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Title: Summary of chapters in Cross cultural Business Negotiations

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Essay Instructions: Prepare summaries reflecting the essence of chapters 1,2 &3;4,5&6; 7,8&9 from the book : "Cross-cultural Business Negotiations by Hendon,Hendon & Herbig(1999 edition). Total will be 6 pages; two pages per trio of chapters.
Excerpt From Essay:

Hendon, D.W., Hendon, R.A., & Herbig, P. (1999). Cross-cultural business negotiations. Westport: Praeger Publishers.

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Title: Negotiation

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Essay Instructions: 1. This is the term paper for "Business Negotiation" class.

2. Core concepts and theories from articles sent to you after submitting this order must be applied to examples from personal/past/current experiences or any related situation.

3. Here are some important keywords/issues required in the paper. Pls kindly find further information from the articles sent to you soon.

- Reservation price
- Due diligence
- Win-win situation
- Cross-border negotiation
Excerpt From Essay:

David Vickrey, "Counter Speculation, Auctions, and Competitive Sealed Tenders," the Journal of Finance, March 1961, pp. 9-37.

Harold Strawbridge, Philadelphia, USA

Gary M. Lawrence, Due Diligence in Business Transactions, (Law Journal Press 1994)

Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind - Geert Hofstede - 304 pages [New Ed.] (23 May, 1994) HarperCollins

Ian Steedman (1987). "Reservation price and reservation demand," the New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics, v. 4, pp. 158-59.

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Title: Negotiating with the Chinese

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Essay Instructions: This is a research paper for a business school Negotiations class. The writer must be familiar with business and negotiation terminology

Paper topic: Memo of what an American negotiator should expect in the context of business negotiations with the Chinese (notably differences in negotiating style as well as do's and don'ts). The broader theme of the paper is how culture influences negotiating style-- the way individuals from different cultures conduct themselves in negotiating sessions (the professor asked that we choose a country and compare the negotiating style of negotiators from that country with American negotiators).

This paper requires research but I have pulled some articles. Please use these four articles (3 links posted and the fourth will be uploaded shortly) as your sources in addition to other research you may choose to do on this topic.
Excerpt From Essay:

Fang, Tony. "Negotiation: the Chinese style." Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing. 21.1 (2006): 50-60.

Ghauri, Pervez, and Tony Fang. "Negotiating with the Chinese: A Socio-Cultural Analysis." Journal of World Business. 36.3 (2001): 303 -- 325.

Graham, John L., and N. Mark Lam. "The Chinese Negotiation." Harvard Business Review. (2003): 1-11.

Lee, Kam-hon, Guang Yang, and John L. Graham. "Tension and Trust in International Business Negotiations: American Executives Negotiating with Chinese Executives." Journal of International Business Studies. 37. (2006): 623 -- 641.

Sebenius, James K., and Cheng (Jason) Qian. "Cultural Notes on Chinese Negotiating Behavior." Working Paper 09-076. (2008): 1-10.

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Title: Wharton MBA Program

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Essay Instructions: Essay #1: What is your career objective and how will the Wharton MBA Program for Executives contribute to your attainment of these objectives? (try to keep this 750-1000)

>Definitely ensure the following is covered:
a. History at FactSet
b. actSet and coming back (advance my career at FactSet..become VPVP in the short term and Director in the longterm)
c. Wharton is the MBA edge I need to take me to the next level Wharton’s program is a different caliber and I’m in a different point in my career. To make an investment the time and resources to doing an Executive MBA and that’s Wharton.

>Resources include information below:

Institutional Sales Executive 2010??"Present
Account Executive 2003??"2005
Senior Consultant 2002??"2003
Consultant 2001??"2002
Provide exceptional support in generating new business among sell-side, private equity, valuation / restructuring / M&A advisory, IB boutique, and institutional independent research firms throughout the Northeast United States region. Prospect, close trials, and ensure new clients maximize market data spend with FactSet.

Notable Contributions:
? Sourced and determined opportunities to formulate creative corporate solutions, attain strategic account penetrations, and generate revenue growth for clients, such as Bear Stearns, Credit Suisse First Boston, Citigroup, and JP Morgan.
? Worked in collaboration with global account manager in overseeing more than $10M in client revenue.
? Created and carried out global account strategy, relationship management, business negotiations, and overall client satisfaction with teams worldwide.
? Strategically designed, developed, and launched new product trials through active participation in product strategy and development efforts.
? Coordinated with consultants in ensuring account maintenance, project work, and achievement of client expectations.
? Managed and maintained FactSet applications; built custom FactSet models, screens, and automation routines.
? Rendered support to client personnel as well as with custom projects.
? Conducted software upgrades and ensured users were updated regarding enhancements and changes to FactSet.

