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Title: Happy Birthday Copyright

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Essay Instructions: include both in-text parenthetical citations and an end-of-text list of references.

The song ?Happy Birthday to You? has universal appeal. Almost everyone knows its lyrics and melody, and it is sung to millions of people on a daily basis. However, what many people do not know is that the song ?Happy Birthday to You? is copyrighted.
The song was written by two sisters from Kentucky in the late 19th century. They copyrighted the song many years later in the 1930s. Afterwards, the copyright to the song was sold for a large amount of money. Since then, the copyright to the song has changed hands several times. Nonetheless, the copyright still stands and is not set to expire for quite some time. As a result, any time the song is sung in a ?public performance,? the copyright holder is entitled to royalty payments, which bring in millions of dollars every year for the copyright holder.
You are an arbitrator who has recently been assigned to resolve a legal dispute between Bobby Bandleader, owner and operator of Bobby?s Bistro (a local restaurant), and Johnny Singstealer. Bobby Bandleader has always been a great lover of music and his restaurant is known for its musical offerings in which the staff periodically breaks into impromptu song, often led by Bobby himself. In fact, they are particularly well known for their birthday celebrations during which any customer celebrating a birthday with the Bistro Restaurant family is serenaded with Bobby?s own version of the classic ?Happy Birthday to You? song. Bobby?s version uses the same tune, but somewhat different wording than does the original song. He has perfected this version with over 20 years of singing it at the Bistro, and it is quite good now. Bobby?s rendition of the song is very popular with the locals and many people choose to come to Bobby?s Bistro on their birthdays specifically for this reason.
Unfortunately for Bobby, Johnny Singstealer recently got wind of the Bistro?s famous birthday activities. Johnny is the copyright holder of the ?Happy Birthday to You? song and he was outraged to learn that Bobby was singing his song to customers at the Bistro without paying any licensing fee to Johnny for the right to do so. Thus, Johnny and his team of lawyers have filed suit against Bobby Bandleader and Bobby?s Bistro Restaurant, seeking $1 million in damages for past and present copyright abuse, as well as an injunction against any further performances of the song by Bobby until a licensing agreement is in place. Both parties have agreed to submit the dispute to arbitration to save on the costs of going to trial.
You are the arbitrator in charge of resolving this legal dispute. You have been asked by both sides to render a verdict based upon your understanding of copyright law and the facts of this case. You are to decide what amount of damages, if any, Bobby Bandleader owes for singing the song in the past, and whether or not he can continue to do so in the future, absent reaching a licensing agreement with Johnny Singstealer. Please write a one-page ruling that details your answer and explains how and why you reached the conclusion that you did.
Bobby Bandleader, Bistro Operator

I should not have to pay any money. Everybody sings ?Happy Birthday to You.? It?s like a national tradition or something. Besides, my version is better anyway. I harmonize it a little bit and use some different words. It?s not even the same song; it?s much better. People love to come to my bistro to celebrate their birthday because they love how well I sing the ?Happy Birthday to You? song. If I have to stop singing it or start paying out a licensing fee, I won?t make as much money as I do now and I really don?t want that. Times are tough as it is and I know that if I have to pay out $1 million, I will have to shut down my restaurant. I worked hard to make my bistro a success and this lawsuit could ruin everything.

Johnny Singstealer, Copyright Holder

Bobby Bandleader and his bistro are robbing me blind--and have been for 20 years now. I?m glad I finally found out what he?s been doing. I inherited the copyrights to the ?Happy Birthday to You? song fair and square from my family and I want what?s coming to me. I need that royalty money from the song--it?s the only income I have and suing people to protect my rights is a full-time job in and of itself. I can?t afford for people to be able to sing my song without paying me my money. How else am I supposed to support myself?

Joe, Bistro Customer

I like the food at Bobby?s Bistro--it?s very tasty. I like the song ?Happy Birthday to You,? because it was sung to me by my mother every year on my birthday and I sing it to my kids on their birthdays. I think that people have a constitutional right to freedom of speech to sing whatever song they want to sing. However, I do believe that people should not be allowed to steal the copyright-protected works of others and perform them without paying a licensing fee.

Read the scenario summary above and prepare an essay rendering your decision. The components of a legal decision must include the following.

Factual Summary: provide a succinct and accurate description of the scenario at hand. Summarize the scenario to include all relevant facts.

Issue(s): Restate or summarize the question. What is the legal question you are going to answer?

Legal Concept(s): Identify and discuss one or more legal concepts from the course material when exploring the problem at hand. Define the legal concept(s) and explain how the concept(s) relate(s) to the given scenario.

Analysis/Conclusion: Analyze the factual scenario in relation to the legal concept in order to reach a well-reasoned conclusion. Be sure to apply the legal concept correctly toward solving the legal issue.

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Essay Instructions: I would like a 7-11 Min motivational Speech about the importance of Military Birthday Celebrations. I would like for it to inspire and motivate a crowd on the history and importance of the Military Birthdays. I would like for it to talk about the actual dates and maybe speak on one extremely important person that was important in the birth of each service. I need a really good attention step to open and then a keyword outline including purpose of speech. After out line a good summary and closing with maybe a famous quote in regards to military birthday history.

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Title: Ereth's Birthday

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Essay Instructions: Book report on "Ereth's Birthday" By Avi
The book report must list the following 4 items:

The book reviewer should explain what parts of the book's plot, characters, writing style, etc. were really excellent (strengths), and what parts of these same characteristics didn't work as well as they should have (weaknesses). What made them strengths or weaknesses?
-What would the reviewer change if they were the writer or better yet the publisher who published the book?
-What did they think made the book really outstanding? Was it just okay?
-What was its weakest part? What was its strongest part?
-To whom would they recommend it? (What kind of person would most enjoy it? What kind of person would hate it?)

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Essay Instructions: hi there
i am a man that came all the way from lebanon to the usa to work make some money and go back home . i was working as a sales man in my brother store in new york city i met a butiful girl in the store and i realy felt in love with her she was the first lady enterd into my heart after i meet this woman all my luck has been change to the better i become one of the best business man in nyc so we start datingand we been together for 7 years she was in colge then after she graduat i help her open up a store for her THEN SHE WAS A GREAT busines women as much i love this women i gave her any thing she ever wanted im a good looking guy good money good in bed all my heart and feeling i move up with her to uo state new york and we buy 3 houses cars make a good living anyway she olway say that she love me always be there we been together for seven years she open up facebook account she dont even have my picture in there open up a secret email adress she go some time shoping in la and i be runing the store here here family love me so much and she do too my family love her to she show me what love is but finaly i fount out this girld that i realy love to death is cheating on me but she dont know that i kno i am so heat deep in my heart she was my friend my love my evrything she is very matiral i dont understand any more the life we living a lot of pepole wish to live like us i gave her all the freedom cuz im open mind person and i dont want to heart her but she cheated on me i hate seen this woman cry becouse i loved her i would like to go away cuz i worn her beffor i tell her u could do any thing u want but dont cheat on me she say she will never do she love me and will never disrespect me
i dont kno what the fuck is going on she break my hear and her birthday is on the 18 so im taking her vication cuz i dont wanna mess up this celibration then after that i am gonna live away and i dont need nothing from here she can keep all the houses evry thing i buy for us i will be ok thanks wrrite me some thing from a heart person to the girl i thought we were in love together
thanks again i qolul like to have one page for birthday discrib how much i love her and in the second pay tell her the true about me knowing that she cheated on me and how much she hurt me and disrespect me just figer out something to me plz

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