At the center of technology's contributions to learning is the enablement of long-term retention of abstract, often complex concepts that are not intuitively gasped through more traditional learning methods. The ability to create technology-based learning platforms that enable greater levels of autonomy, mastery and purpose are critical for getting students at any level to their educational goals (Vigentini, 2009).


Vigentini, L. (2009). Using learning technology in university courses: Do styles matter? Multicultural Education & Technology Journal, 3(1), 17-32.

What leadership skills are needed to manage a virtual team?

For a virtual team to excel, the leader must strive to move beyond transactional or short-term management strategies to embrace transformational leadership. This makes the overall direction of a team much more unified and focused on a common goal. Transformational leaders of virtual teams also have the ability to instill trust by creating many opportunities for collaboration and communication as well...
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