Ereth's Birthday All Kids Get Term Paper

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There was a lot of action, and even though I felt it would end happy, I didn't know exactly what would be happening when. I also liked the way that Ereth changed in his personality -- becoming more caring and less selfish and concerned about his own needs. It shows how we can all learn our lesson by taking care of other people who need our help. It is not good to only think about oneself. It also showed readers that they should have more faith in their friends. They may think that they have been forgotten, but are not. People do care about them.

I have read other books by Avi for older youths and young adults, and I liked them better.
Even though the publishers wrote this book for younger kids (probably about nine or ten), I would have liked to read the same book written for older readers. Some of the humor is silly and for younger kids, too, like the made up words. I would recommend this book, but for kids under 11. Older kids may get too bored or think the writing for younger….....

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