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Title: San Dollar Boat Charters

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Essay Instructions: Deliverables:
1. Read the Case Study.

2. Engage in relevant research.

3. Answer the questions at the end of the case.

4. You may work together during the research phase, however all suggestions,
analysis, and recommendations must be original and done by yourself.

5. Your report should be between 6-8 pages, double-spaced, and in PDF format.

Case Study Questions:!
1. What are the specifics of this industry that may present barriers to entry?!

2. Assuming that there is no significant debt to worry about, what kind of pricing strategy would you use for this kind of company?!

3. Should there be different strategies in place for New Smyrna Beach and Key Largo? If so, what should these strategies consist of? How are these locations different from each other? How are they similar? !

4. Understanding that it is not likely possible to conduct a sufficient IFEM in this amount of time, you are tasked to ONLY conduct an EFEM. What is the EFEM score for these markets? Conduct and EFEM for both New Smyrna Beach & Key Largo
(one for each location). Explain the scores for each.!

5. One of the key elements in a SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS is ?knowing where you?ve been?. Since this is a new company, there should be much more attention spent on ?where you are? and ?where you would like to be?. Take a look at these last two elements and explain your thoughts, and recommendations. !

6. What other suggestions do you have for Sand Dollar Charters?

Sand Dollar Charters

?Sand Dollar Charters is the number one Boat Rental Company in New Smyrna
Beach. We offer our customers a boat rental to fit all their needs. Whether it is a Offshore Boat Rental, Bay Boat Rental, Flats Boat Rental, or Deck Boat Rental, Sand Dollar Charters boat rental has you covered.?


About The Company
Do you want to rent a boat while visiting Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, or New Smyrna Beach? Whether your on vacation or live here, why limit yourself to having only one type of boat? We are one of Florida's best Boat Rental Companies. Some days you are in the mood to relax with family and friends at a sandbar and other days you are in the mood to be fishing with the guys? Ever try to go wake boarding or waterskiing on a motor yacht, or even scuba diving or snorkeling from a
fishing boat?!

The point is there are different types of boats for different purposes and at Sandollar Charters we offer a wide variety of boat rentals. We are located in New Smyrna Beach which is just south of Daytona Beach and on the coast outside Orlando. We have everything from rigged out fishing boats to inlet sleepers.!

And don?t forget, when you arrive at Sandollar Charters, your boat is always ready to go. When you return, just throw us the keys and we?ll take care of the rest.!

Which Boat is Best?

A company that chooses this type of business has some difficult decisions to make. Here are the three major options Sand Dollar Charters offers.

Pontoon Boat: A pontoon is more of a pleasure boat. Slow moving, easy to control, and it fits a lot of people. You can relax for a nice day on the water while you fish,
have lunch, or just lounge around.

Offshore Fishing Boat: Want to catch the big fish? You will need to get out beyond the breakers! An offshore fishing boat will allow you to go many miles away out into the ocean. Sturdy, safe, and plenty of room, we also offer the service of a captain if you need it.

Inshore Fishing Boat: An inshore fishing boat will allow you to move around at higher speeds than a pontoon boat, while still being able to enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying close to home.

While it is certainly ideal for a company to offer different kinds of boats to its customers, which is biggest ?bang for your buck?? How does a new company
decide how many to purchase? How does a company decide WHICH boats to purchase?

Some additional company details

New Smyrna beach - 6 boats!
Key largo location - 4 boats, 3 wave runners and 2 motorcycles. ! !

New Smyrna beach --- been in biz for one year!
Key Largo ---------- been in biz for 2 months? just got down there! !

300 dollars for full day -- 200 dollars for half day the customer is responsible for gas. We take care of oil which is minimal and they can take boat on trailer to their location free of charge if they have a vehicle to tow with. we will drop off at location for customers. If location is 30 miles or further we will charge a 100 dollar fee. ! !

