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Title: the effects of bipolar disorder and the impact

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Essay Instructions: *APA literature review
*no option only Observation
* abstract is optional.
*one direct quote per page no more, can be less
Basically i want my paper to be on bipolar disorders and the effect of it and how it impacts the individuals life. After you write the paper of the observation from scholar reviewed articles or journals their must be a discussion of what you think or feel about the topic. THIS DISCUSSION IS THE ONLY PART WHERE YOU WILL PUT IN A OPTION!!!!

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Title: Bipolar disorder

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Essay Instructions: 17 page research paper on Bipolar disorders. This paper should include a history of bipolar disorders e.g. bipolar I, bipolar II and bipolar III. It should also include the different treatment modalities and their success/failures. The history of bipolar disorders should cover from its conception to current status. All references should be from reputable sources i.e. journals, literature reviews. Please have the paper and its references in APA format. Thank you

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Works Cited:


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Title: bipolar

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Essay Instructions: I picked bipolar disorder,manic episode with psychotic features. I have faxed the detailed information. THe case study should be in form of a paper and 12 pt font. APA format. There are 7 questions that you are to provide answers to the research questions. Also introduce the original case study into this paper. Be sure to look at the specfics of the case and discuss how the biological and genetic influences of that particular case fit in with what
you have researched on these aspects of the disorder. doubled spaced. use quotes sparingly
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Works Cited

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Title: Bipolar Disorder

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Essay Instructions: I would like to show if Bipolar Disorder is, or is not, inharetd and passed down to generations. I would also like to show if it is then how? and is it by the mother/maternal side of the family or the father/paternal side of the family. Dose it skip generations or is it unpredictaple who or when someone will develope bipolar Disorder. Also dose bipolar Disorder have anything to do with a persons enviroment (nature/nurture)and is their any natural or herbal way to control it. I need to have at least three peer reviewd sources articals, jurnals, books, one of the souces has to be my text book Psychology in Action 7th ed. by Karen huffman. I need a cover page and a reference page and references cited in the paper all of them have to be APA format. I will also be faxing a page to you that my professor gave me with some grading guidelines. Thank you for all your help.
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Bibliography (continued)


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