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Title: The Influence of Culture on Learning Styles

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Essay Instructions: The paper I am wanting custom-written is for a Masters Degree in Education. The unit is a linguistics one entitled "Culture and Learning". The question to be adressed is as follows:

From the literature and (if possible) your own experiences, explore the influence of culture on learning styles. You should concentrate your reading on at least TWO different cultural groups within AUSTRALIA. How do preferred learning styles in these groups relate to classroom expectations and teaching practice? (4000 - 5000 words)

While I am not overly concerned about which two cultural groups within Australia the writer selects, I do not wish the writer to select Australian Aboriginals / Indigenous People. My reason is that this is a highly sensitive topic that can be handled rather badly by non-Australian writers who are not familiar with the politically-correct terminology or the reality of these people. Australia has a large number of cultural groups which I am sure the writer will be able to select from.

An extensive bibliography must be included (I would say no less than 20 references), and the essay must adhere to the harvard style of internal referencing, better known as the author-date system. This referencing system is a little different from the "normal" understanding of Harvard referencing, and the writer would really need to view the requirements which can be found on the following site:

The paper would also need to adhere to the Australian spelling conventions, and incorporate subheadings as "signposts" to ensure the response flows smoothly.

If possible, can I please be billed by "Student Network Resources Inc.", as I can then claim research costs in the final compilation of my essay.

Thank you.

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