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Title: Cannibalism at sea: Legal issues

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1802 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: In May of 1884, the small yacht Mignonette left England bound for Australia. The fate of this unfortunate ship is familiar to all who have read the case of Regina v. Dudley & Stephens [and The Queen v. Dudley and Stephens.] The yacht foundered in the South Atlantic, and the crew-captain Tom Dudley, mate Edwin Stephens, seaman Ned Brooks, and seventeen year-old cabin boy Richard Parker -abandoned her and set out in a light dinghy. What meager provisions they had brought along were soon exhausted, and after days of suffering from hunger, thirst, and exposure, Dudley and Stephens killed and ate the ailing Parker. A passing ship eventually rescued the three survivors and returned them to the English port of Falmouth, where they did not hesitate to recount their gruesome deed. Dudley and Stephens were charged with murder; Brooks, who had shared the meal in the dinghy, became the chief witness against them.

From Review: Cannibalism and the Common Law A. W. Brian Simpson Harvard Law Review, Vol. 98, No. 5. (Mar., 1985), pp. 1100-1104.

At the trial Dudley and Stephens argued that there was a necessity to kill Brooks. Brooks, although alive, was unconscious at the time and unable to object. While not common practice to eat cabin boys, it was general practice in a situation where lives were to be sacrificed, to choose the cabin boy as they generally had no family or dependants. The court sentenced Dudley and Stephens to 6 months in prison, denying their defense of necessity (see

i) Using the economic model of crime should a defense of necessity be allowed in criminal cases?
ii) Consider the hypothetical case of The Queen v. Helland & Buckner. In this case Helland, Buckner and Nathan the cabin boy had signed a contract prior to their voyage that if shipwrecked without food they would draw lots, which was proposed but not done by the crew of Mignonette, and the loser would be killed and eaten by the other survivors. Nathan the cabin boy lost the drawing and was eaten by Helland and Buckner. Does the existence of a prior contract change your answer in (i)?

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Title: cannibalism

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Essay Instructions: Any aspect of cannibalism would be fine for this research paper. It could be an overview or concentrate on a specific area for ex tribal or criminal. Please note that this is "APA" formate so the title needs to be 10-12 words. I'm hanging on 91% after midterm and this research paper is worth 30% of my grade. Please include 5 reference preferably vast majority from the internet. Feel free to add humor to the piece if possible. If the writer wants to see samples of my writer feel free to contact me.

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Title: Food

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Essay Instructions: 1. Describe cannibalism as a system among the Wari according to Beth Conklin. What are their practices and beliefs? What are their motivations? How do they fit and not fit into the major world patterns identified for anthropophagy by anthropologies around the world and by Conklin?

2. Compare and contrast the views of Carole Counihan in ?Food Rules in the United States,? Gyorgy Scrinis in ?On the Ideology of Nurtritionism? and Anne Meneley in ?Like an Eatra virgin.? Are their data and conclusions compatible? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each article? What kind of picture of American classification of food emerges from the three articles?

3. How (in Anna Meigs? description) is the classification of food among the HUA a system that is both binary and fluid? Does Ira Bashkow see Orokaiva views of ?foods of the Whiteman? as being similarly binary and fluid? Provide ethnographic details and compare and contrast their views of and approaches to the two scholars to their respective descriptions of food classification.

4. Using Marvin Harris? ?Abominable pig? chapter from Good to Eat, describe the pork taboo. Who practices it and how has it evolved historically? What is Harris? explanation for this widespread taboo? How does this explanation differ from Mary Douglas? approach as described by him? What are the strengths and weaknesses of such an approach?

5. What relationships between the Japanese people and food emerge from the readings by Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney (Rice as Self), Anne Allison (Japanese Mothers and Obentos), Theodore Bestor (Tsukiji)? What common themes can you see across these different portraits?

It is ok to have less than 2000 words as long as you can finish these questions. I don?t care how many words for you to write for each question.

Please write them separately.

Please don't include any direct quote from the articles.

I will upload to files.

Thank you.

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Title: Aztec human sacrifice and cannibalism

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Essay Instructions: Thesis: Daily human sacrifice and cannibalism, the Aztec culture was perhaps one of the most violent.

at least 4 sources
w/sources cited page

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