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Though the character is remarkably static for a major character -- he is meant to be seen as completely evil -- he is worth studying as a major character in regards to the origins of his evil and immoral behavior.

On the other side of Dracula, Van Helsing, Dracula's foil is portrayed as an older, educated man who is, nonetheless, moral. While Dracula and Van Helsing share many characteristic, including education and well-mannered social skills. Although Van Helsong changes by the end of the novel, considering Dracula committed to his moral and religious beliefs, Van Helsing offers an interesting contrast to the spectrum of character.
Levels of Horror

One of the most horrific aspects of Dracula is the aspect of familiarity turned terrific. Through using settings like Whitby and London, settings that seem familiar and comfortable, Stoker establishes that horror and terror can occur anywhere. Similarly, by using ordinary characters like Jonathan, who goes on an ordinary business trip to another part of Europe, and Dracula, who seems like an ordinary, older man, and involving them in unspeakable terror, Stoker makes readers understand that anyone and anything can be terrifying -- a horrific concept.


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