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Title: persuasion managmement

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Essay Instructions: audience characteristics: the unique nature of the audience
demeanor: positive or negative attitudes towards the speaker or topic
history: prior speaking experience with a given audience
using personal examples please write about something including these topics.
also include homogeneity and observation.

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Title: Audience

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Essay Instructions: Audience assignment is to identify a leading scholarly journal in your field and read two articles from two different issues of the journal. The articles should be at least 10 pages in length, and they cannot be book reviews. The articles should include research. (You'll find some suggestions at the end of the page about appropriate scholarly journals.) Look at the articles and examine style, level of formality, types of evidence (kinds of information) presented as support for arguments, and level of technicality of evidence and presentation. Essentially, you're looking for commonalities among these articles that reveal how your discipline communicates (as the articles represent the formal discourse of your discipline). Please include at the end of your memo the name of the publication, the titles of the two articles you've chosen, the articles' authors, the dates the articles were published, and the page numbers.
In a memo to me, describe the preferences of the discourse community represented by the journal you chose. You can find information on formatting memos in Module 9. Divide your memo into categories that discuss the following.
A description of the texts.
A description of the intended audience of the articles.
A description of the writers.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: oprtion 2

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Essay Instructions: Audience is a key factor in determining how a writer approaches a given topic. Think about the topic you have chosen and discuss who your paper (and the argument you are making) will appeal to. Who is your audience? Describe how you will argue your ideas to appeal to that audience. Also, think about your opponents—how might they react to your thesis statement and ideas? How will you persuade your opponents that you are right?

my topic is Should we have the right to bear arms or should this right be taken away from us citizen?

i am for guns

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Essay Instructions: AUDIENCE PARAGRAPH

Write a paragraph (approximately 400 words) about your qualifications to be President that would appeal to one of the following people as your audience . Use a second person. Make sure your details and choice of language are appropriate to your audience. NOTE: USE A SECOND PERSON FROM BELOW AS YOUR AUDIENCE.

1. a five year-old child of the opposite sex from you (assume that the child can influence voters)
2. a teenager of the opposite sex (assume that teens can influence the vote)
3. your clergyman (rabbi, priest, minister...)
4. your pet (assume that the animal can understand every word you say)
5. a fellow politician to gain his/her endorsement of your candidacy, and be specific as to which person it is.
6. the celebrity (actor, rock group, or any other well-known person) of your choice who would help you campaign, and be specific as to which celebrity you are asking.

See paragraph example below.

Paragraph 2: to my pet
Edie-Darlin, I have some news for you. I'm going to run for President of the United States. That's a very important position, maybe the most important in the world, so it's important that I be the right person for the job. As a donkey, you know that there are scary things out there in the world, and the President is in charge of protecting residents of the U.S. from the scary things that are out to get them. The problem is that it's not so easy to know sometimes which threats are serious and which are not very real. I can find the right people to help me figure that out so I will make the right decisions on how to react to the scary things. Like you donkeys, I won't just run off and do something without first assessing the situation carefully. That way I'll be sure to make the right choices, just like you donkeys do. Like you, I will be a herd boss, but my herd will be a lot bigger than yours. I can't possibly know all my herd members, so I will have to rely on their representatives to fill me in on what's going on everywhere in my herd. I will pay a lot of attention to what those representatives have to tell me, since that will be the only way I can ensure everyone in the herd is taken care of properly. So I will be sure to have regular meetings with those herd representatives. Also, I will have to choose some other herd members to be my advisors and fill me in on their views of what's going on in the herd and outside it, too. As you know, sometimes herd members don't get along, and humans will sometimes try to get each other into trouble, so I have to be wise about knowing what is going on with those situations. I will have a lot of things to keep an eye on; there will be the health of the herd, the safety of the herd from all kinds of threats, ensuring the whole herd has plenty to eat and a safe place to sleep by making sure each herd member has a good job, and making sure that the herd has a clean place to live. I also have to make sure that whenever we have to deal with other herds we do so in the most effective way possible so that all herds benefit. I know I can bring the herd together even though there are a lot of different kinds of people in this herd called the United States. It won't be easy, but you know that I am a hard worker, which is another trait I shared with you donkeys. So you see, Edie, my donkey-like qualities are what will make me a very good U.S. President, and you will then be the First Donkey! Won't that be nice?

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