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Title: An revioew of The Frog Boiling Attack Limitations of Secure Network Coordinate Systems

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  • Words: 3923
  • Sources:10
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Required scientific (Research Literature review) of the attached paper " The Frog-Boiling Attack: Limitations of Secure Network Coordinate Systems" , and summarized it in terms of evaluation of this paper and that finding points of interest and the positive (support) and negative to find weaknesses in this paper. A review of this paper is also required to find solutions and proposed future work that will improve some of the techniques and methods that was discussed and described in this paper
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Excerpt From Essay:


[1] Barreno, M., Nelson, B., Sears, R., Joseph, a.D., and Tygar, J.D. "Can machine learning be secure?" In Proceedings of the ACMSymposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS'06). ACM, New York, NY, 16 -- 25. 2006.

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[3] Chan-Tin, E. Heorhiadi, V., Hopper, N. And Kim, Y. "The frog-boiling attack: Limitations of secure network coordinate systems." ACM Trans. Inf. Syst. Secur. Vol 14, no. 3, Art. 27, Nov. 2011.

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[6] Lua, E.K., Griffin, T., Pias, M., Zheng, H., and Crowcroft, J. "On the accuracy of embeddings for internet coordinate systems." In Proceedings of the 5th ACM SIGCOMM Conference on Internet Measurement (IMC'05). USENIX Association, Berkeley, CA, 11. 2005.

[7] Lumezanu, C., Levin, D., and Spring, N. "Peer wise discovery and negotiation of faster path." In Proceedings of the ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks. 2007.

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[10] Sherr, M., Blaze, M., and Loo, B.T. "Veracity: Practical Secure Network Coordinates via Votebased Agreements." In Proceedings of the USENIX Annual Technical Conference. 2009.

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Title: The Police response to the terrorist attacks on Oslo and Utya Island Norway 22 July 2011

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  • Words: 3954
  • References:30
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: This essay refers to the Norway attacks of 2011. A couple of weeks ago the report of the inquiry into the twin terrorist attack by Anders Breivik, which left 77 people dead, was released. The report is highly critical of the response by the police (see the report at It has already led to the resignation of the Police Chief (See and a major review of the police and other services has been announced. For the ABC news report see The report on this incident is thorough, and scathing, and arguably shows heightened expectations of police leadership and response to terrorist attack in the post 9/11 era.

Using this incident analyse the effectiveness of the response of the Police response in conjunction with emergency services and other key stakeholders. Critically discuss the response of the key command personnel involved in terms of their operational effectiveness. This essay should HIGHLIGHT the command challenges this event presented, operational opportunities that arose and practical opportunities commanders had available to mitigate the impact of those factors.

This essay must be fully referenced using appropriate academic sources and should avoid any reliance on media and wikipedia.

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Excerpt From Essay:


Bjelopera, JP (2011). Terrorism Information Sharing and the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Report Initiative: Background and Issues for Congress. Congressional Research Service .Available online at

British Broadcasting Corporation (2012a). Norway PM Jens Stoltenberg 'sorry' over Breivik response.Available online at

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Cook, AH (2009).Emergency response to Domestic Terrorism-How Bureaucracies reacted to the 1995 Oklahoma Bombing.Continuum-New York

Criscione, V (2012)Has Norway Given Breivik Exactly What He Wanted? The Christian Science Monitor

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Lewis, M ( 2012). "Anders Behring Breivik could have been halted -- report." The Guardian. Retrieved 18 th September 2012.

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McCormack J., (2011). Huffing post; Oslo Bombing: 10-Year-old Pleads With Norway Shooter

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Norsar (2011).Eksplosjonen I Oslo sentrum 22. juli 2011.Available online at

Pineda, E (2012). "Norway Report Faults Oslo Authorities for Lapses in July 2011 Massacre." International Business Times UK. Retrieved 18th September 2012.

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Seidl J., (2011). The Blaze Newsletter, Is the Oslo Gunman Really Right-Wing?

