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Title: authority and Socrates Plato Aristotle and Cicero

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1291 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: A 4 page paper on authority and how Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Cicero viewed authority during their time. What did they agree and disagree upon when it came to authority. Who should have authority? How much authority? Ending with a conclusion of what all 4 of them could agree upon as the perfect balance of authority.

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Title: the concept of authority and legitimacy leadership and trust in All Quiet in the Western Front and Survival in Auschwitz

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Essay Instructions: Assignment:

Use both "All Quiet on the Western Front" by Remarque and "Survival in Auschwitz" by Primo Levi to develop a thesis driven essay on the following topic:

- The concepts of authority and legitimacy, leadership and trust

Use MLA formatting , page numbers, a title which reflects your thesis, careful drafting, editing and proofreading.

The Essay will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
- Clarity and strength of thesis statement
- Development of analytical argument
- Specific textual support
- Technical competence
- MLA format

This is not a history paper, however, you should briefly state the context and the role your characters play in the text.

Be sure to make it clear to the reader why this piece of text supports the piece of your argument that you are on.

Your Essay should be organized. There should be topic sentences and a clear conclusion restating your thesis.

The thesis statement should be the last sentence of the introduction.

Most importantly, thesis should be clear!

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Title: Please Rewrite

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Essay Instructions: Please Rewrite....................


The video starts with Non-Linear Pro filing a lawsuit against Quick Takes Video. Non-

Linear Pro purpose of filing the suit is to collect money that they claim is owed to them for the

lease that was given to Quick Takes Video for the editing equipment. Throughout the video,

there are a plethora of issues with the nature of the agency. This paper will analyze all issues

that were presented in the video. The paper will also include preventative measures that the

business could have used.


The first issue presented in the video is that one of the Quick Takes executive named Hal

did not inform the other executive named Karen about the lawsuit. Karen found out about the

lawsuit from the secretary named Mary. Karen was bothered by the situation and felt that Hal

should have informed her that the company is in legal trouble. In addition, Hal had a terrible

excuse for not informing her. Hal informed her that the lawsuit is not that bad. He explained that

he did not want to get her upset. Since she is the ace salesman, he wanted her to focus on sales

and not the shop problem.

Communication is a key factor to run an effective and efficient workplace.

Communication and consultation should be a top priority for these executives. Top management

need to make decisions regarding risk tolerance and priority actions that need to be executed.

Communication is an essential part of identifying risk factors that may affect the organization. If

proper communication would have been used effectively, this issue may have been prevented.

Another major issue presented in the video is that the executives do not know the

authority level of their worker named Janet. The video explains that Janet the employee signed a

slip for a lease when the product was delivered. Janet accidentally signed the form. Thinking it

was a delivery slip. Karen the executive believe that they shouldn?t be accountable for their

employee actions since they did not sign the slip. In addition, Karen points out that she was

out of town in L.A when the incident happened. She feels that they shouldn?t be held responsible

for someone else?s mistake if they weren?t there.

The executives contacted their lawyer named Henry to ask him how is it legal for Non-Li

near Pro to file a lawsuit against them if they did not sign the slip? ?The lawyer explained that

Janet was acting on your behalf. In law, she?s considered the executives agent, so whatever she

does binds the company. Karen explains that she is not an agent and had no authority to do this.

Henry explained that the line might be fuzzy, since Janet order supplies and signs for

them. In addition, Hal stated that Janet was the go to person to work out the details with the

salesman. This particular statement can be construed as giving her the authority and the third

party will rely on that. Henry strongly suggested to stick with the original grounds that the

product simply didn?t work as intended since the line is fuzzy with the authority

level. (Cheeseman, 2010)?

The video states that there are three types of authority. The first authority is the express

agency. ?Express agency is authority that is directly given to an agent. Two parties are involved

in this process. There is a principal and an agent. The agent is the individual who acts on behalf

of the principal. The agent has the authority to legally bind the principal. It is important for the

principal to be cautious in terms of what kinds of power the principal gives to the agent.

The second authority mentioned in the video is called implied authority. Implied

authority is when the principal has not directly told the agent that he or she has a specific

authority. It is the kind of authority that somebody in that agent?s position would usually

have. Implied authority would be reasonable for third parties to assume that that agent would

have that kind of authority.

The third authority mentioned in the video was apparent authority. Apparent authority is

when the principal creates an impression that the agent has perhaps more power than the agent

should really have. (Cheeseman, 2010)? For this case, it seemed like Janet had implied and

apparent authority. Since she purchases a lot for the partnership, their would be some type of

implied authority. It also seem like Janet had apparent authority since Hal told the salesman that

?You can make the arrangements with her.? This statement creates the impression that she has

more authority than perhaps she really does. Since Hal created that impression to the salesman,

the salesman can use that against them.

Quick Takes Video executives could have prevented mistakes if they knew the

authority level of their employees. When negotiating with contracts, the business should have a

clear understanding of the employees authority. For example, the video explains if the business

wants an employee to just negotiate contracts, but didn?t want the employee to have the final

contracting authority, it should be clearly stated on that offer that a contract is not formed until it

has been approved by the president or whoever has contracting authority. It is imperative for a

small business to have a supporting documentation stating the level of authority the employee



Throughout the video, there are a plethora of issues with the nature of the agency. This

paper analyzed all issues that were presented in the video. The paper also included ways that

the business could have used preventative measures. Communication was a key factor that the

executives were lacking and not having a clear understanding of authority level for employees.

In order for Quick Takes Video to decrease risks, it is imperative for the executives to properly

communicate and establish guidelines for authority levels.


Cheeseman, H. R. (2010). Business law: Legal environment, online commerce, business ethics,

and international issues. Nature of Agency Video. (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ:

Prentice Hall

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Essay Instructions: Due: October 17th by midnight
Paper Format: MLA
File Format: Rich Text Format

Compose a well-developed argumentative essay in response to the following prompt. You must properly cite at least THREE DIFFERENT articles we have read in your response essay. The more you reference and use the articles correctly to back up your argument, the higher your grade will be.

Based on our readings and the various experiments that we have read about, what are the main external forces that influence a person’s willingness to obey authority? Where do most individuals draw the line between following an order and disobeying that instruction? How far does the average human being go before he or she protests and refuses to continue?

Support your argument by using specific example scenarios and relevant quotes, summaries, and or paraphrases from our text. Please be sure to properly introduce and cite all relevant materials in your text according to MLA format. I do expect a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. I have provided all your sources in the weekly folder. I expect all in-text citations to be accurate and complete.

There are faxes for this order.

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