Business Communication Theory

This work conducts an examination of five different books or articles on business communication theory and reports on each of these works.

Cornelissen and Business Communication Theory

The first work under review is that of Joep Cornelissen entitled "Understanding the Development nd Diffusion of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) A Metaphorical Perspective" reports that recently "theoretical commentaries and empirical research" regarding the conceptualization of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) have been concerned with "its development and specification as a theoretical construct and its diffusion among academic and practitioner populations across the globe." (2006) Cornelissen states the argument that "the development and diffusion of IMC, including its diverse interpretations and uses, can be understood by seeing and understanding IMC as a metaphor." (2006) Specifically proposed by Cornelissen is that IMC can be understood "through three core metaphors or metaphorical projects: (1) discourse; (2) system; and (3) practice. (2006) These three...
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