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Title: wedding cakes

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1702 References: 7 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Topic: Wedding Cakes

Thesis statement: The evolution over time in wedding cakes particularly in cultural traditions, famous cake designers, and decorating techniques.

I. The History of Wedding Cakes
A. The first wedding cakes (Ancient Rome)
B. Medieval England
C. 19th Century
D. Present Day

II. Cultural Customs and Traditions
A. International Customs
B. American Customs

III. Famous Cake Designers
A. International Cake Designers
1. David MacCarfrae
2. Yvonne Zensner
B. American Cake Designers
1. Duff Goldman
2. Colette Peters

IV. Decorating Techniques
A. Icing
B. Decorations

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Title: What does beauty mean in art today

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2502 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need a paper that tells what does "beauty" mean in art today? I want you to use these five pieces:
a. Gary Komarin-"The Blue Cake" 2000
b. Jim Dine-"Red Passion" 1996
c. Sally Mann-"The Easter Dress" 1986
d. Art Spiegelman-"Crossroads" 1997
e. Beverly McIver-"Pretty is....a Little Black Girl ed:50" 2002

Tell who the artist are of each painting and some of there other works. Discuss each piece in detail and explain how each one supports your idea of what "beauty" means in art today. You also use theories. Maybe compare Kants theory of beauty in the past to a modern concept of beauty, i.e. what does "beauty" mean in art today?

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Title: marketing research

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1421 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: None Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: i wish the writer usernumber: infoceo to do my paper.
it's a marketing research project.

and it's a research for a bakery(cookies and cakes) + party supplies + party
planning company in vancouver.(for all kinds of party, birthday party, adult party, wedding party, etc)
there is only one company which combined the bakery, party supplies, and party plan together.

i planned to do the research by using survey and i will design the quesionnare myself.
so for your part, the research should cover where our target market are in vancouver, is there a need for the company, also the competitors, and the hiden risks for the company like this.

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Title: Cheesecake Factory Profitability Analysis 5 year projection for cash flow risk rate

Total Pages: 11 Words: 3114 Sources: 0 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Profitability Analysis: 5 year projection for cash flow / risk rate (i chose corporate documents as the style - but there really isn't a specific request on the professor's part - I just chose the one that i thought best suits).

Assume you are a financial analyst for a Fortune 100 company. Your company is considering acquiring The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated (“CAKE”) as a means to diversify its current operations and to increase profit and ROE of the combined companies. You are to determine a purchase price for the acquisition of CAKE.

Assume for your analysis that CAKE is a private company. Consequently, you cannot use market capitalization as a valuation technique.

Please follow the following guidance.
1. An executive summary of conclusions (one paragraph)
2. A description of the company, its products and its markets (limit two pages)
3. A general overview of the expected economy and industry prospects over the next five years (limit one page).
4. Highlights of the company’s financial statements (past 3 years for income and cash flow statements and two years for balance sheets). For example, assets, liabilities, debt equity, revenues, costs, margins, net income from continuing operations, operating cash flows, investing activities, financing activities and other financial statement information that you consider important. Make comments concerning these reviews ??" trends, is the company improving (why), is the company deteriorating (why) and any unusual items noted, etc.
5. Prepare a valuation analysis of the company. Trends in key financial components and appropriate ratios compared to various years and industry sector averages. If trends in company’s ratios have changed, explain why. If company’s ratios are different from industry ratios, explain why
6. Can the company remain competitive, increase or maintain market share, replace assets, find new markets over the next five years?
7. Can the company withstand external factors outside the company’s control (economic recessions, natural disasters, union strikes, etc)/
8. You are allowed to make reasonable assumptions about facts and circumstances to fit your case.
9. Use the annual financial statements for the latest year available as the basis for your analysis. If quarterly statements have been issued since the latest annual statements, you are not required to update for the quarterly information.

Prepare a five- year net income statement projection. Do not project interest expense. All interest bearing debt will be repaid as part of the acquisition.

Net income projections:
a. Project revenues based on a combination of history, changes in the company, economy or other factors that you may determine
b. Similar for expenses, except interest expenses (which may increase or decrease depending on loan balance of new credit facility)
c. Do not project one-time or nonrecurring items, unless there is a reason (explain).
d. Short summary explaining projection assumptions for revenue and expenses
e. Do not use a complicated format for your projections. Assume the same tax rate is used in the most recent income statement

Cash flow projections:
a. Start with net income from the net income projections
b. Use the following format:
i. Net income
ii. + - noncash charges (probably only depreciation and amortization)
iii. Ignore the net changes in current assets and current liabilities
iv. Sum of I and ii will result in net cash flow from operations

Prepare a five-year cash flow projection (above). Part of the purchase price will repay all debt. As a result, there will be no cash flow from financing activities in the five-year cash flow projection. In year five, calculate a residual value for the value of all subsequent years’ cash flows. The residual value will be calculated by dividing the fifth year cash flow by the required rate of return. Add the residual value to cash flow for year five.

Explain reasons for your required rate of return for this acquisition.

Determine the purchase price for CAKE by calculating the present value (at the required rate of return) for years 1-5 (including residual value in year 5).

Requirement is for a written report

There are faxes for this order.

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