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Title: Augustus

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1485 Sources: 4 Citation Style: Chicago Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I need a 4 page essay for Ancient Rome class answering the question of "in what ways did Augustus reform the political system and allow it to continue, and in what ways did he construct a completely new system?" The two primary sources needed for this paper are Cassius Dio and Suetonius. You may use your own secondary sources. I would like a writer who has a good command of the English language. The previous paper I ordered from you, I had to throw out because the writing wasn't good. If you need to get in touch with me, please email only. Also, please send the completed paper in text only file format through the email.

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Title: Western Civilization

Total Pages: 2 Words: 554 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Must be only one paper in the world.
double space full 2page length needed.

Discuss the various ways in which Augustus reformed the Roman Empire. Give examples to illustrate your points. Make sure to include both social and political reforms.

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Title: Hezbollah

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1124 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Please obtain the ebook "Hezbollah: A short history" from

Please write a book review about what other critics say about the Hezbollah: a short history by Augustus Norton. See below for the critics. Sticking to the claim that Hezbollah is merely stereotyped as a terrorist organization and does A LOT of charity work, answer the below questions in a 3-4 page book review.

One of the many things that this book review must define is Norton's definition of terrorism. Is Norton implying that Hezbollah is strictly a charity group involved with the welfare of the people? Or is he implying that it is a combination of both Do any of the critics agree or disagree with this definition?

Next, according to Norton, explain if Hezbollah was willing to compromise to make peace with Israel. What does this say about the group and is this a sign of their inflexibility?

Lastly, what do the reviewers think of the arguments and sources presented by Norton? Do they agree that he has presented sufficient evidence to back his claims? Do they same something about what Norton has said, but their claim can be proven wrong by something Norton actually does? For example, if the reviewer says Norton says "blah blah", but in fact, Norton says no such thing. Compare their points to yours. Do they suggest issues that you didn't notice? Do you disagree with a claim made by a reviewer? (such as, the author neglected a particular issue in the book) As the writer, be in dialogue with these other book reviewers--briefly mention their most important critiques, and note where/when/why you may agree/disagree with them. REMEMBER NORTON'S CLAIM IS THAT HEZBOLLAH IS NOT ACTUALLY A TERRORIST GROUP.

Finally, do not summarize the book. It is absolutely critical to just write about what the critics about the book and Norton's claims. Please use footnotes for sourcing, not MLA.

Here are the book reviews you need:
Rula Abisaab
Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol. 37, No. 2 (Winter 2008): 101-02.

Sami Hermez
International Journal of Middle East Studies, Vol. 41, Issue 1 (February 2009): 148-49.

Kristian Alexander
Middle East Policy, Vol. 15, Issue 3 (Fall 2008): 152-55.

Joel Gordon
Journal of Military History, Vol. 72, Issue 3 (July 2008): 984-85.

Joseph Alagha
Arab Studies Quarterly, Vol. 30, Issue 1 (Winter 2008): 61-70.
Customer is requesting that (pheelyks) completes this order.

Customer is requesting that (pheelyks) completes this order.

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Title: Emperor Worship

Total Pages: 12 Words: 3968 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: Chicago Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I would like a research paper on the rise of the emperor cult and its influence and purpose within the Roman Empire of the years preceeding - and during - the first century CE. Additionally, the paper would have to include the importance of emperor worship for the identity, cohesion, and control (of the colonies, for instance) of the empire.

A possible highlight would be the fact that emperor worship did not replace the older Greco-Roman religions, but were given in addition to such religions for the purpose of uniting the empire on the very imporatnt social level of reigious life. The use of the emperor's image could also be discussed as the means by which the Emperor maintained control of the various provinces and which created an imperial culture; such an image would be that of Augustus with the goddess Roma.

In regards to mechanics, I have no set specifications for the number of quotations - though I do not want simply a string of quotations from the texts used. I do not use parenthetical citations; only END notes. I have requested 12 pages. I would like these to be full pages NOT including bibliography or title page!

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