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Title: Business models and planning questions to be answered thoroughly

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Essay Instructions: Business Models and Planning


A. What does competing on price mean? Can you name some companies that compete on price?

B. In addition to customer value and relative positioning, what else is likely to impact a business model’s profitability? Which of these factors can also be regarded as positions?

C. What is the difference between customization and mass customization? What kinds of strategy are appropriate for each?

D. Choose an industry that you like. What are the major sources of revenue and market segments in the industry?

E. Which tool would you rather use for evaluating the different revenue sources or market segments of question 2: the BCG’s Growth- Share matrix or the GE/McKinsey matrix? Why?

F. It has been argued that the Internet will render existing menu pricing schemes obsolete? Do you agree? Why or why not?

G. Is bundling illegal or not?

H. Choose your favorite industry and any firm in it you like. Draw the industry’s value system and the firm’s value chain, value network, or value shop.

I. List the different options that are available to the firm in question 1 as which activities it can perform, how it can perform them and when they can perform them.

J. What are the value drivers in question 1 and how has your favourite firm taken advantage of them?

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Title: Business Model Development and Analysis

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Essay Instructions: Business Model Development & Analysis

Disruptive strategy is a recognized and often used path for companies attempting to secure and/or market share. Disruptive strategies can take many forms and are typically complex in nature.

Virgin company has developed a formidable and at first sight impregnable position in the market place.

Students are required to research the subject further and deeper, analyze and deliver a detailed report on the impact of the trend on the sector and provide a series of scenarios to potentially overcome the challenges outlined in the case example.

This is not a “technology” solution, nor it is a simple marketing analysis where typically “grow the market and/or develop the brand” responses will suffice.

Students should look at the bigger picture implications of the case and provide focused “how to” solutions not “should do”.

The target points to be covered in details:- ( each part to be covered under a title for my easy follow please )
1- how to make an innovated strategy to reach higher place in this industry?
2- How we can innovate in this strategy is very important?
3- what are the industry segments the company will play within in her innovative strategy? And how to capitalize these segments to reach the innovative the strategy?
4- What are the key attributes of the company strategy? And what they have to make to maximize the value for themselves?
5- how can the company get advantage from the 1st movers advantages by moving the space as the 1st private funded company? And why the company decided to go to the moon now? And what are the advantages associated with this step for the company
6- the report should have business strategy design for the space business, which contains vision, mission and strategy
7- what are the business opportunities in the space for the company for making space business? And what is the importance for these opportunities for the company growth?
8- logistics of supply issues in making space business

*in the report we have to Cover with proper analysis the
1 financial aspect
2 the market dynamics
3 business sides related to people, process and technology
4 market size( potential and current)
5 main players might be or might would be in this market
6 the business opportunities the company can get from attaching the space
7 risks associated with space business
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Title: business model canvas

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Essay Instructions: business model canvas:
Write 3 pages about 9 points about canvas,
read the Peek inside: begin p13 about the 9 building blocks ( using 9 pints to describe Hanson Logistics Frozen Food Distribution)

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Title: Business communication

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Essay Instructions: I need a scholar journal (peer-reviewed type) article detailing the evolution of business models from 1900 to 2012 and pointing out what they have in common and what is different (possibly in the form of a table). Please only use Peer-reviewed sources
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