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Essay Instructions: Assignment Task- Financial Crisis vs. Economic Crisis

Words: 1000

Global financial stability has been shaken and America is facing a growing economic crisis that could make the 1930s look like “good times.” The U.S. banking system is on the verge of disaster, as banks have recorded over $100 billion in losses, with hundreds of billions more forecasted. Simply put, America’s banks are staring into a financial abyss.
On the other hand, the economic and financial storm in the northern hemisphere is bound to affect Australia as well.

Investigate and discuss the current banking crisis. What were the main contributing factors that led to the crisis, and what have been the banks’ responses to alleviate it?

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Title: E Business

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1436 Bibliography: 8 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Please address one by one, separately, each one of these questions with supporting bibliography:

• We have experienced financial market meltdown and global banking crisis. Why is e-commerce important in these difficult economic times?
• Why is it important to conceptualize consumers' perceptions of e-commerce quality?
• Why is there a relationship between Information Technology and e-commerce leadership?
• Why a systemic approach to e-commerce may lead to the success of an organization or company?
• How Information Technology contributes to effective learning communities?
• What leadership skills are needed to manage a virtual team?
• How has telecommunications changed the work environment?
• What are the main challenges that e-commerce organizations face in the customer services arena?

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Title: Canadian us financial crisis

Total Pages: 2 Words: 690 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: It is a group paper based on Canadian banking crisis and compare it to US banking crisis. My responsible part is describe the 2008 U.S financial crisis : it should has three parts. 1. the cause of the US crisis .2 the solution of the crisis.( any change of the US banking system and what they have learnt. 3.(the big part) related US banking crisis to the Canada banking system and write why Canada was not strongly influenced by the U.S banking crisis even if the two market are so related to each other.
Please write FULL two pages because its a group work and accurately divided work. THANK YOU very much.

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Essay Instructions: Request for Bolavans!

AIM: Select one of the issues listed below and undertake an in-depth analysis of the topic. These issues are related to contemporary topics in international business. You are expected to undertake further research into the underlying theories and concept relating to this topic in the academic literature.

Topic: International Business

Assessment format: Essay style
Word limit: Maximum 2500 words

Assignment Brief & Requirement:

Research Project:

Where the students are required to select one of the current issues listed below and undertake an in-depth analysis of the selected issue. The purpose of this research project is to keep in touch with current developments in international business and analyze these issues in terms of theoretical concepts and other studies discussed in the text (International Business). International business operates in a dynamic environment and a deep and thorough understanding of current developments in this field will help the students in understanding these issues in a contemporary perspective.

Research Project Questions:

This project provides students with the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of a contemporary issue of importance in international business. Research along these lines will help the students to learn to identify the relevant literature and to analyze these issues in a constructive manner.

The students are required to select one of the following issues for analysis.

1. Impact of International Business and Globalization on the Singaporean Economy.

2. The ‘Current International Banking Crisis’ and its link to International Business

3. The Relevance of Culture to the conduct of International business.

4. The future of global financial institutions, namely IMF and World Bank.

Requirements for the Research Project :
Students are required to select one of the issues listed above and undertake an in-depth analysis of the topic. These issues are related to contemporary topics in international business. You are expected to undertake further research into the underlying theories and concept relating to this topic in the academic literature. Students may discuss these issues in relation to their home country or local region but in the case you want to discuss a narrower aspect of issues, it is advisable to discuss the modification of the issues with your tutor or lecturer. The research articles may come from overseas sources too but they should be in English. You are then required to write a comprehensive paper discussing the issue selected and your findings/recommendations. This paper should not be more than 2500 words and should use the format outlined below.

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Assessment Criteria
There is no right or wrong answers for these issues. You are free to adopt any line of analysis, but try to justify your analysis on the basis of your research supported by proper referencing.

*Use tables and diagrams where appropriate and label them carefully.

*The list of references should be in alphabetical order and consistently presented. In case, you have obtained the documents from the Internet, please also mention the date of your visit to the site.

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