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Title: An Analysis of President Obamas Health Care Plan

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Essay Instructions: Final Paper:

* An Analysis of President Obama’s Health Care Plan
* Write an eight (8) to ten (10) page paper using APA format that provides an analysis of President Obama’s proposed health care reform plan. Include in your analysis the following:
o A description of the major features of the proposed health care reform plan, including how the plan will be funded
o An objective analysis of the pros and cons of the proposed plan in relation to the following factors:
o The degree to which the plan will increase access to health care for various segments of the population
o The extent to which the proposed plan will affect cost relative to the consumer, the taxpayer, the insurance companies, government, and other payers
o The impact of the plan on the quality of care delivered
o Unintended consequences (e.g. health care rationing)
o An analysis of the potential response of the three stakeholders listed below. Analysis should address the subgroups within each stakeholder group (examples are given):
o Health care providers: subgroups include groups such as physicians, hospitals, HMO’s, etc.
o Health care consumers: insured, uninsured
o Current health care payers: employers, insurance companies, etc.
o A summary of the paper that articulates your position relative to the proposed plan. Explain why you support or oppose the plan.

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Title: Outsourcing

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Essay Instructions: We will pay $100 for the completion of this order!!

I will need a paper dealing with a national health care plan in the United States. I can either be pro or against the idea, I would prefer to support a plan in the States. It would need supporting data especially in the bibliography. Is this one your company can provide? I need tomorrow to turn in some sources, with I looked up. I my need them and may not. I would go with whatever you find is it works in the paper.

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Excerpt From Essay:
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Title: 2000 words 10 based chosen patient clinical practice Gynae ward Using Ropers Logan's Tierny model RLT model A holistic approach Introduction Age patient choice model patient a bit patient diagnosis adopting nursing model approach

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  • Bibliography:30
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Essay Instructions: 2000 words + or - 10% based on the chosen patient from the clinical practice which is Gynae ward.

Using the Ropers, Logan's, Tierny model (RLT model)

. A holistic approach

Introduction - Age of the patient, choice of model, the first name of the patient, a little bit on the patient diagnosis, adopting the nursing model approach. This eassay is a care plan activity which will include the nursing process. It will also include the critical thinking of the model and a conclusion.

Main Body (section 1)
Assessment of patient, Appendix (include all the daily activities of living). From the Appendix for example say which activities of living you going to choose.
From the assessment we going to identify two problems.
Describe the exact nature of the problem and finish everything about the problem one first then start problem two.

Do the care plan for example insufficient intake of air, need oxygen. It is a potential problem. Why is it a potential problem. Write a goal statement for example Sara will have insufficient intake of air, evidence by having oxygen. Another example, Mrs J. will be comfortable, following the hip replacement and will sit out of chair.

Nursing interventions/ Implementation
How we put the patient in a comfortable and positive way. How your intervention was involved in the model and the NMC code. (Partnership)

NMC code of conduct, sharing information with your colleagues, working effectively as part of a team, collaborating with those in your care. Did you work with your team or did you bring in someone from the multi disciplinary team as well. ( like social worker, physio, etc).

Evaluation (on the goals)
According to the patient mobility, this has ...., describe and justify the strategies you selected for evaluation. For example patient was able to mobilise, had reduce temperature etc

Do exactly the same for problem two.

500 words: Section 2 after both care plan are done
Critics of the model for example this care plan was used by Roper but there was other weaknesses that say ...
Strength and weeknesses

Overview of the chosen patient and indicate your chosen model of care

Conclusion summary of what has been written already, no reflection

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Excerpt From Essay:


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Title: Obama Care Plan Health care is undergoing

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Essay Instructions: Write a paper trying to market the Obama Care Plan to the younger generation versus Marketing to the graying baby boomers generation. The marketing pitch can be that you don't think it is a great idea for the middle class populace to be forced and charged penalties by the government into refusing or obtaining medical insurance even if some people may not desire it.

(My view on it personally is that I see that Medicare for for everyone is good but i think that everybody has an opportunity for medical because if you have people in the poor class medical is offered to them from the government and middle class people it is our decision if we want it and sometimes middle class people refuse it. And of course the upper class can get medical anytime they want. It available when we need it but its elective for people making money if they want to take medical if they want. So by making a law for everyone to have medical, I think we as a country are falling out of our practices as a democracy)

Please run on this ideal while writing this paper.

Remember that the nature of the this paper is marketing coupled with critical thinking skills and the focus of the paper should revolve around this theme. If this papers doesn't address this topic, it will have to be re-written. The paper should have 10 to 12 pages of content and prepared using APA 6th Edition standards. APA 6th Edition is very very very important. I have left some links for the APA style.

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Excerpt From Essay:

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Appendix A: (Population, Employment, Wages and Productivity)

Appendix B: (Economic Classes in U.S.)

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