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Instructions for Attention Deficit Disorder College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: This needs to be a literature review... a literature review is written to summarize and synthesize other people?s ideas and perspectives about a topic...about the topic of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

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Title: Attention Deficit Disorder

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Essay Instructions: I need help with a paper that is due this month. I could not find the paper I needed on your database and the Professor has so many guidelines for this paper so I need to order a custom one. Heres all the info:

The topic is "Does Attention Deficit Disorder exist" and in my class I was supposed to pick a pro or con side and I picked the PRO side... the following things are guidelines about what the paper should or should not have:

1. You cannot be in the middle with your feelings about it... stick with the pro side and that side only on the paper.
2. You cannot have any acknowledgement of the CON side in the paper for example "Someone says this is true but Someone else believes ect..."
3. For the sources you cannot have references from textbooks, enclyclopedias, or dictionarys. Also the Professor wants Books and Journal Articles only! Internet Journal Articles are acceptable as long as you cite them properly. Anything else from the Internet should
4. The whole paper is enphasized on "Does Attention Deficit Disorder exists" so thats the point that you should be proving and nothing else.
5. No surveys can be shown on this paper as my Professor believes that all surveys are lies.

Thats about it. Unfortunetly I dont have any materials or other resources to help you so you are gonna have to start from scratch but ya have a couple weeks to do it. Please let me know if any of this seems confusing to you.


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Title: Attention Deficit Disorder and the

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Essay Instructions: I need a 1,000 word research essay on Attention Deficit Disorder.

This is my final project in Grade 11 for my Anthropology class.

I would like the topic to be on how many believe that ADD is misdiagnosed and wonder if it actually exists or is just something that is in peoples minds and are kids being over medicated for no good reason.

The essay and reports should have the following format: A title page with a centred descriptive title and my full name centered under the title (Darren Giroux). At the bottom of the page should be the course title(Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology), the teachers name (Mr. Burger) and the date.

The essay must have indented paragraphs with no spaces between paragraphs, and must be typed double spaced.

The research essay must include an introduction with a thesis and mention of 3 main arguments. Then it must have an analytical exploration of my theme, centered on my thesis with my arguments supported by evidence.

It must have imbedded notes based on the examples in the textbook (Henslin and Nelson, 1996,480) for quotations, statistics and any information that was used that is not general knowledge found in any basic encyclopedia.

There must also be a bibliography following the examples on pages 366-371 of the textbook and there should be at least one imbedded note for every source in the bibliography, if not one for every paragraph on average.


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Title: mindfulness and martial arts

Total Pages: 40 Words: 14405 Bibliography: 40 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I am requesting assistance with my dissertation proposal. I have most everything done, but it clearly needs a lot of exceptional fine tuning and strengthening. The arguments must be better supported and the proposal as a whole must better follow typical dissertation expectations and formatting. Here is the layout for the proposal:

Preliminary Pages
? Abstract
? Table of Contents

Introduction (Chapter 1)
? Brief summary of argument to be made in Lit Review
? Emphasis on theoretical/conceptual question(s) central to the study

CRITICAL Review of the Literature (Chapter 2)
? State of the problem
? Research problem
? Questions or hypotheses
? Definition of terms
? Assumptions, limitations, delimitations

Complete Methods & Detailed Data Analysis Plan (Chapter 3)
? Description of Research design
? Participants
? Instrumentation/measures
? Procedures (For data collection - - recording, processing, analysis)
? Data Analysis

Please note that while this dissertation (proposal) involves an intervention integrating mindfulness and martial arts for ADHD children, it relates exclusively to the benefits that may be derived--it is NOT about any fighting aspects. Traditional martial arts are not about the fighting, but instead about finding your way and determining who you are--essentially, a means toward self-improvement. We all have a fight in this life, though not necessarily with our fists, but rather with our mind. That is the concept I am harnessing.

My argument rests on the belief that the actively disguised discipline and self-improvement honed through martial arts (which children truly enjoy), along with the dedicated multi-faceted attentional focuses of mindfulness, will offer an intervention that can be harnessed in early childhood to effectively penetrate to the core neurological deficits of ADHD--as opposed to the essentially more superficial and status-quo best practice of medication and psychotherapy.

While medication effectively works at the neurotransmitter level and certainly has many benefits, it is temporary and offers no permanent resolution to the core deficits. Psychotherapy effectively targets many of the highly problematic (( though peripheral )) challenges faced by ADHD children and their families (i.e., social difficulties, task completion, anger management, etc). Together, they offer the optimal level of care available at this time, yet still do not offer any permanent remediation of the core neurological deficits.

I am not saying these treatment options are ineffective, as they do serve their intended purposes, but in sync with the literature in each of the disciplines I've researched, there is still great need. It is clearly and consistently indicated that research with young children (and much more with special needs children) is lacking, as are effective interventions in early childhood. That is why I chose a special needs population (ADHD) of young children to study the effectiveness of this early intervention that integrates mindfulness and martial art techniques.

I will upload key journal articles after this message. As much of my argument rests on the work of Thomas E. Brown (developer of the Brown ADD Scales [BADDS] - the instrument I am using to measure attention), the following books are important, if accessible.

Brown, T. E. (2009). ADHD comorbidities: Handbook for ADHD complications in children and adults. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Pub.

Brown T. E. (2005). Attention deficit disorder: The unfocused mind in children and adults. New Haven: Yale University Press.

I hope this is sufficient info to ensure a rapid completion.

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