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Title: An revioew of The Frog Boiling Attack Limitations of Secure Network Coordinate Systems

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  • Words: 3923
  • References:10
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Required scientific (Research Literature review) of the attached paper " The Frog-Boiling Attack: Limitations of Secure Network Coordinate Systems" , and summarized it in terms of evaluation of this paper and that finding points of interest and the positive (support) and negative to find weaknesses in this paper. A review of this paper is also required to find solutions and proposed future work that will improve some of the techniques and methods that was discussed and described in this paper
Excerpt From Essay:

[1] Barreno, M., Nelson, B., Sears, R., Joseph, a.D., and Tygar, J.D. "Can machine learning be secure?" In Proceedings of the ACMSymposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS'06). ACM, New York, NY, 16 -- 25. 2006.

[2] Bavier, a., Bowman, M., Chun, B., Culler, D., Karlin, S., Muir, S., Peterson, L., Roscoe, T., Spalink, T., and Wawrzoniak, M. "Operating system support for planetary-scale network services." In Proceedings of the 1st Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI'04). USENIX Association, Berkeley, CA, 19 -- 19. 2004.

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Title: The Police response to the terrorist attacks on Oslo and Utya Island Norway 22 July 2011

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  • Words: 3954
  • Bibliography:30
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: This essay refers to the Norway attacks of 2011. A couple of weeks ago the report of the inquiry into the twin terrorist attack by Anders Breivik, which left 77 people dead, was released. The report is highly critical of the response by the police (see the report at It has already led to the resignation of the Police Chief (See and a major review of the police and other services has been announced. For the ABC news report see The report on this incident is thorough, and scathing, and arguably shows heightened expectations of police leadership and response to terrorist attack in the post 9/11 era.

Using this incident analyse the effectiveness of the response of the Police response in conjunction with emergency services and other key stakeholders. Critically discuss the response of the key command personnel involved in terms of their operational effectiveness. This essay should HIGHLIGHT the command challenges this event presented, operational opportunities that arose and practical opportunities commanders had available to mitigate the impact of those factors.

This essay must be fully referenced using appropriate academic sources and should avoid any reliance on media and wikipedia.
Excerpt From Essay:

Bjelopera, JP (2011). Terrorism Information Sharing and the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Report Initiative: Background and Issues for Congress. Congressional Research Service .Available online at

British Broadcasting Corporation (2012a). Norway PM Jens Stoltenberg 'sorry' over Breivik response.Available online at

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Title: Terrorism

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  • References:10
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Provide a detailed assessment of how a significant terrorist WMD attack might be conducted. Be sure to indicate the most likely type of materials to be used, potential targets, and probable forms of attack.

Most likely type of materials -
--- easier to obtain and transport - low cost and simplicity in obtaining the required resources and supplies to build such of a weapon
--- “Significant amounts of radioactive materials are stored in laboratories, food irradiation plants, oil drilling facilities, medical centers, and many other sites” (Kelly, 2010, 6)
--- medical sources such as Cobalt 60 (Co-60) or Cesium 137 (Cs-137) and exposed people to large enough amounts of gamma radiation without noticing they are under attack
--- large extent of options and resources available to conduct such attack. Another factor to keep in mind is convenience in acquiring these materials, which for the most part are low-priced and don’t required the terrorist to be scientist or tech-savvy
--- those most likely to be used include, among the biologicals, anthrax, botulinal toxin, and ricin; and among the chemicals, various insecticides, hydrogen cyanide or mustard gases, and nerve agents such as tabun or VX. Even less toxic substances, such as off-the-shelf insecticides or household cleaning agents, could be used, however”. (Purver)
--- Releasing SMALLPOX virus

Potential Targets -
- Subway stations
- markets
- schools
- ????

Probables forms of attack -

1 - Creating a "dirty bomb" -- combining radiological material with conventional explosives has the potential of creating mass casualties.
2 - Attacking nuclear plants - creating panic and mass casualties
3 - Another attack like 9/11 using airplanes
4 - nuclear weapon to be stolen or sold to terrorist organization. Then try to smuggle it into the nation they planned to conduct the attack - it's a possibility - but not too likely

======= Bibliography format / citation style TURABIAN WITH FOOT NOTES ==============

Excerpt From Essay:

Blair, B.G. "What if the Terrorists Go Nuclear?" CDI Terrorism Project, (October 1, 2001). (accessed January 24, 2013).

Brown, C. "Transcendental Terrorism and Dirty Bombs: Radiological Weapons Threat Revisited." The Air University. (accessed January 24, 2013).

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Title: Detecting, Preventing and mitigating DoS or distributed Dos Attacks

  • Total Pages: 6
  • Words: 1963
  • Bibliography:6
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: 1. Select 3-4 research papers which discuss detection, prevention, or mitigation techniques for DoS (denial of service) or DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks:

a. The research papers must be published by a peer reviewed journal or be published in conference proceedings (e.g., IEEE, ACM, IBM Systems Journal, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), etc.).
b. You must not choose papers or research works from magazines or periodicals that are not research-oriented (e.g., Wikipedia, SANS, etc.).
c. Briefly explain your rationale for selecting a specific research paper.

2. Summarize each research paper and identify a combined total of three different detection, mitigation, or prevention techniques described in EACH of the papers you selected. For example: you can have a) one detection + two prevention methods, OR b) one detection + two mitigation methods, OR c) one detection + one prevention + one mitigation

Futher Instructions:
1. Describe how each technique works. Clearly describe (in detail using your own words), how each technique works. Assume that you are explaining the author’s technique to someone with a fairly strong fundamental knowledge in network and security (e.g., a first year computer science graduate student) and assume the student has no knowledge of the author’s research (never read the article before). Discuss each technique or method using the following questions:

a. Is the proposed technique a promising, practical approach which can be effectively implemented into an existing platform? Clearly explain your answer.
b. What are the strengths and weaknesses (limitations) of this technique?

2. Make sure there are No IPR (Intellectual Property Right) issues. This requires the following:
a. Re-draw all figures and tables.
b. Summarize all concepts using your own words.
c. Do not copy any part of text or unmodified figures (short quotes are acceptable.)
d. Cite references as needed using APA format.
4. To support your claims or statements, you may cite/reference non-peer reviewed papers and journals (including white papers, SANs documents, etc.; do not have to be academic papers or articles, however, no Wikipedia or blogs).

Submission Guidelines
• Print format: MS Word or PDF format.
• The general structure of your research paper:
1. Name and Title
2. Brief Intro
3. Background (if needed)
4. Main Sections
5. Conclusion (if needed)
6. References
• The paper length: 6 double space pages (good, solid content which is factual, relevant, and concise), not including the cover page and reference page(s).
• Follow the APA format.
This paper will be submitted to .com.
Excerpt From Essay:

Chen, R., Park, J.-m., & Marchany, R. (May 2007). A Divide-and-Conquer Strategy for Thwarting Distributed Denial- of - Service Attacks. IEEE Transanctions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, VOL. 18 NO. 5. 577-588

Francois, J., Aib, I., & Boutaba, R. (DECEMBER 2012). FireCol: A Collaborative Protection Network for the Detection of Flooding DDoS Attacks. IEEE / ACM Transactions On Networking, VOL. 20, NO. 6. 1828-1841

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