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Title: Business English

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Essay Instructions: Business English:
Write an essay on the pros and cons of PowerPoint.
Your boss heard that there is a controversey over the use of PowerPoint. Should you use PowerPoints in your office enviroment? PRESENT BOTH SIDES OF THE DEBATE. Compare and contrast. Present the evidence why it must be used in your office or business enviroment.

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Title: Business English and Implications on

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Essay Instructions: I need a 5000 word paper on Business English and implications on TESOL. I am in Thailand so a global and Thai perspective of Business English and implications on TESOL in the Thai classroom would be helpful.

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Title: business english

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Essay Instructions: These questions are related to "Business English'', so make sure you strict to the subject of "Business English" when answering the questions. The answer to first question should be 2 pages long. The answer to the second question should cover about 3 pages.

Q1: Design a questionnaire to determine the learning requirements of a potential ''Business English'' student, Mr.Hasegawa. He is the senior manager of an automobile manufacturer.

Q2: Mr. Masoni is an environmental engineer and has just left his job in local government and is now working in the area of water pollution. He is employed by a consultancy in Tokyo which specialises in advising companies about how to comply with targets imposed by national and local governments as well as those imposed by international agreements. He will frequently travel abroad to meet with sales
personnel from companies producing technology to reduce water pollution. Although he is not a buyer,
he is required to report back to his employers on this technology and to make recommendations on
effectiveness and value.
Before he goes on his first trip to England, his company has booked a course of Business English lessons on a one-to-one basis with your school. As a Business English teacher, you have been asked to devise the course.
Perform a language analysis based on the following:
1. Job analysis
2. Definition of need in terms of outcome
3. Target Performance objectives
4. Breakdown of performance areas in terms of language (notions / functions / vocabulary /expression / structures)
5. Language Analysis
Note: You might want to do some research regarding the job description of environmental engineering in order to understand how to write the answer.

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Title: Business English

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Essay Instructions: Answer each part of the question in 1 page. These questions are strictly related to the subject of "Business English" so make sure you know what you are dealing with, when writing the answers:

What skills, functions and language features would be required for the following?
a) video conferencing (1 page long answer)
b) texting (1 page long answer)
c) instant messaging/using chat software (1 page long answer)
d) emails(1 page long answer)
How important are these in business? Discuss.(2 page long answer)

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