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Title: Business Writing Exercise

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Essay Instructions: business writing...
following sentences are discourteous, boastful, humble, vague. rewrite to make to sound or look more business friendly (business tone), and correct those mistakes

-Something is obviously wrong in your head office. They have once more sent me the wrong model number. Can they ever get things straight?

-My instructor wants me to do a term paper on safety regulations at a small plant. Since you are the manager of a small plant, send me all the information I need at once. My grade depends heavily on all this.

-It is apparent that you are in business to rip off the public.

-I was wondering if you could possibly see your way into sending me the local chapter president’s name and address??"if you have the time, that is.

-I have waited for my confirmation for two weeks now. Do you expect me to wait forever, or can I get some action?

-It goes without saying that we cannot honor your request.

-May I take just a moment of your valuable time to point out that our house for the next three weeks will change, and we trust and pray that no one in your agency will be terribly inconvenienced by this.

-Your application has been received and will be kept on the file for six months. If we are interested in you, we will notify you. If you do not hear from us, please do not write us again.

-My past performance as a medical technologist has left nothing to be desired.

-Credit means a lot to some people. But obviously you do not care about yours. If you did, you would have sent us the $249.95 you rightfully owe us three months ago. What's wrong with you?

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Title: direct mail sales letter

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Essay Instructions: Business Writing
Business Letter Assignment

Description of assignment: Write a direct mail sales letter for a made up product or service in which you intend to start a marketing campaign. Need to be clear about the "target audience" (i.e. the group of potential customers to whom you plan to direct your sales appeal). you will also need to use an effective selling technique. Be sure that the letter employs some element that can be used to measure the effectiveness of the sales attempt(e.g.,an 800#,a coupon,etc.).
In addition, a Critique Memo will accompany the final draft. This memo will identify and describe the rhetorical strategy: such as,target audience,objectives,message,and tone. Use headings to identify each section.
The scope of the material should elicit 3 full pages,single-space,block format. Since the papers you provide are double spaced,I believe I will need 7 pages.
The product or service along with the target audience are hypothetical and are at your discretion.
Thank you for your help. Chris

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Title: The Art of Getting It Write

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Essay Instructions: Please review the attachment which contains the article. Below is the format, but please review the attached article.
Read the attached article by Patrick Forsyth entitled "The Art of Getting It Write."
After you read the article, write a one-page memo, discussing what you have learned about good business writing this semester.
In the memo, you should include at least two quotations from the article that will add to your own views; thus, you will have in-text citations and a Work Cited page. (Note: Remember that NC LIVE will give you the WC format for the article.)

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Title: Saving Toyotas Reputation

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Essay Instructions: Part 1: Toyota’s initial response to their customers was not effective. Without reading or drawing from other Toyota correspondence, devise an original one-page follow up response intended to repair Toyota’s reputation with their customers and the public. Note: This is a new follow-up letter to mitigate the problems associated with the first letter. It is not a rewrite of the first letter.

Part 2: Write a 2-4 page paper (excluding references) explaining how the concepts and principles from this course’s reading and lectures, along with other cited sources impacted your choice of content and format of the letter you created in Part 1. Your paper should focus on crisis communication along with stakeholder analysis and business writing techniques.

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