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Title: Introduction to Communication, Second Edition, Editorial Board Words of Wisdom, LLC, Business Communication and the Workplace

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Essay Instructions: Business Communication and the Workplace

Reading Assignment
Introduction to Communication, Chapters 6, 9 & 12
Assignment Type: Individual Project Points Possible: 50 Deliverable Length: 8?12 slides with notes or 8?10 paragraphs

Choose only 1 assignment. You will be graded for only 1 assignment.

Choice 1:

Deliverable length: 8-12 slides with notes

You and the other HR managers are working with a training consultant on a program for cross-cultural supervisors. You are contributing information and expertise in the area of dealing with conflicts when they arise on a team with a focus on how cultural differences among team members could complicate the situation.

As the basis for the training, the consultant has asked you to recall a time when you were part of a team, where communication issues caused a serious misunderstanding and led to conflict.

Your training presentation should include your situation, your conflict-resolution choices and reasoning, and preventative communication strategy. More specifically, you are to address the following:

Explanation of the situation
Analysis of the actual misunderstanding and how it came about
At least 2 conflict-resolution strategies you or the people involved could have taken
The conflict resolution you actually took and your reasoning for choosing that solution
A communication strategy that would have prevented these issues from arising in the first place (examples include having a policy in place or having a better understanding)
Research is required for this option.

Use the Library and the Internet to complete your research on these issues. Cite all sources appropriately.

Presentation Guidelines

The following guidelines for your PowerPoint presentation will be used to grade your work as well:

Limit the number of words on slides. Slides are designed to supplement your presentation, not to be your presentation (in this assignment, it is to supplement your research paper).
Avoid paragraphs.
Use bullet points.
Use succinct phrases instead of sentences.
Limit each slide to 6 bullet points.
Simple fonts
Fonts "with feet" are easier to read (in a paragraph).
Fonts "without feet" make nice titles.
Choose color combinations that make your presentation easy to read.
Limit graphics to 1?3 per page. Too many graphics can be distracting.
Bells and whistles tend to be distracting for the viewer. Make sure that special effects have a purpose.


Choice 2:

Deliverable Length: 8-10 paragraphs

Relationships can be personal or impersonal, they can take on a life of their own, and they can change when we least expect it. Successful or valuable relationships require proper coaching and maintenance.

You are a consultant asked to write a guide for a group of entry-level employees just out of school on how to build relationships.

The guide does not need to be specific to building work relationships, as any successful relationship takes practice and skill that people can develop over a lifetime.

In developing your guide, consider the following:

What are the different types of relationships?
How are relationships built?
What are the stages of relationship building and their characteristics?
How does self-disclosure and feedback enhance a relationship? Could it negatively affect a relationship? If so, how?
While personal examples may help make your point stronger, use the library, the Internet, or your textbook to complete research on these issues. Cite all sources in the appropriate APA format.
Excerpt From Essay:

Sharma, N. (2010). Types of Relationships. Retrieved July 25, 2014 from

Management study guide. (2013). Stages in Interpersonal Relationships. Retrieved July 25, 2014 from

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Title: Business Communication Theory

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  • References:5
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: I need book/article reviews including the 5 below. The review should concentrate on the business communction theory itself, nothing else.

Business Communication,

Harvard Business Review on Communicating Effectively, Harvard Business School Press (1 April 2011)

Business communication: By Peter Hartley, Clive G. Bruckmann - Routledge (2002)

Business Communication: By A. C. Krizan, Patricia Merrier, Joyce P. Logan, Karen Schneiter Williams - Cengage Learning (2007)

Corporate communications: Joep Cornelissen, 2004
Excerpt From Essay:

Cisco Active Network Abstraction Theory (nd) Cisco. Retrieved from:

Harvard Business Review on Communicating Effectively, Harvard Business School Press (1 April 2011);

Hartley, Peter and Bruckman, Clive G. (2002) Business communication Routledge: London and York.

Kirzan, A.C. et al. (2007) Business Communication. Routledge.

Cornelissen, Joep (2006) Understanding the Development and Diffusion of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) A Metaphorical Perspective. NRG Working Paper No. 06-02. Retrieved from:

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Title: Issues and Restraints in Business Communication

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  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Assignment

Addresses issues and restraints in business communication.

Your CEO has asked you to write a report outlining the key issues and restraints to be considered when communicating to selected business stakeholders. Your report must include consideration of both verbal and written communication targeted at TWO of the following stakeholder groups;-
? Employees
? Customers
? Shareholders
You must use a business report format and include:
* short introduction
*relevant sub-headings.
* brief conclusion.
You may use diagrams . You may choose an organisation that you are familiar with on which to base your report issues and restraints. Please provide a short Organisational Context section at the start of your report to give some background information about your chosen organisation.



In the statement you make should be substantiated in some way by referencing articles, texts, journals etc., thus demonstrating that you have an understanding of the theoretical concepts, which underpin management practices. If you quote from an academic source you should reference your statement using the Harvard System of Referencing.
Excerpt From Essay:

Foss, K., & Littlejohn S. 2007 Theories of human communication. New York: Cengage learning publishers.

Hartley, P. & Bruckmann .C. 2001. Business communications. New York: Rout ledge publishers.

Harvard business school press. 2003. Harvard business essentials: Business communications. New York: Harvard business school press.

Locker, K. 2004. Business and administrative communication. London: McGraw-Hill/Irwin publishers.

Mehrabian, A. 2007. Nonverbal Communication. New York: Transaction publishers.

Naruma, U. 2006. Business communication practices and trends. London: Atlantic publishers & Distributors press.

Pawelzik, B. 2005. Communication in business. Munich: Oldenbourg Verlag Publishers.

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Title: Business Communication: Philosophy of business communication

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Philosophy of Business Communication
Have you considered your philosophy of successful communication in a professional business environment? What do you believe are the most important elements of the communication process in organizations? Why? What can you do to help yourself and others in your organization become successful business communicators? Considering these questions should help you determine the content and organization of your next assignment, which is to develop a brief philosophy of communication that identifies the basic elements you consider essential to successful business communication.

Your underlying task in this assignment is to demonstrate to me that you understand the concepts of communication taught in this course and can apply them to a system of thought about the value and organization of successful communication in a professional business environment.

To do this, you will need to briefly define and explain what a philosophy is and use appropriate communication terminology in your development and presentation of a short research paper that answers the above questions.

You should start with the text, but do a little additional research--at least three other sources. Cite these sources in your text using APA style. At least 1 source must be a journal or periodical.

Two cautions: First, this is an academic assignment; do not use direct address. Second, it is a topic appropriate for a master’s thesis, so don’t get carried away and try to do it all at once. Pick two or three items you think are essential and develop them in detail, with examples and explanation. Use formal research paper style.
Excerpt From Essay:

Desanctis, G., & Monge, P. (1999). Introduction to the special issue: Communication processes for virtual organizations. Organization Science, 10(6), 693-703.

D'Urso, S.C., & Rains, S.A. (2008). Examining the Scope of Channel Expansion a Test of Channel Expansion Theory with New and Traditional Communication Media. Management Communication Quarterly, 21(4), 486-507.

Guffey, M.E., & Loewy, D. (2010). Business communication: Process & product. South-Western Publishing.

Holm, O. (2006). Integrated marketing communication: from tactics to strategy." Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 11(1), 23-33

Karmakar, A. & Datta, B. (2012).Principles and Practices of Management and Business Communication. Pearson Education India.

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