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Title: Proposal for Business Case Analysis for Diabetes

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Essay Instructions: A Proposal for Business Case Analysis for Diabetes

1. This paper is an in depth discussion of an IT initiative and how it impacts either the health care Organization, the practice of healthcare administration or a specific business process within a healthcare organization.
2.I want to propose a technologically based system for a health care institution that has not been proposed or implemented at that institution. The idea here is to persuade the CEO and other key members at that institution that this technology do all these criteria listed below (the writer can choose any institution for this proposal).
The proposal should include the following criteria: I have outlined the important key points.
A. Benefit to the organization: i) The technology assists with achieving the overall mission and vision of the organization ii) The technology support with achieving the overall business strategic plan of the organization. iii) The technology will strengthen the Market position of the organization. iv) The technology is anticipated to increase the patient satisfaction scores of the organization. v) The technology will create a positive partnering with the physicians, employees and other entities. Vi) The technology will improve patient outcomes overall

B. Quality: i) The staff is competent to use the technology. ii) The organization demonstrates readiness to use the technology. iii) The technology focuses on improving access and convenience for members to deliver exceptional patient service. iv) The technology is innovative for controlling costs through efficiency for staff and members
C. Safety : i)The technology aids in effective communication among staff and members ii)The technology facilitates providing a safe workplace
D. Integration/Implementation: i) the technology inter interfaces with current IS systems in the organization. ii) The technology can be utilized with minimal investment with other equipment (i.e. PCs, video cameras). iii) The organization has sufficient IT staff to support the technology. iv) The software has been tested and demonstrates usability and viability.
E.Return on Investment (ROI) : i) the technology is consistent with the long –term IS plan of the organization. ii) The technology has strong user support. iii) The technology will assist in streamlining existing manual

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Title: Aviation Strategy

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The business case analysis document should contain:
cover page
table of contents
the case study
a reference list
if required an appendix

Please cite any research or periodical used and the source of the information in the text of your analysis via a footnote.

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