Short-term and long-term career goals?
A. I work in the financial services industry at FactSet and getting promoted to Vice President of Sales is my short term career goal.
B. My long term career goals, approximately 10 years from now I hope to be appointed Director of Sales and use that position to open a FactSet office in West Africa where I think the market has great potential.
C. I strongly believe my previous work experiences at FactSet as well as entrepreneurial activities at startup ventures in the past have positioned me to greatly assist FactSet’s future plans in entering the African market.

Why do you need an MBA education?
A. I’m satisfied with my career path and trajectory at FactSet, so I want to advance my career with broadening my business knowledge of strategy and general management in a classroom setting that an EMBA program can provide.
B. It’s important for me to gain more managerial and strategic perspectives that I can immediately apply while working at FactSet. Building a network through social clubs and other EMBAs across different industries will help me reach the next level in my career.

Why do you need that education starting now?
A. No time like the present. I need that EMBA edge that gives me the knowledge, strategic perspective and confidence I need to reach new levels in my professional career at FactSet…the sooner the better.
B. I have a long history working at FactSet with consistent career progress.

Why are you pursuing this school?
A. There’s only ONE WHARTON MBA. I’m pursuing Wharton because of its strong impact on my career.
B. I want to advance in my career at FactSet and an EMBA at Wharton will get me there and beyond. Courses such as The Foundations of Leadership and Teamwork course looks at individual, team, and organizational leadership. It lays the groundwork for examining and developing your own personal leadership capabilities, wherever you find yourself within an organization.
C. Then, there’s the Wharton Leadership Ventures course that take students out of their comfort zones and into hands-on experiences in order to explore the qualities of effective individual and team leadership in business and beyond
D. Finally, I would love to take Linda Richardson’s sales class--as founder of global sales training firm Richardson, she teaches sales and management courses at the Wharton Graduate School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton Executive Development Center. Like Linda says, “the issue is that sales as a profession is much more sophisticated than before, and sales is a driving force in any economy”
E. Outside the classroom, Wharton’s close networks and friendships are priceless. For example, on Friday evenings when the study groups get together to review course material students form personal and professional bonds which last long after graduation.
F. Wharton's online community, WhartonConnect, gives current students and alumni an easy way to find colleagues in just about any field.
G. Finally, the Wharton Alumni Club comprises a lifelong network of leaders providing support and opportunities for Wharton graduates worldwide.

Essay #2: Describe the most significant way, either in or out of your job, that you have demonstrated leadership. (try to keep this 750-1000)

>Definitely ensure the following is covered:

d. **Great way to talk about my leadership on The Apprentice: Africa (please see below examples from Task #14) and tie this in to the intention to leading business in Africa with FactSet. And laying the foundation to making that possible with FactSet . I demonstrated my leadership at FactSet by closing deals with private equity firms, consulting firms, and investment banking…driving FactSet’s up and directly contributing to FactSet’s bottom line.
e. ** Integrate information from O&M Media, my content media start up. O&M Media created Top 100 Entrepreneurs in Africa, a TV program featuring Africa’s leading entrepreneurs and business icons. In line with the program’s selection criteria for credible African business people, a comprehensive research methodology and strict shortlisting was conducted by a management and public policy consulting firm on behalf of O&M. The purpose of its esteemed TV project is to recognize other leaders in Africa and to tie that into my belief in becoming an African leader at FactSet.
>Resources include information below:
Founder | Director 2008??"2010
Delivered exceptional services to company-owned TV programs, which included Africa’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs. Advisory Board members included Dr. Ken Kwaku, Special Advisor to Former President Mkapa (Tanzania); Demola Aladekomo, Founder/Managing Director, Chams Plc (Nigeria); and Savannah Maziya, Group CEO, Bunengi Holdings (Pty) (South Africa).

Notable Contributions:
? Obtained investment funding and sponsorships valued at $75,000, secured a co-production partnership with Storm 360, a leading West African entertainment company, and forged media partnerships including HiTV, Silverbird TV, NN24, and BusinessDay.
? Established and implemented overall business objectives of becoming a world-class production and broadcast company offering international broadcast content to strengthen the spirit of enterprise and human development throughout Africa and across the globe.
? Played an integral role in representing company in key business negotiations.

Contestant | 1st Runner Up 2008
Selected as one of eighteen contestants from across Africa and the Diaspora to compete in a spinoff of the American reality TV series, The Apprentice, which depicts a group of professionals competing in tasks that showcase emerging sectors in Africa’s economy including telecommunications, banking, aviation, tourism, and hospitality. The grand prize was a one-year, $200,000 job at Bank PHB supervised by Apprentice Africa CEO Biodun Shobanjo.

