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Again, the piece does not shirk on color, spreading the artwork to give Marie de Medici a glorious entrance. The dark golds and the light blues, and even the deep red carpet on the plank give this painting vivid movement.

Gentileschi's Judith Slaying Holofernes moves on to the violent once again, though unlike the Rape of the Sabine Women, the colors are much darker, the action even more dramatic and ominous. This is quite a graphic scene, as it is a still of Judith cutting Holofernes' head off with a short sword. Meanwhile, her maid assists in the execution. The shading and the light make this painting breathe with life, almost like a photograph taken just as the crime was taking place.

We stray from the violent and return to a more humorous piece; Velazquez's Los Barrochos. Two of the drunks are looking straight at the viewer, perhaps inviting them to come join them or smiling impishly because they are in possession of what the viewer does not have. Either way, the merry scene shows a beautiful use of colors and movement.
The men are celebrating, and the drinks are certainly not running out anytime soon.

Lastly -- though not at all the least important -- we come to Bernini's David, a marble sculpture gracing the Borghese Gallery in Rome. The David is of great importance, as it shows another scene in mid-action. Here, David is on the verge of fighting the terrible giant Goliath, and is either about to load his sling or in the process of swinging it. The intensity of his face shows the seriousness of the matter, the concentration of the aim and the swing. The sculpture itself shows a great tension,….....

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