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Title: Film Blade Runner

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Essay Instructions: This Essay is to write an interpretive essay of the film Blade Runner in connection with Descartes' Meditations on First Philosophy.

Guidance: compose an interpretive essay on the film Blade Runner in connection with Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy. Specifically, try to show, in as convincing a manner as possible (that is, by making specific references to both the text and the film), how the film connects to the argument of the Meditations as a whole, as you wrote about in your essay on Descartes. You now have a general structure in place for the whole of the Meditations. See if you cannot link up the actual material in the film to this argument. A leading question that could help you actively do this would be to ask: how do the scenes in the film relate to the specific elements of the argument, that is, elements (i)??"(v) (as listed in the Descartes essay prompt)?

elements (i) - (v)
In connection with the following crucial elements of Descartes’ overall argument in
Meditations on First Philosophy, namely:
(i) The “Cogito”: “I think, I am” (pp. 23??"26)
(ii) The existence of God, proven in Mediation III from the principle of
“adequate reality” (pp. 34??"42)
(iii) The principle that “every idea that is clear and distinct is true” (p. 31)
Show in detail how Descartes arrives at the central issue of the whole book, contained in Meditations V and VI, namely: that (iv) “physical things exist” (p. 63), and that, therefore, (v) there is a real world external to his (or our) mind.

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Title: Blade Runner (movie)

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Essay Instructions: This is a report on human-computer interaction within the movie 'Blade Runner'.

The aim of the report is to:
-> Pick out all the different kinds of human-computer interaction within 'Blade Runner'
-> Describe in a few words what kind of interaction it is. Are humans driving the interaction or
are they reacting to the demands of the computer? (e.g. human interactions with 'replicants')

*Please note: the report needs to be specifically about the interactions within the movie.
Excerpt From Essay:

Erez, M. (2010). Culture and job design. Journal of Organizational Behavior. 31 (2-3) 389-400.

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Title: Blade Runner

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Essay Instructions:
1. How has LA Noir evolved from Double Indemnity (1944) to Drive (2011)? What characteristics from the golden age still exist and where can we see the transition to neo-noir? What other elements have been incorporated? You may want to consider the narrative and thematic significance of the car as well as the centrifugal space, the freeway and the post-war suburban sprawl that came to define Los Angeles. In your analysis, you should focus on at least 3-4 films and describe how these films represent important cultural, narrative, stylistic and thematic shifts. You must also support your ideas by incorporating and analyzing passages from Mark Shiel’s book, Hollywood Cinema and the Real Los Angeles.

For this one a 3 page essay would be good.
The videos are posted privately on Vimeo, the password for ALL of the links that I am going to give is: otis



The other 3-4 films: (you can choose)








2. In Hollywood Cinema and the Real Los Angeles, Mark Shiel writes, “The evolution of movie theater architecture in Los Angeles suggests a homology between it and the architecture of studio façades and sets (192). Please contextualize this quote with one of your theater visits to a historical theater in Los Angeles; however, you cannot write about the same theater that you chose for your research paper.

For this one I think a 2 page essay would suffice.
The historical theater that I am allowed to discuss are:
-The Regency Village Theater
-Arclight Theater Cinerama Dome
-The Vista Theater (Los Feliz).

The source that can be used:
- Movies that I posted
- Mark Shiel's "Hollywood and The Real Los Angeles"
- "Chinatown" essay by Robert Towne
Excerpt From Essay:

Cooray M. The Rule Of Law, viewed 30 May, 2011,

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