Day Rental is from 8 am to dark which separates us from our competition. All other companies make the customer have boat in around 4pm, so the additional time on water seems to be a value to customer. We do have a half day rental and it?s 4 hours which we stick to. We tell them ?hey you can pay 200 for 4 hours or 300 for 10 hours? to try and get them! into a full day.! !

We will accommodate any time frame. When customer wants boat, we let them have it, So if the customer picks up at 6 am on a full day rental, the value is really good. 6 am to dark. ! !

Not really any issues on this. On busy weekends we have had to turn a few people down because of no boats available, but not often! !

Only difference is 285 for full day in the keys and the half day rate in the same. Wave runners in keys are 65 dollars a hour. Motorcycle rentals are 155 for the day. ! !

We do not own docks.! !
New Smyrna location -- currently we have a agreement with a location where we keep all boats in the water we pay them 30 percent. this includes water slips for all boats, they handle all customers when they come to location as far as having customer fill out contracts, walking customers to boats and going over operation of boats and safety and they take all payments. In addition to that we keep all boat related info in store front location.! !

Key Largo - Very different situation. Since we just got down there and are testing waters,! we currently rent a parking lot where we keep all boats, wave runners and motorcycles, so they would either call us or see our location or driving down the road and stop in.

Boats run $300 a day plus gas
After you become a regular customer (one rental a month)
we can rent at $200 a month
Or you can join our "Boat Club" which allows Member to have 52 rentals per year at $3500 ($1000 deposit)
Member can use rental days in either location Key Largo New Smyrna Beach
Inquire by email or phone for more details Don / Joel
Pontoons / Center consoles - New Smyrna Beach
Center consoles - Inshore / Off Shore - Key Largo
Wave Runners - Key Largo
(List is subject to change)
All rentals DO NOT include FUEL FEES
& Require a 24 HR notice please

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: According to Page and Connell (2009), event tourism has become a major growth industry as many destinations seek to promote and develop events to create a sense of the unique and unusual, and an ambience which seeks to portray the destination in an exciting light to potential visitors. Choose one of the following events and use this event as a case study, to explore the potential effects, roles and significance of this event in boosting the international competitiveness of the country’s tourism industry.

1. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show (England);
2. Sighisoara Medieval Festival (Romania);
3. Songkran (water) Festival (Thailand);
4. Kerala Boat Race (India); or
5. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (England)

PS.Please send me before Tuesday 24th April 2012 because I have to submit before 4.00 PM in UK time. Thank you very much

There are faxes for this order.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: one of the 3 in directions

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1283 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: PLEASE HAVE Writergrrl101 write my essay for me... thanks.

Format: The final draft of this essay is to be a minimum of nine-hundred well-developed and substantive words, double-spaced in MLA Style. For more information on MLA, see section 46 of the Little, Brown Handbook (LBH). On page 715, section 46c, you will see an example of how to set-up the first page of a document in MLA format. Emulate that example. A cover page is not required. Make sure that your paper conforms to the margin settings for the text of the paper as well as the header. Use Times New Roman, size 12 font. Do NOT use justified margin. Do NOT skip any extra lines. All pages should have a header that includes your last name and the relevant page number. All direct quotes and paraphrases must have MLA style in-text citations. Your essay must include a Works Cited page that references the work(s) which is/are cited in your essay. For citing the primary source (the short story about which you are writing), use as a model example 25 on page 687 in the LBH: “A selection from an anthology (print).”

Write only in third person; no first or second person point of view is allowed (do not have “I” or “you” anywhere in your essay). Write about literature in present tense.

Title: Make sure your paper has an informative academic title. Don’t try to be too creative here. The title is your first opportunity to get into your reader’s head about what he should expect to read about in your paper. Here is where you begin to make promises to your reader that you deliver upon in the supporting paragraphs of the essay.

Don’t worry about the length of your title; in fact, in academic writing, longer titles tend to be better. Here is an example of what I am looking for: Childish Dependency: An Analysis of the Male-Female Relationship in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Notice that all important words are capitalized; nothing is put in italics or underlined; the only thing found between the quotation marks is Gilman’s published title. Notice that the title of the work as well as the author are both mentioned. Notice that it sets up a promise of what is to come in the paper: analysis from a feminist perspective.