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Title: DOS and dDOS attacks

  • Total Pages: 3
  • Words: 861
  • Works Cited:5
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Specific Topis Denial of Service Attacks and Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

Research Paper Assignment

Goal: To report on a current issue related to this course through reading of books, professional journals, websites, magazines, and other resources in the field.

You may choose any topic that is related to the course. The topic should be sufficiently narrow in focus as to provide detailed information on the topic while broad enough to provide adequate sources.

After choosing a topic, conduct research using appropriate books, websites, journals and magazines in the field. Your paper should have a minimum of four sources from professional books, websites, magazines or journals. (Newspapers, advertisements, and generic websites are not acceptable.) Please reference those sources using a standard APA format and provide the complete URL address of the source from the Web.

Finally, summarize your research in the form of a two to three page paper. Be sure to use proper grammar and write in a professional style, as these directly affect your grade. Please follow APA format and include the following section headings when writing the paper: Introduction to the topic, Discussion of the topic, Conclusion to the paper. Paragraphs need to be 3 or more sentences each.

The paper should include a separate Title Page and a separate Reference Page. These pages do not count toward the total page count.

All papers shall use the Times New Roman 12 pt. font, with lines double spaced. 1 inch top, bottom, and side margins are to be used. Term papers shall be written in either MS Word or saved as an .rtf document (MS Word is the preferred format). No previously written or submitted papers to this institution or any other institution will be accepted. This is not meant to be a "copy and paste exercise". All term papers will be submitted (by your instructor) to for evaluation. They will be reviewed for un-cited materials (plagiarism) as well as for evidence of copy & paste. When papers reach 20% of exactly quoted materials, I will begin deducting points.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


Cross, M. (2008). Scene of the Cybercrime. Burlington, MA: Elsevier.

Roebuck, T. (2005). DoS and DDoS Attacks. Computer Crime Research Center. Accessed 8 September 2012.

Raghavan, S. & Dawson, E. (2011). An Investigation into the Detection and Mitigation of Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks. New York: Springer.

Schwartz, M. (2012). 10 Strategies to Fight Anonymous DDoS Attacks. InformationWeek. Accessed 8 September 2012.

Vaughan-Nichols, S. (2010). How to try to stop DDoS Attacks. ZDNet. Accessed 8 September 2012.

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Title: Read Carefully Before You Start Write Essay It Speech Topic HEART ATTACK The Essay included point 1 Introduction Make a Topic sentence 2 What Heart Attack 3 Symptoms Heart Attack 4 Risk Factors Heart Attack 5

  • Total Pages: 3
  • Words: 899
  • Bibliography:5
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Read Carefully Before You Start:
Write an Essay (It would be use for Speech).
The Essay should be included in below this point:
1. Introduction: Make a Topic sentence.
2. What is exactly Heart Attack
3. Symptoms of Heart Attack
4. Risk Factors/ who is more likely to get Heart Attack
5. Epidemiology
6. Treatments
7. Prevention
8. Conclusion ? Thesis re-emphasis.

Essay structure should be:

1. Essay should have central idea
2. Each Paragraph should have a topic sentence
3. Make your Essay well organized and well developed
4. Punctuation and spelling correct.
5. Paper should be easy to read
6. Make Essay?s sentence should not be too long.
7. Essay should be MLA STYLE
8. Work cited should be MLA STYLE.
9. You cannot use, not more than 5 sources.
If you any question , let me know.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Work cited

Handler, Clive E, and Gerry Coghlan. Living with Coronary Disease. New York: Springer, 2007. Print.

Vlodaver, Zeev, Robert F. Wilson, and Daniel J. Garry. Coronary Heart Disease: Clinical, Pathological, Imaging, and Molecular Profiles. New York: Springer, 2012. Print

Coronary Artery Disease: An Incredibly Easy Miniguide. Springhouse, Pa: Springhouse Corporation, 2000. Print.

Heart Attack!: Shadows on the Eve of Tomorrow. Xlibris Corp, 2012. Print.

Cutting, Derrick. Stop That Heart Attack!London: Class, 2004. Internet resource.

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