stay in it, use the career exploration essay to discover ways to advance in your career, keep your job in this terrible economy, and explore all the sub-divisions within your field.

From Bill Moyer's interview with Joseph Campbell - "Yet it is important to note that following one's bliss, as Campbell saw it, isn't merely a matter of doing whatever you like, and certainly not doing simply as you are told. It is a matter of identifying that pursuit which you are truly passionate about and attempting to give yourself absolutely to it. In so doing, you will find your fullest potential and serve your community to the greatest possible extent. "


Requirements for your exploratory essay
?Your exploratory essay must be 500 words, typed, double spaced.
?Your essay must have an introduction, at least three major paragraphs, and a conclusion.
?Get organized (see below)before you begin to write.
?You must include the words and ideas from at least one good outside source.
?Use MLA rules for documenting your sources.
?You must use in-text citations each time you use the words or ideas of your sources in the essay.
?You must include your works cited list, which you created in the Bedford Bibliographer, at the end of your essay.
?Use sources to support your own ideas. Of course, you are expected to use expert opinion, facts, statistics, and other information you find in your research. Do not create a Frankenstein Essay by copying and pasting. Write!

Topic - An Exploration of My Career Choice

Getting Started

From Paradigm Online Writing Assistant -"At the start, you need to get authentically and personally involved with your subject. You need to get inside the subject and get the subject inside of you. Let go of preconceived notions about proper or expected ways to respond. Instead, connect the subject with your own world of experience and understanding. Identify issues [about your major and career] you care about." Look at the big picture, look also at the individual pieces, and find a clear, systematic way of connecting them.

Organization Strategy Suggestion
?Introduction - Why have you selected this major, this career, this life?
?Body Paragraphs: What do you need to do to accomplish your goal (Think present day (MDC), near future (university), ten years from now (career)
?Conclusion - Sum up the important points and conclude with a personal statement

If you are already in the career you love and plan to stay in it, use this paper to discover ways to advance in your career, keep your job in this terrible economy, and explore all the sub-divisions within your field.

If you are still unsure about what you want to do, compare two of your potential careers.


Three Introductions and Concludions from A Papers

Here are three introductions and conclusions from A papers. They are more personal narrative. The body of these career papers contain the research.

Elizabeth?s Introduction

As time passes, I grow ever more concerned with the career path I will choose after college. Being the first woman in my family to attend college, I represent a significant break from my family tree. Generations of women before me were housewives as well as full-time mothers. As subjects of domesticity, these women nurtured and raised those that constitute my extended family. From a young age, my mother always encouraged me to study and to set goals for myself. She wanted me to break the mold, to not be confined to the role of a housewife, and to explore all opportunities presented. Watching my mother and father struggle to provide a living for my siblings left me with a deep and forever lasting impression. As I come of age, many career opportunities will become available to me. The present economic downturn has made the job market very competitive and I must focus on building a strong resume as well as excelling in my studies. Among the fields that interest me, I find myself most compelled with the professions of educational psychology, clinical psychology, and industrial-organizational psychology.

Elizabeth?s Conclusion

Given my academic interests as well as the research I have conducted, I believe that I have found three viable career options for the future. As an educational psychologist, I will help raise the children of America into responsible and ethical citizens. Working as a clinical psychologist, I will be at the immediate aid of the mentally ill and sick and I will be able to give hope to those that are at a loss. My third career possibility, as an industrial-organizational psychologist, includes the implementation of business strategy through psychology and the opportunity to alter management and marketing decisions. All three are promising tracks in a field that is projected to grow until 2016. Though I still have much time to decide which track to take, I can rest assured that any of three tracks will be worthwhile.

Maria?s Introduction

When I was younger my best friend and I believed that we would grow up together become veterinarians and move to England to live in my grandmother?s house. That dream stayed with me until throughout childhood. Later as I began to consider a career and my life?s work, I thought about how my mother gave birth to my four siblings and me through a midwife. I realized what a rewarding life I could have by helping bring life into this world. A career as a midwife will bring me not only monetary gain, but the satisfaction of helping women through childbirth. An exploration of the educational requirements and career opportunities will help me solidify my goals and plan my future.

Maria?s Conclusion

Throughout the process of writing this paper I have learned more about my chosen career and it has actually helped me in finding out what I need to follow this path. I already knew what school to attend, but I was always unsure about the different subtitles midwives have and how to obtain them. Through my research I have answered questions about becoming a midwife and now know where to find any other information I may need. This paper has made me even more confident about my decision to study midwifery. This job will give me so much in return, and I can?t wait to start.

Monica?s Introduction

According to ?The Top Jobs for 2009,? I made a good decision by intending to enter the field of nursing (Dannen). Since I was a young child, becoming a nurse has always been a dream of mine. With more than 50,000 jobs created this year, my job outlook is looking positive despite the turmoil and instability of today?s economy (Dannen). Many people struggle finding a career that matches their interests and their aptitude; I seem to have found my perfect match. Although the job outlook seems to be quite positive, nursing happens to be difficult field. Nursing school admissions are competitive. The nursing programs, whether at public or private institutions, are often academically challenging and mentally draining. Understanding the academic requirements and challenges of a career as an RN will help me achieve my dream.

Monica?s Conclusion

Although, I am not a nurse yet, I am really looking forward to my busy work days on the labor and delivery floor. Although I have a genuine desire to help nurse all people back to health, there is something really pure and inspiring about helping a woman bring life into the world. I have applied to many universities and I have faith that I will get into my dream school FAU. Who knows, one day I may help someone in your family deliver their first born. With my graduation at the end of this semester, I rest assured knowing that the field that I love has enough room for me to start a career and move forward to the next chapter of my life. Although many people view graduation as the end, I know this will be the beginning of the rest of my life.


I am looking for study business administration or the bachelor in supervision and management, or something like that.

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Title: human behavior socialeconomics

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1740 Works Cited: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The topic of the paper "College Graduates’ Gender Differences Influence Career Choice - industry, further education"

This paper shall be unique, no plagerization.
If there's a table or graph, please reference the source

I also want to have all the copies of the sources used. Sources should be mainly from scholarly journal papers or books. one well known book for this work like "Gary S. Becker's A Treatise on the Family", or journal artiles from American economics, etc.

I shall have the full right and the paper shall never realse as a sample paper any wher eany time.

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