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Symptoms of ADHD include poor impulse control, carelessness, oppositional behaviors, not following rules.

These same symptoms are often cited as manifestations of giftedness (Hartnett, 2006).

One of the hallmark symptoms of ADHD is social problems (Chamberlain, 2003). Children with ADHD often have trouble with impulse control, keeping their hands to themselves and other things that make them unpopular. While many children with these issues may have ADHD these symptoms can also be an indicator of slow emotional development. Maturity comes at different times for different children and some experts believe that physicians are too quick to diagnose ADHD when the child simply needed more time to mature (Chamberlain, 2003).


The science of ADD is becoming more clear but as of today, there still is not a definitive way to diagnosis whether or not a child has ADD. Medical research has linked the possibility of genetics to the disorder, however, there is also a school of thought that a chaotic home environment contributes to many cases being diagnosed. While it has been demonstrated that there probably is a disorder that is ADD and the symptoms are common to those who have it, the time has come to step back and ask society whether or not the children of America are being over diagnosed and over medicated.

A few decades ago, the number of children being treated for ADHD in school was a fraction of the number being treated today. The increase in ADHD diagnosis and medication treatment has outpaced the increase in population growth as well, which lends strength to the argument that the disorder is being overly diagnosed in America today.
There are many illnesses both physical and psychological that have overlapping or similar symptoms. A stroke can look like low blood sugar. A heart attack can be mistaken for indigestion. The medical community is aware of the overlapping symptoms and they are careful to take each patient as an individual and diagnosis each symptom to arrive at the correct solution.

Society must demand the same attention be given to the children who are being told they have ADD and being medicated for it. There are many things that can appear to be ADD, including giftedness, emotional issues and chaotic home environments. It is important to take the time to carefully evaluate each child, the symptoms and how they impact the child's life before tossing out a quick ADD diagnosis and writing a prescription.

The children of America are the future of the world and being sure they are not being given an easy excuse for behavior issues, a pill to take it away, and a pass on doing what needs to be done is the duty of every physician, parent and teacher.

While the medical community continues to work on finding a definitive method for diagnosing the disorder, it is important for everyone involved to look at other possibilities for a child's behavior or educational problems.

There are many circumstances that can create what appears to be ADHD but have nothing to do with the actual disorder. America needs to stop medicating its children so quickly and begin looking for ways to accommodate the individual needs of students so that they can succeed without being told they have a problem that requires medication......

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