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The flaw that has compelled Batty and crew to murder is that a timer was built into the robots, which times them out on a certain year, day, hour. Batty is facing the end of his mortality, and, as is common to the human struggle in the face of its own mortality, he is looking to survive.

What is very interesting in this science fiction film is that technology is not used to detect the technological life of the robots as much as is a test of humanness, which is done through a series of questions to the "person," and answers. The only way to reveal the robotness of the person, if they are indeed a robot, is to ply them with a set of psychological teaser questions they must answer. If the question is so human in nature that the robot's own emotional experience cannot find the answer in its memory banks, then the robot will self-destruct in a sense, by revealing his or her self as not human by their inability to connect emotion to the experience.

So the true test of their roboticness lies not in the grinding of gears and technology that drives them - and, the assumption is that they are so human in nature that their bone and physiological structure is so closely in the image human as to make it virtually impossible to detect that way. Rather it is the betrayal of the very emotions that have been imbedded into them, that drives them to seek to be a part of the sociology of mankind that betrays them to the blade runners like Deckard.
One of the most striking and memorable scenes in the film is when Darryl Hannah as Pris poses in a workshop and she uses what she knows is her robotic abilities to take on the appearance of being non-human, an imitation, in order to avoid detection by Deckard. Then, she goes into action in an instinct driven mode for survival and performs a series of acrobatics that made this scene and this film famous, as she attacks Deckard.

The main themes in this film are humanity, what defines it, and how should humanity manufactured or otherwise, be preserved. Can mankind live with the product of his own creativity; this film would suggest not. That mankind would stand in competition - perhaps losing the competition - to his own creative endeavors. In the end, like Deckard, there is the suggestion that some humans might decide themselves to be so flawed as to give over to the more perfect creative side; although this is self-destructive, especially since the creative side has proven itself a force capable of destruction.

The film is indeed the psychological teaser it was designed was to be. It is one of Ridley Scott's finest….....

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