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Essay Instructions: , here is one book source I required, (White, Johnathan, R. (2012), Terrorism and Homeland Security 7th ed., CA, Wadsworth, chapter 12, on Muslim brotherhood. The protocol for this term paper should be sufficient in length to cover the topic and adequate SUBSTANCE TO REPRESENT a final paper. Just a reminder,



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Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3195 References: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This is a term paper on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The main questions are 1) why or what conditions in Egypt allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to be successful in Egypt?This part should include a history of the organization and its founder, Hasan al Banna. and 2) is it a terrorist organization?

Electronic Sources are ok, but at least 3 need to be scholarly (articles, journals ect.

It also needs to have a bibliography. It is supposed to be due by 4:00PM EST, I know that is not possible but as soon as possible, please.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: reform in Egypt and the Islamic brotherhood party

Total Pages: 12 Words: 4063 Works Cited: 15 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Make sure to use books and even if they are all electronic books when citing them do not show it was from an online book just cite it as a book (15 sources only 7 of them can be online sources)

I am putting here my topic proposal that I handed to my professor and his comments on it. PLEASE TRY TO ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS ON HIS COMMENT AND FOCUS ON COVERING THE POINTS MY PROFESSOR HAS ASKED FOR

Clearly State question: In this paper I will discuss Egypt as a democratic country and question that based on their election system and I will focus on the boycotts done by opposition parties. The reason I eventually decided to talk about Egypt’s reform is that first of all it is an Arabic country and I am Arab and second is that in my country we do not go through any elections and we do not have democracy at all so I cannot do a research on my country. But it would be interesting to see how things go in other Arabian countries that are new to democracy and get a hint of the way things would go in my country if one day it became a democratic one.
Show the preliminary research: One of the topics we had in this class was the boycotts and the opposition parties who actually boycott which while searching lead me to Egypt’s situation. I learned that in Egypt, presidential polls featured only Mubarak’s name on the ballot and citizens had the chance to vote only yes or no which is is really interesting. I have also learned that the United States were pressuring Egypt to allow democratic reforms and that it lead eventually to allow multiple candidates to run for president but even with that change, Mubarak is still the president which makes me wonder if there is a kind of fraud and manipulation. If there was any fraud I will talk about it briefly because I will be focusing more on the opposition party
which is the Islamic brotherhood party who boycotts. In class we learned that boycotts have good consequences like the fact that it could lead to some democratic changes “by attracting more international attention” and I think it applies to Egypt case sense the United States had a little pressure on Egypt I would argue that maybe some how the opposition party’s boycott, the Islamic brotherhood party, has a relation to that fact.

Short Bibliography:
Abd al-Monein, Said. "Modern Islamic Reform Movements: The Muslim Brotherhood in Contemporary Egypt." Middle East Journal Vol. 36.No. 3 (1982). Web. 27 Oct 2010. .

Kienle, Eberhard. "More than a Response to Islamism: The Political Deliberalization of Egypt in the 1990s." Middle East Journal Vol. 52.No. 2 (1998): 219-235. Web. 27 Oct 2010. .

Pan, Esther. "Egypt: Elections." 2005. Web. .

This is a good starting point, Actually, other Islamic Countries have elections (eg. Recently elections overhead in Bahrain). The KEY to this Assignment is to ASK A CLEVER QUESTION and Provide ANALYSIS.

What Do you want to know about Egypt Elections?
- HOW Mubarak Remains Dominant?
- WHO Supports the Muslim Brotherhood and WHY?
Clarify the Questions and you will take credit for the assignment.

The assignment sheet said:

Research Paper, Proposal, and Presentation: A 12-15 page research paper, written proposal, and oral presentation account for 20% of your grade. Graduate students will compose a paper of 20-25 pages in length. A two-page written proposal is due on October 27, 2010. The final paper is due at the beginning of class on December 8, 2010. Late papers will be penalized 10% for every day they are late. No work will be accepted after the end of the final exam period.
??Potential Topics: "Election Reform in __________" "An Explanation of Party System Evolution in __________" "A Comparative Analysis of (the Media/Voter Participation/Party Identification/Government Interference) in Elections in (Africa/Asia/Central and South America/Post-Communist States/Western Europe)"
??Please note that you may not write a paper about a country that is part of the group research project unless is it is part of a broader comparison. Other topics are only acceptable if I approve them in advance.
??Both your proposal and paper should be prepared as professional documents. The papers must be typed, formatted properly (including a title page and bibliography), spell-checked and proof- read. The bibliography should include no fewer than 15 sources (no more than seven may be web sites). You should use a standard, variable-width, 12-point font such as Times New Roman. Your grade will be based on the presentation of the material as well as the content.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Applied Project
Scenario: Union Avoidance Project

You are a Human Resources Manager at BNY Mellon. At the current time, none of your employees belongs to a union. However, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, a national union, is attempting to organize your employees. The senior management of your company appears to be adamantly opposed to the presence of a union at your company and wants to do everything possible to defeat this union drive, including, if necessary:

?Speaking to individual workers, to let them know what management regards as the dangers of unionization, including economic harm to the company and possible layoffs.

?Assembling all workers, in large groups, to speak against unionization, and asking all workers to declare publicly whether they intend to vote for or against the union.

?Making pay changes, both up and down, to certain workers to prove that employees are better off without a union, and may suffer if they play too active a role in organizing.

?Immediately laying off all desk clerks and subcontracting the work to a part-time labor force.

?Other strategies suggested by your research as well.

Based on these facts, you are to prepare a union avoidance program for the company's Senior Management Team. This program should:

?Summarize management?s rights during an organizing drive and respond specifically to each of the possible actions listed above.

?Outline your complete strategy in supporting the company?s position of remaining union free.

Project Requirements:
This applied project will be in the form of a 10 page paper that is to be based on a realistic project you would create for BNY Mellon.

It should be well researched using current resources such as internet web sites, magazines, interviews, newspapers, and academic journal articles.

Applied Project is carefully referenced with a minimum of 8-10 academic references and has an in-depth review of the current literature on this topic.

Applied Project addresses the topic of unions and avoidance strategies and follows the requirements in the Scenario in completing the Assignment.

Research Project is applied and uses real examples from organizations in completing the Assignment.

Excerpt From Essay:

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