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Title: Baroque and Rococo Art Lecture Paper

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Essay Instructions: Baroque and Rococo Art

The Assignment:

You are an important art critic / historian, dividing your time between Paris and London, working as a private consultant for several international clients. You are also a guest lecturer at many universities, museums, foundations and galleries. In short, you are in great demand for your singular expertise in European art of the 17th and early 18th centuries.

An international consortium of wealthy patrons of European art has asked you to present a lecture for its members at an undisclosed but remote castle or estate or other fancy pants destination somewhere in Europe during its annual meeting. You must send this consortium your personal list of the five most important art works of the Baroque period with a brief description of each work, the artist who made it, and why it is one of only 5 in the best of the best of Baroque art. In turn, they will arrange to have all five works brought to the location on loan simply for your lecture.

In choosing and writing your list, remember that, although these patrons are wealthy, globally influential and educated, they haven’t had time to earn a degree in 17th century European art. But you have. So you need to keep it simple and just tell them in plain (but grammatically correct) English why these five art works are the Top Five in Baroque Art.

Here’s what your submitted list will look like:

Page / Section 1:
Short List of Top Five Works. Include full name of artist with birth and death dates, the title hyperlinked to an image of the work, the date of the work, and the medium.

Page / Section 2 (and maybe 3, if you write a lot):
Five paragraphs offering a concise, well-written analysis describing the work and why it is one of the Top Five Baroque Art Works Ever. This will obviously be single-spaced. These are busy executives ??"they don’t like long and wordy memos. Keep it simple and make sure every word counts.

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Baroque art movement in and throughout various European countries social and religious connections

Total Pages: 9 Words: 2380 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Hello, my name is Samuel Mendizabal. I am asking you to write a 10 page Annotated Bibliography for me. THIS IS NOT an essay! My history professor wants us to do research, rather than writing. He said we could choose any topic having to do with European history after 1640. All I need is a well researched annotated bibliography on the Baroque movement (in painting) throughout various European countries and its social and religious meaning. Particularly French, Dutch, British, and Italian painting. I can't specify the exact format, but my professor provided me with an example page that I will e-mail you immediately. Also, (and this is just a safeguard for me) in order to make sure that I receive a completely original paper I ask that you use, cite, and summarize at least 8 of the following as primary sources (the first three are required):
1) "Gardner's Art Through the Ages" (11th edition is preferable) by Kleiner, Mamiya, and Tansey.
2) "Larousse Encyclopedia of Renaissance and Baroque Art", General Editor Rene Huyghe
3) "Baroque Art: a Topical Dictionary", by Irene Earls
4) "Painting in Britain 1530-1790" by Ellis Waterhouse
5) "Baroque", by John Rupert Martin
6) "Principles of Art History" by Heinrich Wolfflin (please provide an english translation such as the one by M.D. Hottinger)
7) "In the Night of Caravaggio", (actually this is a catalogue of an exhibit by Trafalgar Galleries, this one is optional actually and any book on Caravaggio will do)
8) "Baroque Bodies", by Mitchell Greenberg
9)"The Twilight of the Medici: Late Baroque Art in Florence, 1670-1743" (once again this was an exhibit by the Detroit Institute of Arts, and the Institute is listed as the Author)
10) "The Age of Baroque", by Michael Kitson
11)"Baroque Painting in Genoa", by Gabriele Finaldi (this one ought to be good for looking at a specific nation in transition and the importance of its national art)
--- ONE LAST THING, I know these are not enough resources to fill ten pages (since each one only requires a one paragraph summary) as a bibliography, and you will be required to fill in the rest, including secondary resources from these books. Keep in mind that I live in Los Angeles, and it is most likely that I would use books that are available at my local University libraries (my professor is likely to check).

Cal State L.A.:
The L.A. Community college library system also has a catalog and various links:

Please make sure the books you eventually reference are available in any of these databases (if some of them are not, that's ok, but most of them should be). DO NOT include the info on which library they can be found anywhere on the bibliography. I'll check that myself. Like I said, I will send an e-mail attachment I will send will show the format.
Thank you,

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Resource My Humanities Kit? on the student website.
Write a 350- to 700-word paper outlining the differences between Baroque and Classical music.
Listen to several pieces of Baroque period music and Classical period music. Then choose one piece of music from each period to compare.
Find and listen to the Baroque period piece Pachelbel?s Canon in D major.
From My Humanities Kit? listen to additional Baroque music?such as Bach?s Brandenburg Concerto, or Handel?s Water Music.
From My Humanities Kit? listen to Classical music?such as by Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven.
Address the following aspects:
Is there a difference in the size of the orchestra and the use of instruments?
Comment on some of the elements of composition in each piece: sound, rhythm, melody, harmony, tonality, and texture.
What mood does each piece suggest to you?
Conclude with some reflections on how both pieces differ from modern popular music.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Title: Baroque vs Rococo

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2598 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: total of 8 pages; citations include:One full footnote (author, title, publisher,etc.)the first time you site an author (just the first author), after that the parenthetical form may be used-dont mix styles-be consistant after the first footnote. Be generous with citations.

topic: no biographies; comparison of two artists and thier time period. Baroque Art with Annibale Carracci vs. Rococo with William Hogarth: discuss similiarities/differences between the artists: only discuss two works of each artist,paintings,compare their styles and techniques; similarities/differences between rococo and baroque

research materials: use at least 4 books or articles, minimum-then may use the internet-do not use survey texts such as Gardener or Janson, except as secondary sources. include a works cited page and cite everything

Excerpt From Essay:

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