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Title: Branding new service dominant logic

Total Pages: 50 Words: 12522 References: 50 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Branding: Branding theory has been developed mainly in the context of consumer products, yet most economies are characterized by companies selling services instead of products. Understanding how branding works in service markets is consequently, a priority.
Write a report in order to understand the process of evolution of the branding theory taking into consideration the “new”service-dominant logic.

Main Report of 12,000 words
Reflective Report of 3,000 words

Report Format
The AMP simulates the type of task that you will be asked to do when you are employed. The Main Report has a recognized format, which you should use.
- Title Page - Unit code, Topic
- Acknowledgement
- Table of contents ??" Use a consistent approach to numbering the sections of my report.
- Executive Summary- one side of A4 summarizing the key points of my report.
- Aims and Objectives ??" This should outline the way in which you are tackling the question set.
- Literature review, Analysis and Discussion ??" This is the main body of the report in which you demonstrate my ability to find, evaluate, analyses and synthesize information to produce an original piece of work.
- Conclusions ??" This is the section where you summarise the previous section in such a way as to clearly provide a response to the question posed in the topic you were given.
- Recommendations - If appropriate recommendations for action should be provided in this section.
- References ??" All sources from which you have quoted MUST be listed here in alphabetical order according to the Harvard referencing system.
- Bibliography ??" Sources which you have read but to which you have not made specific mention in my work should be listed here in alphabetical order according to the Harvard referencing system.
- Appendix/appendices

The report should be printed in Arial 12 pt, 1.5 line spacing and bound.

Knowledge and Understanding
- Should be able to autonomously analyse new and/or abstract data and situations using a wide range of techniques appropriate to the discipline(s) and to his/her own research or advanced scholarship
- Should be able to demonstrate a depth of acknowledge and a systematic understanding of his/her discipline(s),across specialist and applied areas, and be critically aware of and deal with complexity, gaps and contradictions in the current knowledge base with confidence.

Although the task is based on secondary data, there are numerous sources-academic journals, newspapers, trade press, government reports, and books-which the student can use as well as! The data may and probably will be contradictory. Students may deal with this by ignoring conflicting finding or by engaging in a debate to examine the reasons for the disparity.

Reflective Analysis Report
The following should be taken into account in compiling this report. Firstly, the analysis is not about demonstrating:
- How perfect you are
- How you’ve done everything perfectly well
- That others have let you down
Secondly, the analysis is about what you have learnt from the experience, both personally and as a group.

Reflection under the following headings might be considered.
a) Introduction
b) Recollection of experiences
- How the development process worked. Diarised recollection of key stages and ‘events’ in the development of both the literature review and the integrated marketing plan. Any particular internal crises or elements of enlightenment should be identified.
- In compiling this element, students are advised to keep regular and detailed diaries or logs.
c) Personal feelings and learning from the experience
- Personal feelings regarding the process and one’s own contribution to the experience. Identification of any specific personal problems either with content, process or other group members. Identification of how issues were resolved and over what time period.
- How, if at all, was my performance compromised by the actions of others? How might my actions have compromised the performance of others? Any other comments regarding personal feelings and learning.
d) Group dynamics and learning from the experience
- How did the group respond to the process? Identification of any problems with the group as a whole. How the group dynamic did evolved? How would the other members of the group have regarded you? What more might the group, or individuals within the group have done in solving the problem (S)? What value was gained from the supervisor consultations?
e) Lessons for future projects
- Identify up to 5 key lessons to improve your performance in future group activities and projects.
f) Conclusion
- General conclusions from the process.

You might also consider the following.
- Don’t rely on your memory: compile regular detailed progress logs
- Be prepared to discuss issues and feelings with other members of the group
- Prepare for some discomfort and ‘ hostile information’
- Through foresight and hindsight you can gain insight.

About my process for write the reflection.
I have 1 week for AMP class or Dissertation class from tutorial of faculty and got my topic and form group. My groups have 6 peoples during in class we change idea and brain storming about our topic to find the key point. After that we separated to do dissertation by individuals.
Point of topic have we got
- Global of branding service
- Brand Management
- Brand Strategies
- Brand Equity
- Value Chain


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Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: BRAND STRATEGY
A soft drink manufacturer is considering creating a brand for a new energy drink. Write a report on the benefits of developing a brand strategy. Focusing on communication theory itt should be a critical analysis of branding concepts and processes and communication strategies to successfully brand the new drink. Alos include a SWOT analysis.
Drink name....stimUL8

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Brand analysis

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1413 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Brand analysis of arm & hammer baking soda

History of the Brand - when was the brand established, how does the brand fit with the rest of the company, where is the product or products in the product life cycle, has the brand changed over time, have there been additions to the product line under this brand name, why, characterize the brand.

Marketplace/Competitive analysis - is this brand the market leader, if not, which brand or brands hold the leadership position. Why is this so? Is the market fragmented, in what ways do the brands compete. How has the company that makes your brand reacted to competitive threats, are there any threats looming, which market segments or segment does the brand target, why, has this changed over time, why/why not
How big is the marketplace in dollars, how has it grown or changed over time

Brand Equity - What accounts for customer relationships with the brand, is there brand loyalty? Why has it endured? If it is the market leader, why is it the leader? If you had to predict what will happen to the brand in the next five years, what would you say.

Be sure to include title page and bibliography/works cited page

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Brand Comparison

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2124 Sources: 4 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Brand comparison paper will consist of comparing two brands by same parent company. My choice of parent company is L'oreal that compares Maybelline and Lancome.
The paper needs to compare:
Target marketing strategy for both brands
Segmentation by demographics regards to age, gender, family life cycle, social class, ethnicity, and place of residence, psychographics, behavior, everything that applies.
Targeting method applied to both brands

Paper needs to be 7 pages of content excluding title page, reference etc.

Excerpt From Essay:

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