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Title: Bram Stoker Dracula book

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Essay Instructions: Bram Stokers: Dracula
a. Setting: Tell where the novel is principally set and briefly describe the major settings. Explain the importance of the setting to the story. Could the story have plausibly been set anywhere else? Please explain your answer.
b. Major characters: Choose two of the book’s major characters and describe their personality traits and moral qualities. What motivates their actions? When faced with situations that demand a moral decision, do they make good choices? Do they change significantly in the story? Please explain your answers.
C. Levels of horror: What levels of horror does the novel operate on? Please explain in detail, giving specific examples of terror, horror, and revulsion. Is there too much or not enough of one or more of the levels in the novel? Please explain.

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One of the most horrific aspects of Dracula is the aspect of familiarity turned terrific. Through using settings like Whitby and London, settings that seem familiar and comfortable, Stoker establishes that horror and terror can occur anywhere. Similarly, by using ordinary characters like Jonathan, who goes on an ordinary business trip to another part of Europe, and Dracula, who seems like an ordinary, older man, and involving them in unspeakable terror, Stoker makes readers understand that anyone and anything can be terrifying -- a horrific concept.


Dracula." (2006). Retrieved June 22, 2008, at

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Title: Bram Stoker's novel Dracula

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Essay Instructions: Minimum of six secondary sources-Bram Stoker's Dracula is primary.

I will send a fax later today, it will be titled, Bram Stoker's novel,

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Title: literature

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Essay Instructions: The Works Cited page will be according to MLA reference format. This should be a persuasive, critical essay on Bram Stoker''''s Dracula. The paper should include an arguable thesis, not just a report. Bram Stoker''''s Dracula should be analyzed according to one or several critical approaches. The opening paragraph will indicate the topic and your critical perspective on it. There should be a hypothesis on which to build.
References should include at least on book, excluding the primary text. One on=line citation may be used, but any more (such as on-line print journals) may only be used if they are exactly reproduced from the text, so the reference is to the journal only.

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Bronte. C (1993) Jayne Ayre Penguin Classics. London Kramer, H & Sprenger J. (1486, 1986 edition) Ed Montague Summer: Malleus Malleficarum (hammer of the Witches) A Classic Study of Witchcraft: Arrow Books. London Leatherdale, C. (1985) Dracula the Novel and the Legend: a study of Bram Stoker's Gothic Masterpiece. Aquarian Press. Wellingborough.

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Anonymous (2001)History of Blood[online] accessed at

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Cinematic reference

Bram Stokers Dracula (1992) Produced by Francis Ford Coppola. Warner Brothers Productions

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Title: Dracula

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Essay Instructions: The book is Dracula by Bram Stoker (Revised Edition) ISBN -x Penguin Classics Copyright 2003.

Answer the following set of questions in an essay form. Make sure that you have a thesis and that you answer all of the questions within the set. Any reference used must be cited by page number and author.

What does Stoker tell us about Victorian attitudes towards women through his characters? How do his observations echo either Gisborne or Mill (or both) on the role of women in modern European society?

Gisborne and Mill readings are sent to you via e-mail.
There are faxes for this order.

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Gisborne, Thomas. "Enquiry into the Duties of the Female Sex." Early Liberal Thought and Practice. 100-106.

Mill, J.S. And Harriet Taylor. "Essays on Marriage and Divorce." Early Liberal Thought and Practice. 106-121.

Stoker, Bram. Dracula. (Revised Edition). New York: Penguin Classics, 2003.

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