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Title: Dental oral candida

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Essay Instructions: Research report on Oral Candida (oral yeast infection) and drugs available for this indication. Indicate the overall size of the market and the overall trends for growth in this market area. indicate what drugs are currently used and what the market size of each is. Is this a viable market for a drug company to enter.

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Essay Instructions: Respectfully request an original custom paper as an article critique of a scientific journal on Antifungal and post-antifungal effects of chlorhexidine, fluconazole, chitosan and it's combinations on Candida albicans. This article critique needs to be related to Dental Hygiene (Dental Pharmacology).

Critique should include:
Article summary
Article Critique
Reflections (connection to dental hygiene/dental pharmacology)
At least 2 insightful questions created based on article
APA format
12 point font
Times New Roman

Article and rubric will be uploaded.
There are faxes for this order.

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