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Title: health benefits of exercise

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  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: i need a persuasive speech on the health benefits of exercise
with the thesis ststement st the end of the intro. it should be 3 pages long,with at least 6 cited works from internet,
journal and a book source.
Excerpt From Essay:

Fentem, P.H. ABC of Sports Medicine: Benefits of exercise in health and disease. British Medical Journal. Vol: 308; pp: 1291-1295. 14 May, 1994.

Health benefits of Exercise. Retrieved From

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Title: The Psychological and Physiological Effects of Exercise on the Mind and the Body

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  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Format: APA/Reference Page: Need the first page of each referenced attached. ( 5 references minimum) 6 page paper min.

1. Stress Reduction: How does exercise along with social support, positive attitudes, personality, a nd other factors affect the stress response?

2. Anti-Anxiety Effects: What effect does exercise have on anxiety? What effect does the post-exercise period have on anxiety levels?

3. Anti-Depressant effect: What effect does exercise have on mild, transient depression? What effect does exercise have on severe depression? How does exercise affect moods?

4. Explain the physiological effects of exercise on the Immune System, Cardiovascular System, and Nervous System.
Excerpt From Essay:
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Title: Exercise as a child and the effects it has on adult life

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  • Words: 3056
  • References:10
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: This paper is on the effects exercise as a child has on their adult life. It should show the benefits of exercise and the risk involved for someone without exercise. It should take into consideration what roles sports play and what kind of influence their parents played, etc. What kind of role does the where someone is from play on the importance of exercise. What are the social effects of exercise. What does the type of school system play on exercise.

The following is an outline for the paper.

II. Childhood
a. Sports
i. Parental influence
ii. Peer influence
b. Exercise
i. City
ii. Rural
iii. Environmental factors
c. Social effects
i. School systems
1. home school
2. public school
3. private school
ii. Self esteem
d. Education
i. Importance of exercise
ii. Importance of healthy eating
III. Adulthood
a. Exercise
i. Community factors
ii. Family status
b. Career choice
i. Desk job vs. active job
ii. Number of hours a week working
c. Healthy eating
d. Diseases
i. Obesity
ii. Heart disease
iii. Diabetes
e. Life expectancy
i. Active
ii. Non active
Excerpt From Essay:

American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Public Education. (2001). Media violence. Pediatrics, 108, 1222 -- 1226.

Dennison, B.A., Straus, J.H., Mellits, E.D., & Charney, M.D. (1988). Childhood physical fitness tests: Predictor of adult physical activity levels? Pediatrics, 82 (3), 324-330.

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