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Title: Biochemistry of hnRNA C and hRALY in Cancer and Normal Cells using northern blots analysis

Total Pages: 24 Words: 8906 Bibliography: 50 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I want to have a paper that talk about hnRNA proteins and cancer. I will provide the writer with some pdf files to look at to get the information from. I want the writer to has a degree in bochemistry or biomedical field and have done a research paper in biochemistry subject before.
I have done a research work for a few months in biochemistry lap. My research is the Analysis of hnRNA C and hRALY in Cancer & Normal Cells using northern blots analysis. I want to let you know some of what I want to be written in the thesis.

In the introduction write about the following:

1.Structure & function of hnRNP Proteins
2.Cancer Biology and hnRNP Proteins:
A.hnRNP A and B proteins and Lung Cancer:
B.any other hnRNA proteins that related to any other cancer:
C.The importance of hnRNP C and the discovery of hRALY (RNA-binding protein Raly) :
D.Are hnRNP C and hRALY functionally Equivalent?
3.Research Objectives :
Work in our laboratory has previously shown that….(I will provide you with the abstract of that thesis to know what it was taking about I will call the file 2008 work in our lap). Our research problem: All vertebrate cells have very high concentrations of a protein called hnRNP C in their nuclei. The function of this protein has remained elusive. It has been proposed to be involved in many cellular activities. Our study: 24 paired tissue samples from normal and tumor cells were screened for hRALY and hnRNP C expression. (Please write about importance of RNA in the protein synthesis since my research is based in measuring RNA amount of hnRNP C & hRALY in both cancer and normal cells).

In Method & Materials chapter
Please: note that I copy and paste these info. From & Thermo so, please write them in your own words
1.Chemicals, and other Biological Kits Reagents
North2South Chemiluminescent Hybridization and Detection

Total RNA Array

In the Results chapter
We obtained tow pictures one that sows the expressions of hnRNPC in the 24 paired cells and the other picture is for the expression of hRALY in the same 24 paired cells. In theses tow picture my advisor used an software to analyze and measure the intensity of the spots. The intensity of every spot was interpreted to numbers that show how much of the studied protein's RNA there is in that specific cell type. We found that there significant difference in the expression of some proteins in some cancer cells than the normal cells. That can be used cancer biomarkers that help dignose or even detect cancer before it is too late. (I have an power point file that present all theses information with the numbers).

In Discussion chapter :
Try to make this result appear to be very important and useful.

In Conclusion
Try to give very good summary and talk about biomarkers and give hint about future research ideas. Make clear that you know that the next step for that discovery is to look at the genetic point and see if this significant for these tow proteins.

And please use the standard guidelines below:
•APA citation style
•Times New Roman font
•12-point font size
•double-spaced text
•1-inch margins

I would like to have these free features:
1. Title Page* unnumbered
2. Thesis Defense Approval Form* unnumbered
3. Acknowledgement Page (to be empty): page i
4. Abstract* (100-250 word limit): page ii
5. Table of contents: page iii
6. List of figures and tables * page iv
7. Chapter one- Introduction: Begin with page 1. Number all subsequent pages 2, 3, etc.
8. Chapter Two- Literature Review
9. Chapter Three- Methods
10. Chapter Four- Results & Data Analysis
11. Chapter Five- Discussion
12. Chapter Six- Conclusions
13. Referenced cited: follow the sequential page numbering of the text

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Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Statement of Academic Purpose

Total Pages: 2 Words: 678 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This is a creative writing assignment, determined to be a hypothetical scenario of applying to an Biochemistry program. This is written as the view of a student to a board. The background information is as follows:
1. Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and minor in Psychology and Sociology.
2. Applying to Law school in Fall of 2015
3. Interested in Patent law (to be eligible to take patent bar, need science/technical background)
4.Therefore, purpose of Biochemistry pursuit is to broaden horizon and become applicable.
5. Also plan to take financial accounting as it will also expand opportunities in law field.

Focus mainly on interest in patent law connecting with biochemistry program. Feel free to add any relevant information pertaining to the course. This assignment is meant to be compelling and personal. It should address the purpose and interest in pursuing the program, how the program fits into the overall academic and/or professional goals, focusing in particular on the connection between the program and your academic and/or professional experience.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Theoretical perspective of the Biological approach to personality Psychology

Total Pages: 11 Words: 3177 References: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Topic Paper: Students are to choose the below personality approaches and provide a 10-15 page paper addressing the following:

(Theoretical perspective of the Biological approach to personality Psychology.)TOPIC

The paper must comply with APA Publication Manual guidance.

The Anatomy and Physiology of personality

The Brain and Personaility: Research Methods for studying the brain, The Ascending Reeticular activating system. the amygdala, the frontal lobes and the neocortex, the anterior cingulate, lessons of psychosurgery, brain systems.

Biochemistry and Personality:
The chemistry of the mind, Neurotransmitters, Hormones, Cosmetic pyshcopharmacology

The big five and the Brain:
The Five Factor Model is widely used personality assessment that describes five core traits that a person possesses:
1.Openness - degree to which people enjoy experiencing new stimuli
2.Conscientiousness - degree to which people are dutiful and goal-oriented
3.Extraversion - degree to which people seek stimuli outside of themselves
4.Agreeableness - degree to which people aim to cooperate and please others
5.Neuroticism - degree to which people are emotionally unstable

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Admission Essay for Pharmacy Application

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1793 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Hi, my name is Devin. I am currently in university applying for a pharmacy school in Canada. The application requires applicants to write an application essay, which I have already attached the questions at the bottom of this page. Each question has a word limit and should never exceed the limit. For question one, the role of pharmacist I believe is subjected to Canadian pharmacists only. So, it should be about the Canadian health care system not the US. And also I have visited a pharmacy and chatted with a pharmacist before, so this can be mentioned. For question two, I think it will be the best if I answered something related to health science to prove that ultimately, I am interested in helping others with medical injuries. Or, it could be anything else if that would make me a mature and smart applicant. For the last question, it would be nice if the essay shows maturity as well as a sense of decency in a well constructed way. The goal of this essay is to demonstrate maturity in applicants as well as their interests and knowledge about pharmacy. It would be nice if the style of writing could show that. If you need anything please email me at . Thank you.

Here are some personal information that might help to personalize this essay.
I am 20 years old and speak 3 languages: English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. English is my first language. I like to read in my free time and i was in the swimming team back in High School. I am in third year of honours biochemistry.

1. Explain what you believe the role of the pharmacist is within our health care system. Include details as to how you have come to better understand this role. (MAX 500 words)

2. Besides pharmacy, indicate another career path that you have considered. Explain why that field would interest you. (MAX 200 words)

3. How would do you handle a severe personal disappointment? For example, what if you entered into a professional program and, despite your best efforts, poor academic performance led you to be required to withdraw from the program? (MAX 170 words)

4. You and Heather are assigned to contribute equally to a 2 part project worth 65% of each student’s course grade. You decided that each of you would handle one part each and then combine it into the final project. Your part was graded to be 55% and Heather’s was awarded a grade of 95% and you each achieved a grade of B in the assignment. Your final grade in the course was C-. After the final examination you read a journal article containing several paragraphs that were a word-for-word duplicate of Heather’s entire contribution. She refused to speak to you about it when confronted but did say that if you told anyone she would say that you wrote that section. Discuss the issue, the implications to you and what you would do next and why. (MAX 680 words)

Excerpt From Essay:

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