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Therefore, while finding out that positive was one of my themes was not necessarily new information, I did find some of the explanatory information about the positive theme to be helpful in showing me how to incorporate that attitude into my career in a way where I can share it with others, rather than imposing it upon others. As far as being strategic, I have always believed in making a plan, adjusting when necessary, and following through with the plan. I believe that being strategic is going to help me establish and meet career goals, because I naturally seek to plan ahead. Finally, I was somewhat surprised to find that one of my themes was developer; I had not really considered how important this theme was until I thought about lack of follow through. From thank-you notes after employment interviews to follow-up phone calls with future clients, I believe this theme will help with my career.

Chosen Career Path

I plan to pursue a career that marries marketing and the healthcare field, specifically to be a pharmaceutical sales representative. There are a number of reasons that I am attracted to this career opportunity. Of course, the possibility of significant profits is attractive and is one of my considerations. However, the possibility of high commissions is only one of the reasons that I find the job intriguing. I like the idea of a very competitive sales environment. I like the idea of traveling to a number of different clients, so that I can keep my interactions people with fresh and current.
I really enjoy socialization and schmoozing, however I also enjoy the challenge of learning new information. The reality is that pharmaceutical sales may be somewhat about personality, but the position also requires an ability to really understand scientific studies in order to explain the benefits of certain medications, and also to be able to explain why the product I am selling is better than the competitor's product. I also like the fact that a career in pharmaceutical sales will help me transition into other sales and marketing positions that are not as intense as pharmaceutical sales.

For the most part, I have the skills I need to carry out the job of pharmaceutical sales. The area where I actually need development is not in personality but in terms of technical knowledge. The jobs tend to be filled by people with scientific backgrounds. I do not feel as if I have a sufficient scientific background to make sure that I will be able to understand and process all of the background studies that I will need to understand in order to be successful in the career. Therefore, I need to expand my scientific background. There are also career training opportunities that focus on pharmaceutical sales, and it would help for me to attend some of these trainings......

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