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Essay Instructions: Module 5 - Case
Managerial Accounting - Budgeting (This case has two parts)
Part I.
Let?s try to apply our knowledge of variable costing and review a sample budget for a charter school. This budget is prepared assuming three levels of student enrollment (66, 100 and 120). Revenue and expenses projections are shown in the budget. Operating assumptions are shown in ?Schedule A?.
The first requirement of this case relates to the planning function of a budget. Comment on the following relating to the charter school budget:
(1) Is this a static or flexible budget?
(2) What is total revenue (excluding grants) per student?
(3) What are total expenses per student?
(4) Do all expenses seem necessary?
(5) Is this school viable? How many students does the school need to break even (show your calculations with analysis and state your assumptions for break-even)?
(Note: For break even analysis ? Ignore revenue received as ?Grants? and ?Startup Costs? (Schedule A).
(6) What are the general benefits of preparing this budget?
(7) Discuss how this budget is likely to be used for the control function.
Part II.
The second requirement of this case relates to the control function of a budget. Use the background material and Internet to answer the following questions.
(1) Variance analysis is a traditional tool used for planning and control. Comment on advantages and disadvantages of using this approach for performance evaluations.
(2) Do you have any suggestions for complementary or alternative performance measures?
Modular Case Expectations
It is important to answer the questions as posed. The discussion should be five pages and written in a clear and concise manner. Support your discussion with references in APA format. You are encouraged to use Excel or other compatible spreadsheet when computations are involved.
Financial budgets should not only provide a plan for the income statement but should also include the balance sheet. This enables the organization to consider potential cash-flow needs for your entire operation, not just as they pertain to income and expenses.
There are three major types of budgets: (1) operating budget, (2) financial budget, and (3) capital budget. They are all important; however, the emphasis is on the operating budget in this course.
An operating budget serves multiple purposes.
? It forces managers and supervisors to plan
? It provides information that can be used as a tool for improve decision making
? It provides information that can be used for control and performance evaluations
? It improves the functions of communication and coordination
Required material
Hermanson, R.H., Edwards, J.D., & Invacevich, S.D. (2011). Accounting Principles: A Business Perspective. First Global Text Edition, Volume 2 Managerial Accounting, 108-113, 128-134, 165-169 and 181-183.
Walter, L.M. (2011). Principles of Accounting: A Complete Online Text, chapters 21 and 22 (the section titled Traditional variance calculations for monitor cost and efficiency). Retrieved from

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Title: Food and Beverage Control

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1567 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need an overview of food and beverage control including: organization for management, fundamentals of contro, economics of the food and beverage industry, profit planning, break even analysis, payroll cost control, food costs formulas, the menu, menu pricing, food purchasing control,food recieving control,food storeroom control, food production control, sales and cash control, sales analysis, beverage and bar control, bar cost formulas, problems with bar operation and the law, and computers/technology. Also, I would like to expand on profit planning after the overview. Include how critical it is to the operation, and what some current trends are for analysing the profit-and-lose statement. The paper needs to contain 1)Table of Contents, 2)Introduction, 3)Body, 4)Footnotes and 5)Conclusion

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Title: Merton Industries

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1309 Sources: 1 Citation Style: None Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Case Merton Industries, The wholesale Distribution Decision will be sent to you via fax.

please only use this case template in writing this case:

•Case Preparation Format

1.Situation Review
· Define the problem
· List alternatives (controllable)
· Evaluate environment (uncontrollable)
· Key points re relevant information
· SWOT Analysis
2. Evaluation of Appropriate Alternatives
· Qualitative Analysis
o Some consistent, structured approach (benefits/disadvantages list, etc)
· Quantitative Analysis
o Pro Forma
o Payoff table
o Break even analysis
o Other quantitative tools as appropriate
3. Recommendation
· Strategy – clear statement of decision taken
· Action Plan - timing and implementation details
· Resource allocation – funds, people, etc as appropriate
· Pro-forma income statement showing impact of decision
· Controls – Strategic and Tactical

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Title: Marketing Planning Project

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2603 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

It is comprised of 3 questions.
Question 1 is worth 6 marks.
Question 2 is worth 6 marks.
Question 3 is worth 8 marks.
You are required to analyse the case scenario by answering the 3 questions set out. The 1,500 word paper (excluding appendices) will be assessed according to the following criteria:
• a clear definition and understanding of the problem;
• demonstrated research into the issues with appropriate references;
• use of strategic marketing theory in your analysis;
• insights into the particular issues under discussion;
• balanced and well-supported argument;
• logical conclusions and recommendations.
Case Scenario
You have been appointed as the marketing consultant for a private equity group which is considering investing in a newly-established, independent, on-line DVD rental venture. On-line DVD rental in Australia is reported to be a relatively untapped business sector with the potential for new ventures to capitalise on a multi-million dollar market.
The venture currently has access to a portfolio of approximately 18,000 movies and TV series. It is estimated that at least 5,000 new titles will be added in each of the next three years.
The estimated Year 1 development costs are as follows:

Marketing costs and subscriber acquisition $3,500,000
DVD library expansion $1,250,000
Technology development $650,000
Corporate expenses $300,000
Expenses related to capital raising $250,000
Contingency funds $125,000
Total: $6,075,000

Please answer the following questions as they relate to the case scenario detailed above. Use appropriate marketing theory to support your answers.

Question 1 6 marks
Quantify the size of the DVD rental market in Australia and identify the current trends and likely developments in this market. (Please support your answer with appropriate references.)

How will the identified trends and possible developments in the market affect the proposed venture?
Question 2 6 marks
Analyse and assess the industry competitiveness of the new venture.

Question 3 8 marks
Based on your assessments of the on-line DVD rental venture and of the industry, outline a marketing strategy for Year 1.

In order to complete the assignment formation of a marketing plan for the company will be required using the following format.

Marketing Plan - Model Format

1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Introduction'
3.0 Situation Analysis
3.1 Business Environment
3.2 Market Analysis
3.3 Competitor Analysis
3.4 Organisation Assets and Skills
4.0 SWOT Analysis
4.1 Strengths and Weaknesses
4.2 Opportunties and Threats
4.3 Implications of SWOT Analysis
4.4 Critical issues
5.0 Evaluation of Alternative Marketing Strategies
6.0 Objectives
6.1 Organisation Mission and Corporate Strategy
6.2 Company Product/Market Objectives
7.0 Recommended Marketing Strategy
7.1 Target Markets
7.2 Market Positioning
7.3 Marketing Mix
7.3.1 Product/service
7.3.2 Place
7.3.3 Price
7.3.4 Promotion (including promotional budget)
8.0 Economic Evaluation
8.1 Planning Assumptions
8.2 Forecast Sales (and market share) and Costs (capital, operating, marketing etc)
8.3 Forecast Profitability (or break even analysis)
9.0 Implementation and Control
9.1 Formal project plan for implementaion of recommendations
9.2 Monitoring of Action Plan
10.0 Contingency Plans
10.1 The best case scenario
10.2 Then worstcase scenario
End notes

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