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Essay Instructions: Astronomy: Please use 2 sources and write 5 double spaced pages and also the works cited page.

1.Compare and contrast the Terrestrial Planets of Earth, Mercury, Venus and Mars. In what ways are they similar enough to be classed together and how are they different from one another?
2.Compare and contrast the Jovian Planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. How are they different from the Terrestrial Planets and what are the unique features of each?
3.Discuss the minor members of the solar system such as comets, meteors, and asteroids. Include in your answer their origin, properties, and geology, where it applies.
4.Explain the Drake equation and its significance in the effort to locate civilizations on planets other than Earth.

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Title: Essay questions

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Essay Instructions: I would like to request the same person who helped me complete my last Astronomy project if possible.

These 7 pages are actually 4 separate assignments. All instruction and information will be listed below.

Assignment 1
Please answer each of the standard essay questions. Aprox 1.5 pages long

1. Explain how the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram is constructed of the four main groupings of stars. Identify characteristics of the four main groupings of stars on the diagram.

2. "A Star is Born!" In a step-by-step fashion, reconstruct the birth of a star. In your answer, include interstellar medium, protostar, and how stellar equilibrium is finally reached.

3. "A Star Dies!" Using the same technique you applied in question 2 above, trace the elements in the demise of stars of low stellar mass, those of medium stellar mass, and those that are very massive.

4. Explain how Type I and Type II supernovae occur.

Assignment 2
he questions in this assignment are very specific and call for short essay answers. In some cases, a paragraph will do; in others, you may need no more than two short paragraphs. much are in the realm of theoretical and controversial debate. APROX. 1.5 pages long

1. Describe how Harlow-Shapley determined that the sun was not at the center of our galaxy.

2. Compare the differences between galactic and globular clusters.

3. How does the use of H II regions to find a galaxy's distance differ from the use of Cepheid variables?
4. How does the cluster method tell us the mass of galaxies?
5. What evidence do we have that the center of our galaxy is a powerful source of energy?
6. Our galaxy is not a radio galaxy, but it does emit radio energy. Explain where this radio energy comes from.

7. Why should we expect quasars to be small? How small?

8. What observational evidence do we have that quasars are at the centers of very distant galaxies?

Assignment 3
Write a three 3 page paper about some type of current research that is going on in astronomy today. State the hypothesis being examined or the theory being tested, what avenue the research on that topic is taking, and what might be partially or wholly resolved as a result of this research. Journals whose dates of publication are no more than three years old are acceptable resources so that this is truly current science. Include your references in bibliographic notation according to MLA accepted standard format. 3 pages long

Assignment 4
Please answer each of the standard essay questions in this assignment in a minimum of one typed page.

1. Briefly relate several possible courses for the future of the universe and the kinds of observation that would be necessary to resolve the issue.
2. Outline the stellar nebula theory, and explain how the characteristic properties of the solar system provide evidence that supports that theory.

3. Earth is considered a unique planet due to the five sub-spheres or sub-systems it has operating on it. These are Earth's lithosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere (ice), atmosphere, and biosphere. Compare and contrast the planets Venus and Mars with regard to their either having or not having these sub-spheres. See the list below.




H2O liquid

H2O gas

4. Discuss the minor members of the solar system such as comets, meteors, and asteroids. Include in your answer their origin, properties, and geology, where it applies.

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Title: Astronomy Questions

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Essay Instructions: Hello,
i will attache the Astronomy questions. this is the name of the book,Astronomy- a self-teaching guide 7th Ed. Dinah L. Moche

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Essay Instructions: For the following article from this site

follow the instructions laid below to write an essay style paper

Paragraph 1: In at least 150 words, describe the research or mission being reported. Make sure to include:
• the person(s) and/or research teams or institutions which conducted the research
• the telescope and observatory used to conduct the research (if the research is theoretical and didn't make use of a telescope, describe the datasets or tools used to conduct the research)
• the object or type(s) of objects being studied
• the method which was used to make the discovery
Note: If your article doesn't address all of the requirements for paragraph 1, choose a different article!
Paragraph 2: In at least 150 words, describe the results of the research or mission and the significance of the results, as stated in the article (i.e. do not explain why you find the research significant, but why the researchers themselves deemed the work significant)
Paragraph 3: In at least 150 words, state whether or not you personally feel that the research or mission is relevant to anyone other than astronomers. Include whether or not you feel that this sort of research should continue to be pursued. Be honest ??" there are no right or wrong answers, but your answer must be justified. Be sure to address your specificarticle, and not Astronomy in general.
Paragraph 4: In at least 150 words, explain why you chose your article, and describe your level of knowledge and preconceptions about the topic of your article before you read it. Did the article confirm or change these preconceptions? Be sure to address the specific subject of your article - for example, if your article is about a supernova, describe exactly what you knew about supernovae before you read the article. Again, an honest, but thoughtful answer is required.
• Your reports must be typed using a 12pt font and double-spaced.
• At the top of each report, you must include the title, source, publication date and URL of your article. If the TAs cannot find your article, the report won't be marked.
• Your reports must be in essay format, and each paragraph must have the minimum word count specified in the instructions above. Point-form answers are not acceptable. There is no penalty for exceeding the minimum word countas long as your content is relevant.
• Your report must be comprehensible to someone with no science background. Therefore, astronomical terms or concepts used in the article must be defined or explained

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