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Title: Diets

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Essay Instructions: Address the following with respect to the Atkins diet plan:
a.Briefly describe the guidelines or philosophy behind the diet.
b.Calculate the number of calories supplied and compare to US RDA for protein; fiber; and vitamins A, D, E, C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, and iron. Attach a sample daily menu in an appendix to the paper.
c.Is there a maintenance plan? How does it vary from the weight loss phase?
d.Does the plan recommend supplementation? If so, what does it suggest?
e.Does the plan recommend exercise? If so, what does it suggest?
f.What is the estimated financial cost of this program in order to lose 20 lbs?
g.Are there aspects of this program that might be hazardous to health?
h.Is this a weight-loss program that can recommended or not? Why?

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Title: Diet fads like the Atkins Diet miss the true path to weight loss and overall health a balanced diet with moderate exercise

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Essay Instructions: You must address at least two sources in this essay. These sources must be correctly cited, following APA citation guidelines. You should also include a separate references page at the end. must be at least three pages long. Begin with the thesis -- a simple statement of your topic, and introduction and conclucion. This is a persuasive essay. Leter size must be 12 and must be in arial. double spaced.
The essay must be supported by evidence: reported experience, examples and statistics. This information must be direct; also in this kind of essay the author must focus on one side of the position, but at the same time, the writer must prevent any objection to his position. When using statistics, we must be very careful that the numbers shown are as accurate as possible; in addition. These numbers must be credible and related to our claim. Another thing is the pronouns, we can not use personal pronouns, instead, we can use infinitive. Finally, we must be careful with the information we take to include on our research, this must be credible and must come from a good recourse.
The topic is:
Diet fads like the Atkins Diet miss the true path to weight loss and overall health: a balanced diet with moderate exercise
To support your evidence you can use web sourses as american cancer society, or american heart society, or any kind of sourse like this, it must be a serious source. Also you can use textbook for this, or an article from a newspaper.

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