The Introduction: For this essay, write an introduction that appropriately introduces the author and the title of the short story about which you are writing. Start your introduction with a brief, targeted synopsis of the story that leads logically into your thesis statement and plan of development, which concludes your introduction.

Supporting Paragraphs: Make sure that each supporting paragraph begins with a topic sentence that states the main idea of that particular paragraph. Make sure that all information within each paragraph is related to the main idea of that paragraph and that no irrelevant or unconnected information is contained in the paragraph. Make sure that the main idea of each supporting paragraph is fully developed, leaving nothing for your reader to infer about what it is you are trying to say. Don’t try to say it; say it!

Textual Support: USE IT! Incorporate text (dialogue, narration) from the story and the articles to illustrate and support the points you’re making in your essay; this lends credibility to your analysis when you back it up with evidence from the text of the story and with what other scholars have said about the story. Make sure that all textual evidence is effectively introduced, smoothly incorporated with your own writing, and fully elaborated upon as to how it illustrates the reason you chose to use it to begin with. You might need to go as far as describing: 1) who is saying the quote? 2) to whom is it being said? 3) in what context is it being delivered? and 4) what does it mean? Explain it. Elaborate upon it. Explain how it helps you make your point and supports your analysis.

The Objective: Use grammatically correct and articulate language to demonstrate in formal academic prose your in-depth thought in critically analyzing one of the following topics which will appear below these preliminiary instructions according to the date published in the Reading and Assignment Schedule.

Make sure you adhere to ALL of the instructions presented in the link above titled, "Essay 2 Preliminary Instructions."

You are to write your essay about one of the topics below related to one story which you were assigned to read during this first essay cycle. Choose only one of the following topics, NOT one about each story (900 words minimum essay length):

“Barn Burning”

Write an essay which explains and supports with evidence from the text of the story the following thesis statement: The main psychological story of “Barn Burning” is Sarty’s growing awareness of his father’s depravity and the boy’s internal struggle between blood loyalty to his father and a vague but noble ideal of honor suggested by the aristocratic Major de Spain. Sarty sees himself as an individual different from his father and kinfolk. By the end of the story he has achieved a difficult and tortured moral independence from his father.


“The Open Boat

Write an essay which makes a cogent argument, using textual evidence from "The Open Boat," that "A secondary theme of comradeship among the characters in the Crane's short story informs readers that all four men qualify for the title of hero." Be sure to also address Nature as the antagonist in this story, and contrast Nature with the "collective" of the men in the boat. Do they represent a microcosm of society? What point is Crane making?


"The Chrysanthemums"

Write an essay which proves the following thesis statement: In “The Chrysanthemums,” John Steinbeck uses Elisa’s dress and the fence surrounding the garden to show the many boundaries Elisa has imposed upon her life.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: The paper is to be five pages long (double spaced) and should present a clear thesis in a two-paragraph introduction that both states the thesis and anticipates the topics and conclusions you will discuss in defending that thesis. Please quote frequently from the primary texts in order to illustrate your thesis convincingly. Good writing counts.

Using the documents in the Realism and Naturalism section (pp.1732-1749), discuss either Stephen Crane's "The Open Boat,"
Willa Cather's "The Sculptor's Funeral"
Sherwood Anderson's "Hands" or "Mother."

Is the story you've chosen a work of realism or naturalism? In what ways is the story's theme or action consistent with the objectives of realism or naturalism?

Side Notes:
If it is a naturalism story that usually leads to determinism* - Professor.
Explain quotes relative to the thesis* - Professor.
MLA format.

The stories can be found online. If you like when you use quotes don't worry about the page number. I'll find them/put a page number beside the quote.
The book we use in class is, "The Norton Anthology - American Literature" Shorter Eighth Edition

Excerpt From Essay:

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