Notable Contributions:
? Won 2 tasks as Project Manager during the show, Task #5: Creating a mission statement and a TV commercial for the Sahara Group, an Oil and Gas company headquartered in Lagos with operations spanning the energy sector. Task #14: Designing new school uniforms for students at Abbey Junior Mixed & Infants School, a private primary school with a blended Nigerian and British curriculum.
? Played a pivotal role in winning team-based tasks, including developing and marketing a new fast-food chicken entrée for Chicken Republic, planning and executing a hotel redecoration project at Eko Hotel & Suites, presenting a “route to market” strategy for West Africa’s largest cell phone provider, Celtel, and formulating a marketing strategy for a new energy drink for Nigeria’s largest beverage company, Nutricema.

1- Leadership: FactSet, Moelis Deal…a global investment bank
S- Generate new business sales for FactSet; prospect ranked investment banks in middle markets
T- Bring global investment bank on as a FactSet client
A- Convince the Information Services manager and CFO to buy FactSet licenses for the entire firm; initiative trials with associates and VPs in NYCNYCNYC and LA; negotiate pricing and contract
R- Approx. 8 months to close; Moelis is a new client today
L-Always follow up, leverage relationships, focus on the real needs of the prospect

2- Teamwork: The Apprentice: Africa, Task #14
S- Project Manager of Zulu, team of 2 (including me) against Team Matrix, team of 3.
T- Task #14, design new school uniforms for students at Abbey Junior Mixed & Infants School, a private primary school with a blended Nigerian and British curriculum. Host a fashion show to present uniforms; the number of votes wins (no idea who could vote)
A- Interviewed parents, teachers, and students on previous school uniform designs, researched other school uniforms in the area, sought the advice of local tailors and seamstresses
R- My team won. The other team listened a lot more to the students’ wants/desires whereas my team we listened to what the parents wanted to see in their children’s uniforms. We won based on our truly innovative design, simple and elegant, yet functional (no frills, wild colors, flamboyant cuts like the other team).
L-Identify who your ‘real’ clients are and do your research
3- General Management Perspective: O&M Media, startup in Lagos
S- Founder of media startup company, O&M Media conceptualized and owned TV programs including Africa’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs
T- Fundraising for equity investment and sponsorships for O&M and TV programs and manage team of interns/volunteers willing to work with you to build up the company
A- Build an Advisory Board of established leaders/influencers across Africa, leverage sponsorship contacts from The Apprentice Africa, aggressive marketing and promotions for publicity through media partnerships HiTV, Silverbird TV, NN24, and local newspapers, initiate meetings with private wealthy individuals, banks, and companies
R-2008-2009, received investment funding and sponsorships valued at $75,000 during recessions
L- Do not underestimate impact of global recession in Africa (drop in trade & commodity exports; revenue shortfall due to oil prices down ); Politics and business (upcoming presidential election in April 2009); timing is everything; personal growth (humility/humbleness/sacrifice); how to ask for help

Essay #3: Given your already demanding job and the desire to remain committed to important family and personal obligations, how do you plan to handle the additional demands on your time once you enroll? (500 word limit)

>Definitely ensure the following is covered:

1- First Half of the essay should be devoted to describing what you want to keep, outside of the MBA. I want to keep priority on family relationships, work, and school. Describe what the mechanics would look like. What my personal commitments are….my only personal commitment would be to my family.
2-. Second half of the essay should be how to deal with it. address specifically how I would deal with it. I’ve already had conversations with my team at work; they are extremely supportive. What plans you have in place to accommodate your MBA. I’ve had conversations with my family and boyfriend and they are willing to help me and provide the support needed to get through the program.
3-Include that I'm extremely well organized and multi task very well. I have experience balancing such demands once I enroll....for example, while working at FactSet I took classes at NYU to prepare me for graduate school at Cornell. W

Essay #4: Is there anything else you would like to add that would help usus in evaluating your candidacy? (500 word limit)

>Definitely ensure the following is covered:

1- Need to address the time gap between O&M and FactSet; provide a narrative. Soon after I resigned from O&M Media as Director I moved back to the states. During the four months (June 2010 and October 2010) I was unemployed; I spent my time getting acclimated to the states. I spent time picking up where I left off with family, friends, and networking. I was extremely lucky that the first and only call in my quest for employment was to FactSset . So, the month before rejoining, I was on the phone will old colleagues getting updates on all the changes since I’ve left. I spent time reading some of the new products FactSet has developed, and simply prepare to get back to work again.
2- GMAT??" I’ve honestly made my best effort towards that particular test. For reasons based on other than my career, prior academic performance, mbamath transcript as well as additional course work in statistics and structured finance at New York University while working full time. Demonstrate my ability to handle the mathematics involved in business studies.
3- If I only had 5 minutes with Admissions committee: 3 most compelling selling points
a- I’m going to change face of business in Africa
b- And I’m going to start with FactSet; Leading within my organization and open a FactSset office in Africa.
c- Greatest experience of professional and personal growth was internationally televised
Excerpt From Essay:
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