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Title: Business Law

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Essay Instructions: Business Law BULGL 318
Syllabus Attachment 1: Current Event Legal Analysis Paper

Purpose: To encourage students to apply concepts learned in class to the world outside the classroom and to begin to recognize the impact law has on the business industry.

Excerpt From Essay:

Fastenberg, D. (2012). Fla. customer sues mcdonald's after worker allegeldy unleashes anti-gay rant and assault., July 2012. Retrieved from allegedly-unleashes-an/

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Title: Business Law Trademark Infringement

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Essay Instructions: Business Law - Topic is Louboutin vs. YSL on Trademark Infringement.

Thesis - A specific shade of red, in a particular part of the shoe, can be protected by trademark laws as long as the color proves to have a distinctiveness that is associated with the firm.

Using the provided web sources (and any other sources deemed necessary), please elaborate on the following examples of other companies with trademark distinctions (signature color): Tiffany's "BLUE" box, DAP's "RED" buckets, and T-Mobile's "MAGENTA." Please see the following exceprts from the sources re: each example: "Tiffany Blue is protected as a color trademark by Tiffany & Co. in some jurisdictions, including the U.S. The turquoise color is produced as a private custom color by Pantone, with PMS number 1837 (the year of Tiffany?s foundation)"; "A federal district court granted protection to (DAP?s) red packaging. They found that "secondary meaning" was attached to DAP's red plastic bucket for its tile mastic the color red was not a functional feature of the tile product"; "T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom) trademarked the color magenta, however they can only trademark in the industry sector that they are registered in, so T-Mobile has trademarked the color magenta in telecommunications."

Sources used:
Excerpt From Essay:

Bennett, Simon. (2012) "The Height of Confusion: Christian Louboutin v YSL Trademark

Infringement" Fox Williams' Fashion Law Group.

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Title: Negligence

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Essay Instructions: BUSINESS LAW


Peter was a shareholder in Horizon plc. He recently saw a financial statement prepared by Bumble & Co, which showed that Horizon was making a profit of £10 million. All of Horizon’s directors and shareholders had received a copy of this information. As Horizon were so profitable, he decided to buy another 10,000 shares in the company.

Peter showed the financial statement to Alison who was not currently a shareholder in Horizon. She decided it would be good to invest in the company and purchased 200 Horizon shares.

While driving home from visiting Alison Peter suffered a car accident. A large pothole opened in the road along which he was driving causing the car to crash and Peter was injured. The road was in a poor state of repair and had not been maintained for a long time as the local council (who were responsible for maintaining the roads) had made financial cutbacks. Peter had to spend some time in hospital and lost earnings as a result of being off from work.

It has recently been revealed that Bumble’s audit of Horizon’s accounts had been poorly prepared and was very inaccurate. Horizon was actually making a small loss.
When this news was revealed the value of Horizon’s shares fell sharply causing large losses to shareholders including Peter and Alison.

Peter and Alison blame Bumble’s accounts for their losses and would both like to claim compensation from Bumble for their losses.

Peter would also like to claim compensation from the local council for the car accident he suffered and for the lost earnings for the time that he was off from work.

Critically discuss how the law of negligence might be applied:
(i) To Peter’s claim against Bumble & Co
(ii) To Alison’s claim against Bumble & Co
(iii) To Peter’s claim against the local council

Format of answer and citation of sources used

1. Cite cases as follows: Smith v Patel (1968). Parties’ names should be italicised or underlined. If in doubt check handouts or the textbooks.

2. Use cases (i) to support a proposition of law, or (ii) to illustrate a point. Use as appropriate when stating and applying the law (for example by comparing the facts with the question to decide if the facts fall within or outside of the case).

eg (i) ‘A party may be fixed with notice of an exclusion clause by a regular course of previous dealings between the parties: Spurling v Bradshaw (1956)’.

eg (ii) ‘An advertisement can amount to an offer. In Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co (1892) an advertisement offered a £100 reward for anyone who used their smoke ball and contracted ’flu. In addition, the Smoke Ball Company stated that it had deposited £1000 in the bank “to show our sincerity in the matter”. The Court of Appeal held that the reward, combined with the bank deposit, showed a clear intention by the Smoke Ball Company to be bound by the terms of the advert, and so the advert constituted an offer.’

3. Write in essay, not report, style. Use paragraphs. Avoid sub-headings.

4. Cite original sources where possible. So, if quoting from a statute, or a case, do not cite the textbook in which you saw that quote. Simply cite the statute or case (which you will find in the textbooks). Remember the University’s plagiarism policy.

5. Don’t forget the technique for the problem (or ‘case-study’) questions (see seminar one): (i) identify the issues. (Start by stating who is suing whom and for what. Then select the likely contestable elements in your cause(s) of action); (ii) state the relevant law for each of these issues; (iii) subject those issues to that law (or ‘apply the law’); (iv) conclude. Note, if the facts are vague, then speculate, eg ‘If it were the case that ... then Jones v Patel would apply because .....’ You may go further and suggest alternative outcomes: ‘On the other hand if....’

6 A bibliography of sources used must be listed at the end of the answer.

i will be sending class presentation on this subject, please read and use it in the essay

Excerpt From Essay:

Beale, H., Fauvarque-Cosson, B. And Rutgers, J. et al., 2010. Contract Law (Ius Commune Casebooks for the Common Law of Europe). Oxford: Hart Publishing.

Gullifer, L. And Payne, J., 2010. Intermediated Securities: Legal Problems and Practical Issues. Oxford: Hart Publishing.

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