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Essay Instructions: Part D: Leadership and Organizational Structure about BEST BUY

? Conduct and present research that evaluates the leadership style fostered in this organization.
? Provide examples of both its effectiveness and ineffectiveness.
? Describe how leaders are (or are not) nurtured and developed in this organization
? Analyze the organizational structure and its impact on leadership

Abstract, Purpose Statement, Situation, key issues, define the problem, alternative solution, selected solution, implementation/recommendation, conclusion, references

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Essay Instructions: Your paper should be a description of the retailer Best Buy and its current strategy (Part I)
Followed by an analysis of the retailer?s current problems (Part 2)
All of these are brands that have been successful for many years. All of them have made changes reacting to new environmental threats and opportunities. All of them are lagging in sales and considered in danger of shrinking or closing.
For the research, I want you to use sources from the business press, such as the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, Forbes, Advertising Age, Chain Store Age. You can find links to these publications on the left side of the Marketing and Management Department page on the TAMUC Library?s online page, listed under Recommended Periodicals.
After you have found several current articles (2011 or 2012 only) you may supplement with information from the retailer?s website or from major newspapers. Be aware that most businesses want to make the best possible impression with potential customers and shareholders, so they won?t release much information that portrays them in a negative light. Thus you may find some factual information about the company but you won?t find much criticism or sharing of information about their problems. All articles must be cited in the bibliography section using APA format for citations
Part I Retail Strategy
A. Target market information (describe which market segments the retailer is trying to satisfy using geographic, demographic, lifestyle, buying situation or benefits sought as descriptors)
B. Competitors (both direct and indirect competitors)
C. Retail Format
a. Retail mix
b. Pricing policy
c. Advertising and promotion strategies used
Part 2 Analysis of Current Problem
A. What has changed in the environment to cause the problem?
B. How has the retailer tried to respond to these changes?
C. How serious are the threats?

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Title: Best Buy Company

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1363 Works Cited: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Fortune 500: In-depth BUSINESS study

Complete a report (with a minimum of five pages) for best buy company using the directions provided below. (Notice that there are at least 10 points to be covered in at least four separate and flowing paragraphs; be certain to use the language of business ??" appropriate jargon or all business terms -- in your report.)
1. Go to and select the company from the FULL LIST bar on the right hand side
1. Identify how that company is listed and under what letters it is trading in the stock market (e.g., the symbol used)
2. Identify or determine the industry that this company belongs (e.g., auto, aircraft, beverage, etc)
3. Identify who are its competitors (the firms producing/selling similar products and services, or are very likely to do so with a new product that will displace a major money earner for the company you are studying)
4. Identify the CEO of the company (Find out whether s/he came from another company and/or another country.) Find this by calling the company from its “Contact us” section on its website, reading company stories, etc). Identify the balance of the management team, the sections (divisions) of the company
5. Identify how the company recruits, trains and develops its employees. Is there a labor union presence? If so, what role does the union play company life?
6. Identify and/or determine the company’s use of IT (information technology)
7. Identify last year’s profit level (At the end you need to make a statement that given today’s business climate and market conditions ??" an industry perspective would be great -- whether or not your company can expect to see an increase in sales and profitability.)
8. Clarify what strategy the company is using. Identify last year’s revenue figures (At the end you need to make a statement that granted today’s business climate and market conditions ??" an industry perspective would be great -- whether or not the company selected can expect to see an increase, an uptick or a decline in revenue in the fourth quarter)

9. Go to or

2. Nature and Structure of Company:
1. Go the company’s website: Use “Contact Us” ??" if necessary -- to
2. Identify on which stock market the firm is listed
3. Copy the graph into your report, giving the trading price of the stock over a range of at least four weeks. Make logical and reasonable comments on: (a) the behavior of the stock price; and (b) what may have caused that performance (up or down). These should be based too, on online stories/articles from the resources given (extra credit for reasonable/credible statements).
4. Identify whether the company is (a) a conglomerate, (b) a holding company, (c) a subsidiary, or (d) an MNC (multinational corporation) or an MNE (multinational enterprise).
5. Identify the full range of products and/or services that this company produces
3. Stakeholders:
1. Identify who are its suppliers and vendors (whether or not there are strategic partnerships or alliances between them for JIT production)
2. Identify who are its customers, clients and so on (broadly and/or specifically ??" in B2B relationships)

4. Outlook for the future:
(Theme: Sales, profitability, and sustainability)
1. Competitiveness
2. Identify potential competition for the firm ??" products, services, new technologies and upcoming firms that you can identify (Extra credit)
3. Identify potential competitive products (new products being developed or those that are already on the market ??" from the online articles using the online sites, e.g., Forbes, Businessweek, Wall Street Journal,,,,, ) for the firm (Extra credit). Determine according to product life cycle theory, at what stage of the cycle any of its products or its main products are.
in addition to a copy of stock market performance over a reasonable time period.

Go to:
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Best Buy Company

Total Pages: 3 Words: 781 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Hello,

I want you please to write about Best Buy company in 3 pages, 12 Times New Roman font. We are doing group project for accounting course and my part is going to be the Introduction. I want you please to write introduction by the following:

* What is Best Buy: Brief description of the company.
* General condition of the industry (Retail/Tech Retail)
* Analyst view on industry
* Future trends of industry


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